Monday, August 31, 2009

Rob get pissed with Kristen's Ex

NOT SURE IF THIS IS TRUE...but any gossip about Robsten is always welcome. ;)

Robert Pattinson is said to be fuming after discovering Kristen Stewart’s ex, Michael Angarano, has been sending her lovey-dovey text messages.The chiselled hottie flew into a rage when K-Stew told him about the messages and issued Angarano with a stern: “Get out of her life.”
An insider on the set of ’The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’, said: “Rob hit the roof – he chased Kristen for a long time and had to patiently wait for her.“Now it’s really making his blood boil to know that Michael is using the very same technique – text messages – that Rob used when he was trying to win over Kristen as her relationship with Michael came to an end.”
Meanwhile, the pair who have been stuck to each other’s sides since Eclipse commenced filming in Vancouver, are said to be planning to move in together sooner rather than later.The National Enquirer reports that Kristen is about to snap up a $3US million love nest in the Hollywood Hills for the pair.
A source said: “Kristen wanted a super-romantic place to share with Rob and when she showed him the photos he thought it was perfect.”

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