Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eclipse Phase 1 Studio Screening? David Slade twits

My heart was pumping hard when I read this. Although it's not much, but it's something on Eclipse and I know all of us are dying to get at least any news.

Thank you David Slade!! We can't wait to see your final masterpiece!!

I wish I work at the studio and could watch the screening....sigh....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

IMDb Updates the Breaking Dawn IMDb Page!

Through a lead from, we got news that IMDb has updated the IMDb page for Breaking Dawn. The page is updated last on 22nd January 2010 with basic information on the movie and the most important key word: It is now in PRE-PRODUCTION! (it used to be In-Development)...

The funny thing is as far as cast and crew are concerned, only 3 characters made the list so far, Carlisle, Alice and Jacob...Hmmm.....

I'm leaving this for you guys to ponder...

New TwiMerchandise Vendor Found! Universal Store!!!

The Edward tee that I oh so want!!!

Whoa Mama!!! Check out that Edward walking towards me!!! ~~Sigh...

We found this while surfing the net and apparently its another licensed TwiMerchandise Store managed by Universal Studios. As far as we know, they ship to Malaysia too and the tee shirt designs are cool...

They are currently having a promotion where you can purchase any 3 tee for USD 65 only (not including shipping..). Most of the items are tees and standees. They also carry books (limited).

You can check out the rest of their merch here (I am dying to get my hands on this tee, and the Trio standee...)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hilarious!! Twilight, What Have You Done To My Wife?

As much as I don't want to admit this, but most of us can relate to this. LOL!!...almost mirrored my life. My life is Twilight..:P. The band is called "Shallow Day"...maybe the band members are really experiencing this situation with their wife. eheheheh

Thanks twifans for the heads up on twitter and CullenBoysAnonymous for posting it in their blog. LOL!!

Kristen Stewart arriving @ Sundance while Robert Pattinson stayed in London opening for Hope For Haiti Now

Kristen Stewart was spotted arriving at Sundance promoting two of her non-twilight movie, "Welcome to The Rileys" and "The Runways" . Not sure if both these movie will make it to the theater here in Malaysia, but with the early reviews, both these films are worth to watch for. This is first time we got to see her since she got back from London visiting Robert Pattinson.

more pics at PopSugar

On the other hand, Robert Pattinson made an appreance for "Hope for Haiti Now" which aired on MTV @ 7.00am Malaysia time. Here's a video of Robert's speech.

Robert's full speech:

"Underneath a flattened university, Maxine Fallon waited. She was crouched in a fetal position and could barely move. In the darkness and during the hectic sounds of the day, through the pain, the hunger and thrist, she prayed that someone would find her. And on the sixth day her prayers were answered, she was found because of a text message from the rubble sent rescuers to her side. Unlike any other event in history, our world has been connected to this tragedy because of technology. Twitter updates, Facebook pages with pictures of the missing and text messages for help. This technology is working right now to connect us, too. At, you can donate and you can instantly interact with people in Haiti and anywhere in the globe. Join with those watching and see what they're saying about something we all care deeply about — helping the Haitian people get back on their feet. Please go to Thank you."

via MTV

hmm....doesn't really get the beared, but then he is gorgeous with any look ;)

On a different note, here is a performance by Jay-Z, Bono and Rihanna at "Hope for Haiti Now". Nice!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Dawn of The Twilight Graphic Novel Is (Almost) Here!!!

Hey TwiHards!!!

Entertainment Weekly's Tina Jordan reported yesterday that the highly anticipated Twilight The Graphic Novel Volume 1 will hit bookstores come March 16th, with 350,000 copies in its initial print!!! Here's a glimpse of what you will get...

The cover featuring 'Bella'

The Biology lab scene...

Its funny, I agree with Tina that Kim (the artist)'s adaptation looks beautiful and I can't wait to get my hands on it!! What with Stephenie Meyer herself getting more influence it will be cool!!!

We will check with Borders if we can get them pre-order this.. (I smell a launch party..heheheh)..

Anyways...I'm already drooling... I'll be raedy to buy whatever number of volumes they come up with..LOL! Just check the complete entry here.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Checkout the Japanese New Moon Special Edition DVD Gift Set!

Kawaii-desu! posted about the Japanese Special Edition DVD Gift Set which is available from Amazon Japan and it looks so kewl! It features two piece DVD (I believe the content is almost the same as US) but the sleeve and box has been customized to suit the kawaii'ness of the Japanese market. It is more feminine and soft (somewhat) and also includes a few movie stills and some collectors cards (I think).

It is going at about MYR 130.00 after conversion, without delivery. You can Pre-Order it here.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Moon 2 Disc Special Edition DVD is now available for Pre Order at Amazon

Great news Twilighters!!!

You can now pre order the 2 Disc Special Edition DVD at Amazon. It is also available in Blu-ray.

Go to to pre order.

There are 3 versions:

DVD - One Disc
DVD - Two Disks

The special features of the "Two Discs Special Edition" and the Blu-ray edition include director Chris Weitz's commentary and over 3 hours of exclusive extras:

• The Journey Continues: A 6-part making-of documentary:
- Life after Twilight
- Chris Weitz takes the helm
- The subtle details
- A look at production
- It’s not magic
- Ready for the World

• Music Videos:
- Death Cab for Cutie: Meet me on the Equinox
- Anya Marina: Satellite Heart
- Muse: I Belong to You behind the scenes rehearsal footage
- Mutemath: Spotlight

• Fan Event Q&A with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Chris Weitz – Content Exclusive for the UK
• Fandimonium: A look at the die-hard fans
• Team Jacob vs Team Edward: The ultimate love triangle
• Deleted scenes
• Edward goes to Italy
• Edward Fast Forward
• Jacob Fast Forward
• Interview with the Volturi
• Introducing the Wolfpack
• Becoming Jacob
• Jacob fast forward
• Edward fast forward
• The Beat Goes On: The music of The Twilight Saga: New Moon
• Frame by Frame: Storyboards to screen

Oh, and we are also accepting Pre-Order requests at our Official Site. This is however not linked directly to Amazon as we are only helping members who do not own credit cards/ trying to get a lower shipment charge. Please PM Azlina on the site.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

UPDATE! NECA Original New Moon Merchandise - There's One for Team Jacob Too!!!

The Jacob Tee, it was hiding behind he scared??? Aww...

Hey TwiHards! Merchandise update... Borders Bookstores is also carrying New Moon Jacob Tees priced at RM 79.95 each, especially for Team Jacob! It was obscuredly hidden behind Edward's tee the first time we went hence, we did not report it then...

No, no..its not because we're Team Edward... It was really2 hidden... So sorry...

Ok, team Jacob..go get your tee now :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010



A message from Borders....

These goodies are available at all Borders outlets in Malaysia - so that's Curve, Gardens MVC, Tropicana City Mall and Queensbay Mall in Penang as well, while stocks last!!!

**Thank you Bobbie (from Borders Malaysia) for the heads up.

Click HERE for the original post.

Oh! By the way, they might bringing new things for Eclipse. Of course we will keep you twihards in the loop. ;)

"There's No Drama!" Says Stephenie Meyer On 'Breaking Dawn' Gossips

With all the speculations and gossips surrounding 'Breaking Dawn' (the movie), we fans are of course left to wonder on which is the truth really? On Jan 12th, our beloved Stephenie Meyer posted a comment on her web stressing that THERE IS NO DRAMA!

"There's no drama! No drama you hear me!"

Here's what she posted:

'Just a quick note on the subject of the Breaking Dawn film: there is no drama over whether the book should be one movie or two. My personal feeling is that it would be very difficult to cram the whole story into one movie (as I've said in many interviews previous to this), but if a great way of doing that surfaces, I'm all for it. Two or one, whichever way fits the story best is fine by me, and everyone I've spoken with at Summit seems to feel the same way. We're all excited to move forward on this, and we are slowly and surely getting there. I know people are anxious for news, and so sometimes gossip gets fabricated to stir things up, but there's no basis to this particular story.'

Yes Steph, we hear you. And I believe most of us feel the same too. I think we should just let Summit do all the arrangements and pray it will turn out well. We can always give suggestions and opinions: make it into one movie, make it into two, cast my cousin sister as Renesmee, it should be rated, there should be a director's cut with all the steamy bedroom scenes in it (YES PLEASE!) or simply CAST ME AS HUILEN! (pray!) but then in the end, its totally up to the producers.

So TwiHards. You can rant all you want but please, no negativity. Everyone is just doing their job.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Twilight Saga: New Moon is 'IN THE SPOTLIGHT' at Borders Bookstores (the one we went to is the one at Berjaya Times Square). They are having an in-house feature of (read this) ORIGINAL The Twilight Saga: New Moon merchandise and Twilight related items. For the first time ever, they are actually carrying original merchandise items by NECA. The feature is the biggest so far, complete with a tower.

The Twilight Tower @ Borders BTS

The cheapest NECA merchandise is going for RM 15.95 up to RM 67.95 while price for other items varies.

Some of the NECA Merch on display ~~drool...
The NECA items on display are:

New Moon Bag Clip Tattoo RM 39.95
New Moon Bag Clip Edward RM 39.95
New Moon Love Triangle Lucite Key Chain RM 15.95
New Moon Edward Lucite Key Chain RM 15.95
Bookmark New Moon RM 19.95
Bookmark Edward RM 19.95
New Moon Pen Edward RM 15.95
New Moon Pin Set Exclusive RM 31.95
New Moon Magnet Set RM 39.95
New Moon Cast Puzzle RM 67.95
From L-R: New Moon Love Trio Jr. Tee, New Moon Tattoo Jr. Tee, New Moon Edward Jr. Tee RM79.95 each
Other items:

Twilight Saga Journal RM89.90, The Twilight Saga: New Moon 2010 Calendar RM 67.90

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack, Books on Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Unofficial Twilight Companion (all books are unofficial) etc.etc.

~~~~~~~~~~~if only i have millions to spend :ppp~~~~~~~~~~~

So TwiHards, head on to Borders Bookstore at Berjaya Times Square to grab your very own ORIGINAL New Moon Merchandise here in Malaysia. We've checked the pricing and if you calculate its almost the same like if you order the items online. I for one is so sure that I'm gonna get my hands on one of those tees and bag clips! :p

For outstation TwiHards (ie. outside KL) we can help you to get the items (subject to availability) and will gladly deliver it to you through post but of course, you would have to bear the postage and a minimal handling fee which is going to be confirmed later. Please contact Nurul or Azlina if you are interested (Azlina will also be posting info at our Official Site).

H A P P Y S H O P P I N G ! ! !

Chris Weitz Answers Lucky Fans' Questions On New Moon

Our Mr. Director, Chris Weitz having fun @ the Tokyo Fan Event, Nov '09

@RPLife posted an interesting phone interview between Chris Weitz and the lucky fan who wins the @Twilight Sweep. Her name is @JennyBRUTAL. Here are a few questions that stand out:

Q: I know Edward's car is now a dark silver, but was there any reason for the change?

A: Availability. Volvo wanted to introduce a new car into the series, instead of the older model. So they provided a newer model, brown Volvo. Immediately we knew it had to be repainted, and chose a dark, non-shiny, black colour. It added more to the first Edward scene in the movie, the feeling is upbeat but the colour of the vehicle adds to the danger lurking.

Q: How did you decide to shoot the scene where the months are passing by, considering the books only name the months that pass?

A: We originally thought we could use a blank screen with names of the months passing but felt that it was best to portray depression visually. CGI was used and the windows were covered by green screen. We used a robotic camera for revolvement to mimic the original hand camera as much as possible. I'm not sure if you noticed but with each revolvement the room changes, there are less pictures of her friends and the room gets more sparse.

Q: Were there any scenes that you would have loved to see in the film but never made the final cut?

A: Yes, one scene. There’s a scene with a motorcycle crash that gives more of a sense of danger. The reason why it didn't make the final cut was because of weather reasons, it was just too sunny to be considered Forks. The DVD will include that scene as well as extended scenes. Some of the extended scenes include more of Edward's visit to the Volturi concerning his immortality and more from the scene between Carlisle and Bella. [when he was stitching Bella up.] In one of the early drafts of the script this scene was not in the movie. Immediately I knew that had to change, it was essential to the story line.

She asked pretty good questions and Chris even mentioned that he was glad that she won and he actually enjoyed answering her questions. Note to all fans: If you ever win anything especially an interview with cool people, do your homework and ask good questions so that you, the personality involved and all your audience would actually benefit from it too, just like Jenny did!

Thanks Jenny for sharing (oh, lucky you!) and thanks @RPLife for the lead. Wonder when will @Twilight be doing a sweep to include fans from Asia? Now I really² cant wait for the extended DVD to come out! Why dun you just satisfy our hunger Chris and release the 5 hour version???

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Twilight Producer Wyck Godfrey Talks About Breaking Dawn

Producer Wyck Godfrey spoke to Gina McIntyre from L.A. Times. He pretty much says : "We don't have a director, we don't have the whole script, we don't know if it will be 1 or 2 movies." Zero plus zero we still have zero...

Breaking ain't :)

It's been one of the biggest questions surrounding Summit Entertainment's uber-successful "Twilight" franchise (apart, of course, from whether stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson really are a couple off-screen) -- just how the producers are going to manage to pull off a big-screen adaptation of "Breaking Dawn." The fourth book in Stephenie Meyer's juggernaut of a young adult fiction series about the epic love affair between high school student Bella Swan and her good-guy vampire beau Edward Cullen has plenty of heft, clocking in at upward of 750 pages, but it also has the distinction of being the most controversial entry in the saga.

When it was released in August 2008, fan reaction was intense and divided with some "Twi-hards" expressing confusion and dismay over a plot that involved *SPOILER ALERT* a recently graduated 19-year-old Bella giving birth to a half-human/half-vamp daughter named Renesmee, who grows much faster than the average mortal child and who possesses a unique way of communicating with those around her, clearly inherited from Dad's side of the family.

Wyck Godfrey, the producer of all the films in the "Twilight" saga, admits that the creative team still doesn't know how they'll handle the character in the "Breaking Dawn" movie, but said that the plan is absolutely for the production to go forward -- as either one or two installments -- with an eye toward beginning to shoot in Vancouver this fall. All three stars are signed for "Breaking Dawn," he said, meaning that Stewart and Pattinson will be dealing with the joys and woes of interspecies parenting and newly minted heartthrob Taylor Lautner will return as often-shirtless shape-shifter Jacob Black.

At the moment, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who's penned all the "Twilight" movies, is working on the "Breaking Dawn" script(s). "It's a work in process," Godfrey said in an interview Friday. "The issue [of whether there will be one or two movies] is not going to be resolved until we get the full treatment and see whether it's organic. If it's not organic, I don't think it will be done, and if it is, it will be. It really has to do with how much level of detail from the books there is, with all of these new vampires that appear in 'Breaking Dawn,' the whole section about Jacob... It's a very long single movie if it does become a single movie."

Although there's been a great deal of online chatter about whether Chris Weitz, director of the second and most recent movie, "New Moon," would return to helm "Breaking Dawn," Godfrey downplayed that possibility, saying, "I think everyone would be happy and excited if he came back, but I don't think it's going to happen."

He and the other principals are formulating a list of potential directors, "but right now," Godfrey said, "we're just focused on the treatment and getting that right. At that point, we're going to see who's available and who's appropriate. It's such a complicated book because you have the emotions and the intensity of the love story -- so you need somebody who's just a wonderful director of actors -- and yet it's really complicated from an action and visual effects standpoint. They've got to have both tools in their kit."

A visual effects background might be particularly helpful when it comes to dealing with the character of Renesmee.

"I keep having visions of '[The Curious Case of] Benjamin Button' in my head," Godfrey said, referring to David Fincher's Oscar-nominated 2008 fantasy about a man who becomes physically younger as he ages. "It's certainly going to be visual effects in some capacity along with an actor. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being a full CG creation, but it also may be a human shot on a soundstage that then is used to shrink down. I don't know. We need a director. When we get a director, that director will need to come with a point of view of how they want to tackle it."

The third movie in the series, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," is due in theaters June 30.

So what do YOU think? I vote for 2 movies. There's a LOT to cover in Breaking Dawn...

via Robsessed

We think it should be 2 movies too!!! Lot to cover....;)

New Moon DVD and Blu-ray on Amazon

Hello Twilighters!!

Good news!! Amazon has added New Moon DVD (Two Disc Special Edition) and Blu-ray in their list. According to Amazon Germany, it will be released on 15th April. Almost 3 more months to go. Why so long??

However, You can now sign up to be notified when the DVD and blu-ray will be available.

via RPLife

Saturday, January 9, 2010

In Touch (Sweden): The Fight Over Breaking Dawn

The Transalation:-

The "Twilight"- ensemble and the producers are not getting along about the making of the fourth movie in the success franchise. Will Breaking Dawn ever get to the screen?

New Moon is still going strong at the cinemas- it earned almost 2 billion only during the first three weeks. but the producers are already turning their attention to the fourth book in the "Twilight"- saga, Breking Dawn (or as long as we both shall breathe as it is called in swedish). Unfortunately there is a big share of obstacles on the way for it to be put in to a movie (the filming of the third movie in the saga, Eclipse, ended in October and the movie's premiere is June 30th). Here we reveal what's at stake for Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the crew:

Directed Requirements

While production is still looking for a director to Breaking Dawn the stars of the movie are determined that they want the director from New Moon, Chris Weitz, to get the honour"Rob, Taylor and Kristen sat down and wrote a letter trying to get Chris back", a source reveals. "I had such a great experiense with Chris. He was passionate, caring and compassionate", says Kristen.

All are compatible replacement

Another Movie means another risk of being fired from the cast- and no one goes safe. Taylor had to fight for his part in New Moon, and Rachelle Lefevre got replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard (see picture) in Eclipse."The cast members are not so irreplaceable that they want to believe", a source confirms to "Life & Style". And obviously that doesn't feel good for the young actors. Everytime a co-star gets sacked it raises the concern in the camp. "The entire cast is really close", Taylor explains. "It was really sad when Rachelle had to go."

Controversial scenes

Spoileralert: the ones that make it will have alot of material to work with from Stephenie Meyers fourth book. Unlike the first three lame books, Breaking Dawn contains passionate kissing sequences, wild sexgames and a scary birth.Kristen who plays a prostitute in the upcoming movie "Welcome to the Rileys", and Rob who had a piquant gay Scene in "Little Ashes", are ready for the challenge. But the Studio are detemined to keep it to a PG-13 for the younger fans of Twilight. "Just as in the other movies it will be incredibly sexy without the sex", the source insists. "These movies are really for the fans, so they don't want to depart from the books to much. But the chemistry betwen Rob & Kristen is so obvious that it expresses sufficient without unnecessary graphic moves."

Three Movies?

It can be very difficult to get them to accept a dried-out version of the book, but the hardest part will be to renegotiate each stars contract. In the beginning the cast signed up for three movies (Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse), so it can be very coaxed to get the actors to agree on a deal for Breaking Dawn. "This is the golden Egg for Summit Entertainment, and the company is going to milk out as much as possible from it". the source noted. "It wouldn't come as a surprise if the studio divides the 754 page thick book in to three movies to get as much as possible from them".If that would happen, Taylor and the rest of the cast can expect BIG paychecks. "Everyone wants a piece of the cookie", the source says. "They can see how much money New Moon brings in and want their fair share, which is probably one of the reason for why the movie is on hold. The Studio wants to keep the wages in check, but it won't be easy."

Indecisive Vampires

The first three movies was filmed in the space of 20 months, but this time it will take much more time. but the cast isprobably happy for the break, since many in the cast worries about being placed in a certain movie box. Therefore they're now eagerly putting up other projects- which can cause big conflicts in the schedule. Kristen has the movies K-11 and "An American Girl" on the go, while Taylor has signed up for the action series "Max Steel". And Rob? In February he will begin to filming "Bel Ami" in Budapest and for the next summer he's going to do a western movie called "Unbound Capitves", in New Mexico. "It is two completely different movies", he says. "I don't want to be a vampire for the rest of my life".

Image text left side:
Kristens Choice

Kristen works for the chance of having New Moon director Chris Weitz to do Breaking Dawn, but the studio bosses aren't convinced.

Image text right side
They decide

Thanks to the sucess of New Moon the stars Taylor, Kristen and Robert has had much more to say about things which does not bode well before Breaking Dawn since Rob isn't fond of how the series has been developed. "I've seen the movies twice and I wasn't exactly delighted", he says.

via RPLife

Pleaseeeee Summit!!! Please make Breaking Dawn as a movie. Two movies? Three movies? or even four....we don't care. Just bring it to live!!! And...if possible...we want it like the in wedding ceremony, Isle Esme honeymoon love scenes and the birth. Well, that might fall under 18 category...but how else to do it? Or maybe, just do it two version....PG13 and PG18 :D. It won't give us any kick or satisfaction watching Breaking Dawn as PG13 version :P.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Queen Latifah (and Rob) Spoofs New Moon At The People's Choice Awards!!!

This is Super-Cool! Even Taylor laughs at it!

Awesome Twilight Funnies By Virgochick

Following a lead posted by TwiFans today, I came across some awesome Twilight Funnies created by VirgoChick on Polyvore. Here's some of my favorites:

Funny Twilight #1

Twilight Funny #16

Twilight Funny #11

They're hillarious aren't they? Really made my day! VirgoChick, YOU GO GURL!!! You can view the rest of VirgoChick's Twilight Funnies collection (she had pretty awesome stuff) here.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We have submitted @Twilight for votes to become the 'BEST OF TWITTER' too...

It is time we get people to know that Twilight is awesome-possum... Mechanics is the same. You can use the Twitter Username Search Box and type Twilight for easy access, and you can vote every 20 minutes. Let's bring @Twilight (and @TwilightersMY) to the TOP 25!!!

So guys, VOTE³!!!

You can vote here.


While browsing through, we entered @TwilightersMY to compete for votes to be crowned 'Best of Twitter' for the month of January 2010!!!

Come on TwilightersMY!!! Hurry and vote for us as the TOP 25 will be IMMORTALIZED in the 'VOTE WALL OF FAME'!!!

Just click the link below, use the search function to easily find us (type TwilightersMY in the Twitter Username search box) and VOTE³!!! You can vote every 20 minutes and the machanics is the same with the Twilight Nation votes! HURRY!!!

You can go and VOTE here.

Our Official Site Has Undergone A Facelift!!!

The new Twilighters Malaysia Banner

Hey TwiFolks!

We are proud to announce that our official site has undergone a face lift with the upload of our new, custom made banner!!!

The banner features combination images inspired by The Twilight Saga and both the Cullen Crest and the Wolf Pack Tattoo!!! AWESOME!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the TwiDesigner, Zack Cullen for his awesome work!

Visit our site now to check it out!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Someone submitted this to RPLife and they featured it on their blog today... Rob as a Na'vi!!!!! SO CUTE!

But as I commented on their blog, I seriously doubt that Rob Na'vi will survive in Pandora looking like this... Imagine him riding an Ikran or a Toruk!

Credits to whoever did this. Can you Na'vify me too???

Cute, regardless...

via RPLife


Faxo has put up a Twitter Wall Vote Contest to vote for the Top Twilight Nation!!! All citizens of all nations in the world can now vote for a chance of their country to be the TOP 25 and forever immortalized on the Vote Wall of Fame as the TOP TWILIGHT NATION!!!

MALAYSIA is currently at (as at time of press) #77 with only 68 votes. Oh, cumon! Don't tell me there is only 68 Twilighters (including me!) in Malaysia!!! YOU GUYS!!!!


The page will refresh everytime you vote (means, when you vote, your voted country will move to the previous page depending on no of votes received at the time ie. if before you vote Malaysia is at 68 votes and are listed with the rest of the 68 votes countries, once you vote Malaysia will have 69 votes and will then move to be with the rest of the countries that have received 68 votes hence, you will have to click 'previous page' until you see Malaysia again!). So dun worry if you suddenly see Malaysia missing once you vote coz its only been moved to a new page! Click previous and look for it carefully!!!

What are you waiting for TwilightersMY Citizens??? VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! HERE.

(Note: This link is correct at the time of print. Please scroll and try your best to find our flag if you can't immediately find it there. It simply means either we have received more votes and have moved up ot others are receiving more votes and have pushed us down. HURRY!!!)

Oh, and spread the word!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Peter Facinelli is E! Online's TOP CELEB TWITTERER!!!

Peter Facinelli aka Dr. Carlisle Cullen is voted by E! Online readers as TOP CELEBRITY TWITTERER OF 2009!!!

This is so kewl ain't it? And Peter was also voted by other Twitterers as MR. Twitter earlier in the year...awesome!

Peter has always been kind to us fans... even in Twitter..
So Mr. Twitter sir, CONGRATULATIONS!

You can view other celebs in the list here.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in UK

Robsten lovers...are you ready to scream and jump up and down? ahahahahah

Yes, Robsten is spotted in UK (which part we are not sure, but with the sign of boxing day and the buildings behind them, it is surely in UK)..aren't you loving this? Boxing day is a day after Christmas and normally celebrated in UK (definitely not US).

Those are definitely Robert and Kristen in seperate pics with the same cute little fan :D

via ROBsessed

** is smilling a huge grin, jumping up and down while dancing a robsten happy dance. LOL


Ventnor is located on the Isle of Wight . Which is an island that is in the south of England. You can see that it was "The Boxing Day" .. Which happens the day after Christmas. The exact location is outside Somerfield, a supermarket chain in England.

(via TwiFans)