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Melissa Rosenburg Talks about Breaking Dawn Script and Honeymoon Scene in Brazil

Source: Go to MTV for full article


We here at Twilighters Malaysia wish you Happy Independance Day to all Malaysian Twihards!!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Isle Esme May Not Be Filmed in Rio Due To Hostage Crisis

According to the AFP any talks of Bella and Edward’s Isle Esme honeymoon being filmed in Rio may have come to a complete stop due to a hotel shootout -

THE cast and crew of a hit vampire movie series said today they may abandon plans to shoot scenes from the final movie in Rio de Janeiro after a deadly shootout there last weekend between police and a gang who took hostages in an upmarket tourist hotel.

Riofilme, the city’s agency for promoting movie production, said that the production company for Twilight, Summit Entertainment, was in talks with Rio de Janeiro state officials who were trying to convince them to stay.

The original plans were for scenes from the movie Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final installment in the vampire fantasy, to be played out in the Brazilian city which is famed in equal measure for its spectacular beaches and its rampant street crime.

Can’t say that I blame Summit Entertainment. However, is there really ANY place in the world that is 100% safe? As long as Isle Esme is done perfectly, it could be filmed in my local river for all I care!!

You can read the full article, along with details as to what happened in Rio, here!

via breakingdawnmovie.org

Breaking Dawn Casting Directors Have Been Announced!

Seriously, it has been such a long and slow day in Twi-Kingdom. Finally, Some news on Breaking Dawn.

The Twilight Examiner has the latest deets on the Breaking Dawn casting directors -

For Vancouver-based casting, Stuart Aikins will be the point person, while Fincannon and Associates Casting will represent casting efforts in Louisiana. Both Aikins and Fincannon and Associates are working with and under Los Angeles’ Debra Zane (the previously announced casting director for the project(s)).

Note that these are the only official names associated with casting for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and/or The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Here’s the contact information for each:

Debra Zane Casting
5225 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
E-mail: BreakingDawnCast@gmail.com

Aikins / Cossey Casting
#403 1755 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6J 4S5
E-mail: BreakingDawnCasting@canadafilm.com

Fincannon and Associates
1235 N. 23rd St
Wilmington, NC 28405
E-mail: breakingdawn@fincannoncasting.com
You can view the full article at over at The Twilight Examiner’s page!

via breakingdawnmovie.org

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Wolves Are Training for Breaking Dawn??

We know that Breaking Dawn will only starts rehersing in October and shoots in November. But according to Chaske Spencer tweets, it looked like the wolves are already starting their training for the saga. ;)

Ok, I really need to read Breaking Dawn again to refresh my memories on the story line. :P. I guess, it doesn't hurt for them to train before they start rehersing/shooting. :)

Summit Entertainment Clears Up Some Of The Breaking Dawn Rumors!

Summit Entertainment issued a press release today, clearing up some of the Breaking Dawn rumors that have been going around -
1) There is only one casting director working on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN films right now – Deborah Zane. As of right now no local auditions are being held. If Deborah’s name is not attached to it in some form or another, it is not legitimate. She is also not putting out nationwide casting notices. Once again – as was the case with NEW MOON and ECLIPSE – any ads you see are completely false. She has set up an e-mail address specifically for casting inquiries (BreakingDawnCast@gmail.com).

2) Lexicon touched base regarding a rumor about Renesmee’s name changing in BREAKING DAWN. It is FALSE.

3) Twi Examiner asked about Riley’s appearance in BREAKING DAWN because it was listed on Xavier’s IMDb page. Riley will not appear in the BREAKING DAWN films. It is a rumor.

Source: breakingdawnmovie.org

Eclipse Movie Mistakes!

MovieMistakes.com has begun to compile a list of mistakes found in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Fret not, nothing major, mostly trivial. :)

* The newborns aren’t all “pretty” as vampires should be.

* In the scene where Bella takes off on the motorcycle with Jacob, Edward’s eyes are golden. When Edward shows up at Bella’s house later that evening, they are black. His thirst wouldn’t have become so apparent so quickly.

* The Cullens are watching a news report about the violence in Seattle. It is night time in the report, and the reporter says “this is CNN live.”. Cut to the Cullens watching the newscast, and it is daylight out. Forks and Seattle are both in western Washington, it could not be night in one place and day in the other.

* In the scene where Alice and Charlie are talking on the steps outside Charlie’s house, they are standing still, but in the next shot they are walking down the steps

* Just after Victoria has been killed, Edward goes over to Bella to bandage the cut she made on her arm, tying the fabric around her wrist. However, when Bella cut herself, it was on the inside of her elbow, not her wrist.

* In the last scene where Edward and Bella are sitting in the sunny field, Edward is not sparkling

* Just like in New Moon, Bella’s scar from James biting her is on the wrong side of her arm.

* When Jacob’s carrying Bella through the woods, in some shots her left sleeve is quite far over her hand, but on others it’s further back by her wrist.

* The bed scene with Bella and Edward: As he says, ‘It’s just one rule I wanna leave unbroken,’ someone or something moves into shot on the right-hand side, and it’s not Bella. In the next, shot you can see from where Edward is looking that she’s not in that position.

* During the scene where Riley’s parents are talking to Charlie in the police department, his picture starts out on top of the file, then later they are handing it to him like he has never seen it before.

* When Bella’s talking to her dad on the sofa early in the movie, watch her right ear. Sometimes there’s hair covering it, sometimes it’s clear, and sometimes there’s a chunk of hair hanging in front of it.

* At various times during the movie Bella’s hair is different (she is wearing a wig due to her hair being cut for her role in “The Runways”). You can notice it from the high angle when she walks to her truck the first time she goes to see Jacob, then various times during the movie her hair seems to be darker sometimes and her hairline moves as well.

* Vampires bodies are not meant to change, but Jasper’s hair is longer in Eclipse than it was in New Moon and Twilight.

* When Jacob is injured by the newborn vampire in the final battle, the Cullens and the Quileutes are crouched around him. The top of Jacob’s flesh-colored body suit is quite visible at his waist; he is supposed to be nude after phasing back into human form.

* Spoiler! When Victoria’s head is popped off by Edward, who has killed her, her eyes are open. Seconds later, from another angle, her eyes are closed.

* After killing Victoria, Edward rips off a piece of Bella’s shirt to tie around her bleeding arm. If you look at where he rips her shirt, the seam is visible where the fabric has already been cut and loosely reattached; there is a long horizontal wrinkle where it doesn’t hang right from the rest of the shirt.


[Ina Noorazan]

Rosalie's 'Breaking Dawn' Motives Are 'Personal' Not 'Pro-Life,' Nikki Reed Says

'It's about her want, her need to be a mother,' she tells MTV News of her character's fight to save the baby over Bella.

As "Twilight" fans well know, there are several slightly controversial and uncomfortable scenes in "Breaking Dawn," the final book of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling series. Going into the last two films, the big questions on fans' minds seem to revolve around the infamous birthing and imprinting scenes.

One key participant in the birthing scene is Rosalie Hale, who becomes so obsessed with Bella having Edward's baby that she will stop at nothing to see her born — even if it means compromising Bella's life.

When Rosalie herself, Nikki Reed, stopped by to talk with MTV News about her upcoming indie film "Last Day of Summer," we asked what she thinks about her character's firm beliefs on that subject matter and how she'll tackle those difficult scenes in the films.

"Here's how I look at it: I try not to be super opinionated and vocal, because in Hollywood, that seems to only lead you in the wrong direction," Reed said. "I try to relate this particular case to Rosalie and not make it metaphorical or symbolic of anything else."

Reed said Rosalie's strong feelings toward the baby are tied to her prior life as a human and never having had the chance to be a mother herself.

"I think that Rosalie just always wanted to be a mom, and that's how I look at it," she said. "It has nothing to do with being pro-life or anything. I think it's about her want, her need to be a mother, and this is the only opportunity she's ever going to have, so she's willing to let Bella die so she can have that and fulfill that, and that's how I look at it. It's her own personal desires."

"Dawn" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg also weighed in on the infamous scene recently, telling us she plans to write it so everyone feels the pain of the experience. "I want to see the terror of the experience," Rosenberg said. "I want to have the experience of the fear and feel her pain. I want to feel everyone's pain in this."


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Thursday, August 19, 2010

17th August Galaxie Magazine Issue: The Fashion Issue

Just by looking at the cover you know it's a fashion issue with the cast of Gossip girl looking ellegent. :). I know we all love fashion. I mean who doesn't? Not sure if there is anything twilight related in this issue but I just LOOOOOVEEE Galaxie that I am gonna buy it. Trust me, you won't regret it because there is so much interesting entertainment news (not gossip) waiting for you. :)

Content highlights:
  • Make way for the fashionable TV stars on the red carpet!
  • Angelina Jolie reveals her weakness in an exclusive interview
  • Skinny jeans is not for everyone
  • Chris Colfer talks about singing and dancing on Glee
  • Up for grabs: Step Up 3D sports bags and Phua Chu Kang t-shirts
  • Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, Zac Efron and Miranda Cosgrove posters


Monday, August 16, 2010

Robert Pattinson in MEP Magazine Malaysia

Remember our trip last year to Japan to meet Robert Pattinson? Well, finally something about him is featured in MEP Magazine Bumper issue. Goa nd grab yours now. :). Question and answer came from various sources and not only from the fan meet and greet.

Epic! Pics of Robsten in Montreal

Since everything is so slow in TwiKingdom...I can't help myself from posting this cute sweet pic of Robsten. :D

Finally, Rob is in Montreal with Kristen (some say Rob went there see Tomstu...really? hmm...). This is a pic where Robsten get all cozy at the set of On The Road (a new movie Kristen is working on)

I literally jump up an down like a 5 year old who just got candy and did my robsten dance when I see the pic. LOL

You can see more pics here.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Breaking Dawn Filming Scheduled

According to a twit by Production Weekly.

And according to Gossip Cop the actors will be arriving on set in October

Gossip Cop
spoke with a source close to the production, “The actors arrive on set in October for rehearsal, hair and make-up tests, etc.” Shooting begins in November, and “this has always been the plan.”
“There may be some confusion because actors have said in interviews that they start in October,” explains our insider. “Prep for the actors starts in October, [but] production has always been scheduled for November.”

via ROBsessed

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rathbone to Robsten: "Consummate That Relationship!"

E! Online got a chance to catch up with Jackson Rathbone, who played Jasper (Whitlock) Hale.

The Twilight star has had a crazy summer promoting Eclipse and The Last Airbender, all while touring with his band The 100 Monkeys (Jackson even busted out his harmonica on the Teen Choice Awards carpet to play a little tune).

But that doesn't mean he's dreading getting back to work on Breaking Dawn, thanks to Kristen Stewart:

"I can't wait, it's always a reunion" Jackson told us about gearing up for back-to-back filming of the next two movies, even though he said he had "no clue" when production starts except sometime this fall.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing Bella's transformation, that's one of the things that has been building up for a while," Rathbone dished, all cute all scruffy.

"I'm excited to see how Kristen Stewart really works with that. That's going to be fun, she's an incredible actress and, I know this is a pun, but she's chomping at the bit in order to play that transition."

And we know fans are chomping at the bit for that feathers-flying Robsten sex scene.

"I think it's going to have to be PG-13, I don't know how they're going to keep it PG. [Screenwriter] Melissa Rosenberg herself has told us there is going to be sex in this movie. I can't wait. It's in the books and I mean they're married, they gotta consummate that relationship," J.R. laughed.

Now that the release date for the final Breaking Dawn films are set, Jax told us he's more sad than excited to be free of his vampire duties.

"It's one of the sad aspects of Breaking Dawn being the last two chapters of the film series, it was always a family reunion we all go out we all have fun. It's sad to see it go. [Twilight] has done so much for me in terms of broadening my audience and my art form. Hell I always wanted to play a vampire, it's cool. It's been really fun."

"Honestly, I would do like Twilight Saga: Origins, Jasper's back story. I'll sign up! I'd get to play an angry civil war vampire again."


[Ina Noorazan]

Monday, August 9, 2010

It was 'Twilight' night at Teen Choice Awards 2010

I doubt very much than we can get to see 2010 Teen Choice Awards on our local cable network, so the following is what the Twilight cast won :)

Choice Movie: Liplock
☞Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”

Choice Movie: Chemistry
☞Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”

Choice Movie: Male Scene Stealer
☞Kellan Lutz, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”

Choice Movie: Female Scene Stealer
☞Ashley Greene, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”

Choice Movie: Fantasy
☞“The Twilight Saga: New Moon”

Choice Movie Actor: Fantasy
☞Taylor Lautner, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”

Choice Movie Actress: Fantasy
☞Kristen Stewart, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”

Choice Movie Actor: Drama
☞Robert Pattinson, “Remember Me”

Choice Movie: Villain
☞Rachelle Lefevre, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”

Choice Summer Movie
☞“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”

Choice Summer Movie Star: Male
☞Robert Pattinson, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”

Choice Summer Movie Star: Female
☞Kristen Stewart, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”

Choice Male Hottie
☞Taylor Lautner

Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon-Male
☞Taylor Lautner

Choice Smile presented by Invisalign Teen
☞Taylor Lautner

Most Fanatic Fans
☞“Twilight” Cast


[Ina Noorazan]

Twilight cast at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards

The 2010 Teen Choice Awards (TCA) was held on Sunday August 8th, in the USA. The Twilight Saga and its cast was nominated in all of the categories. Among them are Male Hottie, Movie Chemistry, Movie Liplock, Movie Scene Stealer (Male & Female), Music Love Song and Most Fanatic Fans. It will be aired in the USA on Monday August 9th. For the list of nominations and its unofficial result, please go here.

Ashley Greene, Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner

Ashley Greene with Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson won Best Movie Actor Drama for Remember Me

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner accepting one of his many wins (Yup he won quite alot. Looks like Team Jacob night)

Charlie Bewley with the wolfpack - Kiowa Gordon, Alex Meraz & Boo Boo Stewart

Robert Pattinson with Katy Perry (that is a hilarious getup!)

[Ina Noorazan]

Friday, August 6, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Scribe Wants Birth Scene To Be 'Visceral'

'I want to have the experience of the fear and feel [Bella's] pain,' Melissa Rosenberg says at San Diego Comic-Con.

For the first time since 2007, there was no official "Twilight" presence at the Comic-Con panels this year. But screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg was in attendance, and she was more than willing to take a break from the convention to chat with MTV News about her upcoming work on "Breaking Dawn." The two films are set to start shooting back-to-back in November, and Rosenberg said she is still working on finalizing the script.

Fans have been most concerned with how Bella's (Kristen Stewart) pivotal, not to mention traumatic, birthing scene will be portrayed in the movie, and Rosenberg said she and director Bill Condon are continually revising the script to make it work. Despite an earlier comment, she said the scene will be included, but the specifics of how it will be represented have not been solidified yet.

"I've written and continue to rewrite it, working on it with Bill Condon ... He has a vision as well, but it's kind of a shared vision I would say, but ultimately it comes down to, what does he actually want to see?" she said. "I know what I want to see, which is, I want to see the terror of the experience. I want to have the experience of the fear and feel her pain. I want to feel everyone's pain in this."

Still, Rosenberg said that there are some of the gruesome elements of the scene — like Edward (Robert Pattinson) having to give Bella what has been dubbed a "vampire caesarian" — that she doesn't think need to be included in the scene. "I want it to be visceral, so that is what's most important. Do I want to see teeth in placenta? No," she said. "Someone else may. I don't actually want to see that, but to each his own."

Another of the other big scenes in "Breaking Dawn" that has been the subject of some controversy is the imprinting scene. It features Jacob (Taylor Lautner) having what Rosenberg describes as a "spiritual experience" with Bella's newborn child that ultimately leads to the revelation that the infant is his soul mate.

"One must be very careful with that," Rosenberg said about the scene, "but hopefully you've taken this ride with Jacob for all four movies; you know Jacob, and so I think you'll experience it the way he does, which is spiritually, as a spiritual experience, as an emotional experience and not something that makes one uncomfortable."


[Ina Noorazan]

Breaking Dawn Casting: How many new vampires will we see in Breaking Dawn?

Will all of your favorite new vampires be included in Breaking Dawn? Facebook is helping answer this one. Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg spoke up about how the plethora of new vampires in Breaking Dawn will fit into the actual big-screen script. She said that she hopes to include everyone, but with the series already having three leads – the large Cullen family, the massive wolf pack and then outside characters – it will be very difficult. Rosenberg has been using Facebook and other social networking sites to talk to fans about who and what scenes are important to them.


[Ina Noorazan] - Which new vampire are you looking forward to see? Personally I'm interested in the Denali clan :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

'Twilight' and 'Eclipse' soundtrack artists nominated for VMAs

Several of the artists featured on the official soundtracks for Twilight, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and/or The Twilight Saga: Eclipse have been nominated for 2010 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

Hayley Williams, lead singer for Paramore (from the Twilight soundtrack), worked with B.o.B. on "Airplanes," and the two have been nominated in several categories for the work ("Best Collaboration," "Best Male Video," and "Video of the Year"). Paramore, too, was nominated for "Best Rock Video" for "Ignorance."

Also nominated in the "Best Rock Video" category are Muse (from Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse's soundtracks) for "Uprising" and Florence + The Machine (from the Eclipse soundtrack) for "Dog Days Are Over."

Muse also picked up a "Best SFX (Special Effects)" nomination for the song, and Florence + The Machine got nominated for "Video of the Year," "Best Art Direction," and "Best Cinematography."

Finally, The Black Keys (Eclipse OST contributors) received a nomination for "Breakthrough Video" for "Tighten Up."

The full list of VMA nominations for 2010 can be found here.


[Ina Noorazan] - Please note, it's the artists that were featured in the Twilight Saga soundtrack that were nominated not the soundtrack itself. Too bad :(

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' release date set

The official release date for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has been set for November 16th, 2012!

Release plans for Breaking Dawn part one and two have been slowly revealed over the course of the last few weeks, but one thing a lot of fans expected from Part 2 was a summer 2012 release (to mirror the schedule that The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse had). However, that sort of speculation was quickly dismissed as premature, and until now the only official release date available was for Part 1 (November 18, 2011).

With a November, 2012 release date for Breaking Dawn - Part 2, fans will have the time to rest in between each film's release. For some, who experienced a bit of Twilight onslaught over the past year with the close releases for New Moon and Eclipse, this will be a relief.

At any rate, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 will be released on November 18, 2011, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 will hit theaters on November 16, 2012.


[Ina Noorazan]

Monday, August 2, 2010

Stephenie Meyer talks Edward Cullen making Bella wait for "happy time"

Stephenie Meyer conjured up the morally ethical vampire, Edward Cullen. So who better to ask why? Why is he so good at keeping Bella's virtue intact? Why is it so important - really?


Q: I’m curious about Eclipse because at the point where…I love Eclipse because Edward becomes a lot more flirtatious, and you get to kinda see that.

SM: They have some moments, which are hard to do with fiction because everybody wants constant pacing. I tend to slow down. A lot of what my editors did was cut. Because I just wanna sit and “Let’s have a nice moment. Let’s have a happy time.”

Q: One of the most “nice moments” is when they’re in Edward’s room in bed, and he proposes, okay? There are lots of people that have asked questions, I’ve probably had 10 or 20 just within that one scene. But the one I want the answer to the most is: Edward at one point, he kind-of caves. Just a smidge. When he says “no, no, stop, we’re not doing this until we are married” — is it more out of a moral issue, or is it more out of “I want to make sure you keep up your end of the deal”?

SM: They’re equal parts. There are a couple of things. One is, Edward was born in 1901. And in his mind — he understands the world more clearly than we do. He hears everybody’s thoughts. But to him, this is kind of a…for him it’s a very disrespectful… And he can’t get away from the taboos of his youth. It would be wrong to take advantage of her, in his mind. And obviously, she has a completely different viewpoint. Her viewpoint of it is very modern. She knows that she is with him forever, and she doesn’t see his point. But he just comes from a different place. And I really like, every place I could put in, that would really date him. Because I like when he is…..109.

Q: Chivalrous!

SM: When he’s different, because he has a lot of different experiences. Part of it is, he is stalling for time. He wants to string the…..because there is that part of him that knows it would be better if she went with Jacob. For her, in his mind. He never foresees her being a happy vampire. In his mind, it’s all the Rosalie reaction. He just thinks she will be miserable and there will be so much pain, for her. He wants her to be happy, so he thinks “the longer we string this along, maybe she is going to change her mind, maybe she’ll say yeah, I wanna stay human, I’ll do this.” And then there is just absolutely the physical fear. Because he is really worried about that part of it. The pain of becoming a vampire is not a joke! All this timing, the way I envision it, it’s a big deal. Some say “just bite her, just bite her.” Wouldn’t that just give you so much pause? It’s like you want your husband or your loved one — you want him to be like you, but you’re going to have to torture him for three days. It’s a long time for anyone and bad enough that it went on for three days. It’s a huge deal. That’s a big thing for him. Even knowing that she’ll get over it and it will pass…those three days are a gigantic hurdle.

To read more on the interview, please go HERE


Thanks Beta Azlina Ilzdaf Cullen-Pattinson for the info.

[Ina Noorazan]

1st July Galaxie Magazine Issue : Katie Perry - Sweet Like Candy

Twihards!! This is the issue we have been waiting for. No, not exactly because of Katie Perry. Well, she is sweet like candy, and I know most of us can't get that California Girl song out of our head :). But, I am talking about the selected pictures taken during our Eclipse Charity Screening featured in this issue. Buy the magazine to see whether your pretty face is in it. :D. Plus, Team Jacob...sink you teeth into exclusive interview with hot warewolf Taylor Lautner!

Content Highlights:
  • Exclusive interview: Taylor Lautner, Adrian Brody and Jordin Sparks
  • Daniel Wu eyes Hollywood
  • Tips to Maintain Fame for Lady Gaga
  • Justin Bieber to Star in his own biopic? (hmmm...isn't he is too young to even have a biopic :P)
  • Poster: Super Junior, Angelina Jolie, Orianthi, Glee