Friday, May 27, 2011

MTV Movie Awards 2011 Promo Video with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner!

Kristen is gorgeous as always and Taylor is as cool and cute as always. Can't wait for 6th June 2011 (Malaysia time) for MTV Movie Awards.


Twilightish EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Judi Shekoni

Remember the long (very long) leg beauty who's playing the character of Zafrina (Amazon vampire clan), Judi Shekoni? Twilightish had the chance to interview her about 'Breaking Dawn'.

Twilightish: Being a newcomer to the 'Twilight Saga', how was it joining this tight group of friends?
Judi: I didn't know what it would be like coming into a movie where people had already shot 3 films. It's amazing. They have new people coming into every film, they're used to it. It was great working with people who are established and know what is going

Twilightish: Zafrina is part of the Amazon clan with her two sisters, did you guys find instant chemistry on set?
Judi: I spent a lot of time working with Tracey Heggins (Senna), people even thought we were sisters in real life! We hung out in hotel rooms, went to lunch and dinner with each other, became inseparable during the course of filming. We still call or speak with each other now, we definitely bonded really well! Being part of a coven made you part of a team.

You can read the rest of the interview at Twilightish

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Cullen's house ranked 8th in Movie Houses You Can Live In (If You've Got the Cash)

The Cullen’s house in Twilight is listed in Total Film’s 20 Movie Houses You Can Live In (If You’ve Got the Cash) at number eight! This house, of course, was home to Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his family of “vegetarian” vampires in the movie.

The House: Super-cool, super-stylish digs owned by the Cullen family of vampires. In real life, it’s owned by Nike footwear designer John Hoke.

The Movie: Faint-inducing adaptation of Stephenie Meyers’ first Twilight novel, starring dreamboat Robert Pattinson as a twinkly good vampire who doesn’t eat people – unless they really deserve it. Which is why he refuses to – uh – eat Bella, who bites her lip a lot in response.

If We Lived There: We’d hire a CSI team to find all of R-Pattz fingerprints throughout the house, then frame them. We’re odd like that.


[Ina Noorazan] - Total Film's description cracks me up! ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Taylor Lautner on Jimmy Kimmel 24th May 2011

Taylor Lautner interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel for his upcoming movie 'Abduction'. He mentioned Kristen Stewart and how sad she was when 'Breaking Dawn' filming ends. aaawww.....


Breaking Dawn part 1 teaser trailer will be on MTV Movie Awards

On 15th May we did update a tweet from president of RioFilme saying that 'Breaking Dawn' teaser trailer will be aired at MTV Movie Awards 2011 on 5th June (6th June, Monday morning our time).

Don't forget to vote!!

Today, we have been teased with the Breaking Dawn part 1 poster and now the official Twilight Saga Facebook Fanpage has officially announced that its teaser trailer will be aired LIVE on MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, June 5th and will be online immediately after the show exclusively on



[Ina Noorazan]

Excellent!! Twilight Graphic Novel Part II to be Released on Oct 11, 2011

Oct 11, 2011 is a another date to be looking forward to. At least it gives us something before the worldwide anticipated first part finale of the saga. According to Yes Press, the publisher of Twilight Graphic Novel, part II will be released on Oct 11, 2011.

For those of you who have been dying to see Bella and Edward reunited across the covers of Twilight: The Graphic Novel, wait no longer. Yen Press is pleased to announce the second installment of the graphic adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling Twilight novel will be in stores October 11th of this year! Young Kim’s stunning black and white illustrations with color pages interspersed throughout will take even veteran Twilight fans’ breath away. Look for it this fall!

Source: Yes Press

So, have you bought the first one yet? If you haven't go grab one now. It is just worth it!! I love the fact that the second part cover is a continuation of the first one. Gorgeous!!

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Teaser Poster

With merely 6 months to go (after the gorgeous stills and some leaked pictures and video) Summit Entertainment has released a brand new 'Breaking Dawn' Part 1 teaser poster. The first one released was just like the book cover. Now the mood has changed a bit with the background inserted.

I am loving this!!! Can't wait for 23rd November 2011!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Twilighters Malaysia Is Now An Official Club!!

Finally!!! We are proud to announce that Twilighters Malaysia is now an official club registered under Registry of Society here in Malaysia.

We would like to thank our committee for their commitment and also to all our members for their support!  We love you all!! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Twilightish ECXLUSIVE : Interview with Billy Burke

Twilightish had the opportunity to talked to Billy Burke a.k.a Charlie Swan, our most beloved cool father in twilight. Don't you just love him? :)

Here is the snippet of the interview;

Twilightish: How does it feel to see the end of the Twilight Saga? Are you happy to move on?
Billy: It's weird you know? Cause it's kinda like being on a television show for the last three years. It was a steady gig for me you know? I can't say that I'm heart broken about it but it was a good gig for me. I'm a little on the fence about how I feel. I think that it has run its course, and we as artists and audiences have gotten everything we can possibly get out of it. Always happy to be moving on. I have no idea what is next for me.

Twilightish: Did you find it emotional to watch Bella get married?
Billy: You know what? It wasn't so much that it was emotional. Those days we were shooting the wedding, in all honesty, there was something about them that brought stuff up not only in me, but in other people on the set. Something that was visceral. We ended up saying "this is kinda weird isn't it?" I can't explain what it was, it wasn't like my daughter was getting married, but there was definitely something that was quite touching going on.

Twilightish: How much of yourself did you put into the character of Charlie?
Billy: Charlie has a sort of reserved nature, that I'm told I have as well. Beyond that he's a cop and I couldn't be further away from a cop, in attitude and daily actions. He also loves to watch sports and I don't really. It's a world of make believe, originally Charlie didn't read like he does now. Those ticklish funny moments came out by accident when I started working the part. So I guess Melissa (Rosenberg) took that and ran with it for the rest of the series. That was nice!

You can read the whole interview at Twilightish. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kellan Lutz confirms arm wrestling scene in Breaking Dawn

Kellan revealed that Emmet arm wrestling with newborn vampire Bella is his favourite scene to shoot.


[Ina Noorazan] ~ It’s fair to say that we won’t see this scene until November 2012, since it will most likely be in BD part 2, but who cares ... IT'S IN!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthday NIKKI REED

Today, 17th May 2011 is Nikki Reed (a.k.a Rosalie Cullen) 23rd birthday! We hope she has a wonderful celebrations and an excellent year ahead!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer will be revealed at MTV Movie Awards?

It has been a trend since the past 2-3 years for MTV awards to air special 'The Twilight Saga' movies trailer. And this is the recent update....

Sérgio Sá Leitão, president of RioFilme, tweets about the Breaking Dawn trailer

Translation: Heard today that the first Breaking Dawn trailer has four amazing takes filmed in Rio. It will air on the MTV Movie Awards

via RPLife

Rio? We all know what happened there. OMG! I can't wait!!! IF this doesn't air here in Malaysia, then we might just have to wait for Youtube. :( (I might just take leave to watch this!)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday ROBERT PATTINSON!!

Since blogger chose the most significant date for Robert Pattinson fans to do their maintenance, our birthday wish to our ever so gorgeous, sexy and talented Robert Pattinson is about 7 hours late (I think we are about 7 hours earlier than London).

We wish Rob the best in everything in life!!

Ealier (few days back), we did post a video shout we did for Robert's birthday we made during our 'Water for Elephants' special screening. Here it is again.

This is Robert's Birthday video project by Spunk-Ransom. All twilight fans around the world participated including us (ours starts at 1:14 but you should watch the whole awesome video!). And the video is on it's way to Rob!!!

Thank you Spunk-Ransom!! This means a great deal to us!! :)

And today, we had a small gathering and celebrated Robert Pattinson's birthday. We had a nice time just having our lunch, hanging out and talk twilight. :) Our special cake and cupcakes (delicious) is prepared by PumpkinMummyCupCakes! I don't normally eat cupcakes, but these are delicious and not sweet. LOVE it!

Our special cake for Robert!

From Letf: Faten, Neesa, Ari, me, Aini, Shairli & Huda

And here is a special tribute made by non other than our Golden Blogger, Ina Noorazan.

This man is like great wine ...
... he just gets better with age!


Baby Rob

Teen Rob ~ the model (circa 2001)

at the Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire premiere (November 2005)

at the Twilight Los Angeles premiere (November 2008)

at the New Moon Los Angeles premiere (November 2009)

at the Remember Me New York premiere (March 2010)

at the Eclipse Los Angeles premiere (June 2010)

at the Water for Elephants London premiere (April 2011)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Booboo Stewart Talks About Kristen, Robert and Taylor

Source via Robstenation

If only our twi-con was a go, we would be meeting Booboo Stewart here in Malaysia in a month. Sigh....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let's dissect Breaking Dawn 1 image stills, shall we?

Amanda Bell of the Examiner made a close inspection of the new Breaking Dawn part 1 image stills. Is there any details you’ve noticed in these stills? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

In the first one, Bella (Kristen Stewart) seems to be wearing a sheet or a robe and staring at something startling. Both she and Edward (Robert Pattinson) are donning, shall we say, mussed hair; and he appears to be pulling the fabric down a bit to take a look at her back. Based on those facts, I’d speculate that this image might be from the moment when they both discover the aftermath of their first . . . consummation experience. Though we cannot directly see feathers in the shot, there’s a strong possibility this moment coincides with that one.

{When I first saw this photo, looking at Bella's scared face, I figured it was when she first guessed that she might be pregnant and the cleaning lady at Isle Esme gets upset and yelled at Edward, just before they cut their honeymoon short to go back to Forks. But as you can see, Bella's left hand on Edward's chest is devoid of any wedding or engagement ring. But then again she may have taken them off before joining Edward in the sea ;)}

The second one speaks for itself. Bella and Edward, standing in the midst of the square in Lapa, Brazil, sneak in a few kisses amidst the crowd. Thousands of extras were needed for the background of this scene, so a lot of Brazilian Twilight fans got to see this moment made right before their very eyes.

Third is the “Volturi” lair, with “Aro” (Michael Sheen) receiving his invitation to the wedding. One new notation that can be made about the image is how different the props (i.e., the chairs, the walls, the flooring) look than they did in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Presumably, this is another layer of their castle in Volterra, then – and a decidedly darker one at that.

Next up is the one of “Alice” (Ashley Greene), wearing her much-shorter (and closer to the book’s description, even as it is pinned up this way) haircut, with Bella. This one is also very upfront about its related moment from the film. With all of the hair brushes and make-up tools in sight, this is clearly the point when she’s readying Bella for her wedding. It’s hard to tell whether this is supposed to be Alice’s bridesmaid dress. Its description is as follows, from the story: “a dress that flowed down her slender body like a silvery waterfall.”
{I'm excited to see Bella's wedding dress!}

The fifth photo is of “Carmen” (Mia Maestro) and “Eleazar” (Christian Camargo), and it matches up with their personalities more than you might suspect at first. Per Twilight Saga Wiki:

Eleazar's gift is the identification of any special ability shown by vampires. Eleazar thinks that it is a "haphazard practice", as no two abilities work the same way. His ability to read powers is, like many other gifts, weaker on humans, and so is limited in that sense and requires full concentration for him to detect their potential gifts.

Meanwhile, Carmen is described as “a very gentle, kind, and maternal person,” and her expression is true to form in this sense, isn’t it?

In the next one, Bella eats her breakfast and chats with her personal chef and husband, Edward Cullen. They’re clearly more interested in the conversation they’re having. I’d guess this one comes sometime during the “distraction” phase of the honeymoon.

As for the next one, in which they are playing chess in Isle Esme, they seem so much more relaxed and with it that it almost seems as though this might be from those tender moments when they’ve overcome their . . . obstacles. But maybe not; maybe this is one of Bella’s moments of being seductive. Her posture and his giddy expression do lend themselves to that theory as well.

{They do play a lot of chess, don't they? Remember this pic?}

Next up, ah the waterfall . . . Edward’s face is serious and conflicted. I think Bella’s willpower is overcoming him in this one.

The ninth one shows some of the Denali girls - “Irina,” “Kate” (Casey LaBow), and “Tanya” (MyAnna Buring) – with “Esme” (Elizabeth Reaser). I’m no flower expert, but don’t those in the background look like white lilac? Lilac, orange blossoms, roses, and freesia were the flowers described in the book.

The next one, in which “Jacob” (Taylor Lautner) clutches his wedding invitation as he begins to run in the rain, might be from that moment when he has had enough and takes off on his own for a while; or it could be him on his way to surprise Bella with a dance. Which would you pin it down as?

Finally, Jacob and his motorcycle. The dismay on his face is unmistakable. I think he’s going to pay a visit to his friend Bella, who he’s not convinced is even alive, in this one.

{This could be when other wolf pack members thought that Bella has been transformed and Jake paid the Cullens a visit to confirm it but instead saw a pregnant Bella}


Still image credit: Summit Ent.

[Ina Noorazan]

Monday, May 9, 2011

Twilighters Malaysia - 'Water for Elephants' Special Screening 4th May 2011

As twihards, we are also die hard fans of our gorgeous Robert Pattinson and we try to support all his films. So, on 4th May 2011, we did a mini special screening for his latest movie, 'Water for Elephants'. The event was held at Platinum Movie Suites, Cathay Cineplex and attended by 22 guest. The recliner seats were super comfy.

The event starts with us shouting out wishing Robert's 25th birthday which will fall on 13th May to participate in Spunk Ransom Robert birthday video project. :)

Later, we had lucky draws and also a 15 questions quiz all about Robert and 'Water for Elephants'. I love giving away goodies and was happy that everything went well. Those who were lucky won Set of 3 Water for Elephants posters, Water for Elephants book (movie-tie in), Special Water for Elephants bookmark, Water for Elephants soundtrack and MPH mug.

All these prizes are made possible my our sponsors and supporters for our event. 20th Century Fox (Malaysia), MPH Bookstore and Sony Music (Malaysia). You've certainly made our event brighter!! Thank you!!! :)

Aida & Me (from left)
Aida was the luckiest winner that night! She won both lucky draw and quiz. :)
Although not many (as I didn't hirer any photographer for that day), here are the rest of the pictures we took that day.

Find more photos like this on Twilighters Malaysia Official Site

Saturday, May 7, 2011

MTV Movie Awards 2011: Vote for Robert, Kristen & Eclipse!!

The voting for MTV Movie Awards 2011 has been opened since 5th May 2011. Have you voted?? Vote NOW!!

Best Kiss - Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' OR Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' (oh! please vote for Robert and Kristen!! I so want to see them kiss on stage. :P)

Best Movie - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Best Female Performance - Kristen Stewart 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

Best Male Performance - Robert Pattinson 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' OR Taylor Lautner 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

Best Fight - Robert Pattinson vs. Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

Friday, May 6, 2011

Michael Sheen talks about Breaking Dawn battle scenes

Summit has been releasing a few of Breaking Dawn stills for the past week and it goes without saying that Twi-hards just can't wait for November to come. Alot has been discussed, argued, debated and theorised on how the final book will be portrayed on to the big screen. One common discussion topic that comes up frequently is the ending to "Breaking Dawn."

Without delving too deeply into details or spoilers, the last half of the book teases readers with the possibility of an epic vampire-on-vampire battle. And again, without giving too much away — the battle that occurs is not so much epic as anticlimactic.

MTV caught up with Michael Sheen (Aro of the Volturi clan) and asked him whether the movie will mirror the book or if things have been amped up for the big-screen adaptation.

"Oh this is very amped up, yeah," Sheen revealed. "This is, I think we spent something like four or five weeks shooting that scene and it takes up a big chunk of the movie," he added. "And it's got extraordinary things going on in it, so it certainly won't be anticlimactic."

Michael Sheen revealed to Collider that he got the opportunity to delve into Aro’s insanity a bit more, this time around, and that he got to show more of what’s under the surface of the character. He also talked about how much he enjoyed working with Bill Condon and thought the director handled the huge undertaking of a two-part film with about 40 new characters and a huge battle scene brilliantly.

Collider: What can you say about what you’ll be doing in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn?

MICHAEL SHEEN: It’s the same part that I played before – Aro.

Collider: Was there anything you got to discover in playing him this time around, that you hadn’t learned the last time you played him?

SHEEN: He’s more of a presence in these films than he was in New Moon, so I got to explore the character a bit more and probably fleshed it out a bit more. I don’t think that there’s anything that I learned. I just was able to go into the insanity of the character a bit more. I got to show what’s under the surface a bit more this time, which was fun.

Collider: How was Bill Condon to work with, as a director?

SHEEN: Bill was wonderful. He was terrific. He’s a very, very friendly, warm person. He obviously has a very varied and interesting body of work, and brought that to bear. He made everyone feel very comfortable. It must be quite hard, coming onto a film where people have already been together for a long time. Each film is a different director and you think, “What’s this one going to be like?” But, everyone really warmed to him and thought he was terrific. I think he did a really good job. It was a huge organizational thing. We had something like 40 new characters being introduced in this film, and the big battle scene took about four or five weeks to film. It was a huge undertaking, and he handled it brilliantly.

Collider: When a new director comes on and you already know the characters from having done previous films, do you feel like you know the characters more than the director, or does each director really bring something new out of you?

SHEEN: Personally, I was only on New Moon for two weeks, so it’s not like I got used to it. But, for the other actors, there’s probably a wariness about, “Is this person going to come along and not really get what it is we’re doing, or are they going to try to change it too much?” For a director coming on board, I would imagine there’s the pressure of wanting to make your mark and be different to what other people have done, but at the same time, not wanting to go against the flow of the whole series. I would imagine it’s quite a difficult balance to strike, but everyone seemed very happy on it and seemed to enjoy working with Bill.

Source and Source

[Ina Noorazan]

New 'Breaking Dawn' Still

'Breaking Dawn' will reach us in merely 6 more months and Summit Entertainment is releasing bit by bit the still. This is the latest still released by them.

My heart just melts by this beautiful happy pics of Edward & Bella. Notice the ring? And Edward's cuff is back. aawww....:D Gotta love them!!

Source: The Twilight Saga facebook page (Summit Entertainment)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Justin Chon Tweets Video From Behind The Scenes Of ‘Breaking Dawn’

Source via

This video was made by Justin Chon a.k.a Eric and he downloaded it onto his youtube channel. hahahah....they are funny! They must have been bored and got time in their hands to do this vid. LOL

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Breaking Dawn Stills - Untagged HQ

Before this we have posted Breaking Dawn still taken from EW and People Magazine. Here are the pictures again untagged in high quality and not scanned. :) Wonderful!!

Source via RPLife