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Is David Slade Planning A New Year's TwiSurprise???

Our Mr. Director, David Slade tweeted on his account today that he is planning a New Year's gift... Hmm... Could it be ECLIPSE related or has nothing to do at all???

Maybe its a teaser trailer??? Maybe more stills??? Lets just pray that our Mr. Director Man is being generous this new year's!

Oh David... please....

E! Online Readers Voted New Moon AS THE BEST MOVIE OF 2009!

New Moon has done it again! E! Online Readers Vote results are out and they have unanimously voted for The Twilight Saga: New Moon as MOVIE OF THE YEAR!!! Super YaY!!!

Informal recognition but still making a mark nevertheless...

Checkout the rest of the winners here.

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Go gagagagaga over entertainer of the year, Lady Gaga as she is on the front cover of 1st January Bumper issue of Galaxie magazine.....

Must have!!!Poster of ROBERT PATTINSON & TAYLOR LAUTNER plus editorial pieces on them and New Moon.

On news stands this Friday!! DON'T FORGET TO GRAB YOURS!!

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New and Unfamiliar Faces in Eclipse

According to IMDB’s profile for the Twilight Saga – Eclipse there are 3 unknown actors added to the Eclipse cast list.

Monique Ganderto - IMDB’s description of her Eclipse character: Beautiful Vampiress. Monique is a Canadian actress (from Alberta). She typically is a stunt double in most movies she appears in.

Ben Geldrich – IMDB has him listed as play the part of John

Justin Rain – IMDB states that he will play the role of a Quileute Warrior. Justin is from Canada (British Columbia).

Some sites mistakenly posted the picture of Rain (Ninja Assassin) in their post ;) don't worry's not him. would be nice to see him putting his buffed up body to use in Eclipse (not really necessary since they will most probably featured as wolves most of the time :P)

Source: imdb

The Twilight Cast Talk Eclipse to Yahoo! Movies

Source: Yahoo! Movies

Finally RPatzz is spotted!!

Any of you are craving and searching on any news or sighting of Robert Pattinson? Awww...don't be shy....ahahahahah

He was spotted with his sister (Victoria or Lizzy..we are not sure) in Barnes, South-Wales London after Christmas. No sighting of Kstew but there are rumors she will be in London spending time with Rpatzz for the new year. Well, we will have to wait for more proof on that. (Praying for it to happen..:P)

Happy girls? Now you can sleep better at nite :D

Source: ROBsessed

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Is Oprah's BEST MOVIE OF 2009!!!

Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart in New Moon

YaY! Oprah has chosen The Twilight Saga: New Moon as the BEST MOVIE OF 2009!!! That shouts a lot for us TwiHards, don't you think? Here's what written on the website:

Best Movie: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Teenage girls aren't the only ones keeping the Twilight franchise alive— users voted New Moon the best film of the year. Watching Stephenie Meyer's tale of a vampire-werewolf-human love triangle come to life onscreen was deeply satisfying—from Jacob's breathtaking CGI transition to Edward's sparkling skin in the Italian sunlight. Now, the question we're all asking: Will there be a fifth book in the series?

Yes Oprah, we do hope too. And we will still be hoping till it finally happens. Hey, some of us (read: me) waited like 10 years for the final book of The Earth's Children Saga to be published and man, it was worth it... And I know Midnight Sun will be too!!!


You can look at the other winners in other categories here.

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The beautiful people at posted this on their site. Its about how the CGI wolves were created. Some of them, I agree, do look awesome and lifelike (like Jacob-wolf we see below):

If I can have a dog, it would be a Jacob-Wolf... :p

But somehow to me Sam-wolf looks a tad bit artificial. Any-hoo... Here's how it was done:

"The challenge wasn’t just to build a believable wolf, but to build five unique wolves of extraordinary size and weight, to portray that mass often with little more than the surrounding trees as comparisons, create believable fur and humanesque eyes that weren’t distracting. Nate Fredenburg, Art Director, helped to make sure those requirements were fulfilled, combining real-world attributes and CG magic.“At Tippett Studio, we always look to real-life creatures for reference on how to design our characters, real or mythical. For New Moon, we had a special opportunity to travel down to wolf sanctuary in Southern California to observe wolves up close and personal. The key to looking at live reference is to form a knowledge base, study the creatures, their quirks and behaviors, the language between the pack. We looked for signs of what the creature was about and added those to the visual effects to make them believable.”

Okay. You can head on to for the original post :)


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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Will 'Eclipse' Trailer Hype Up Oscar Rating?

If there's one thing Academy Awards producers Bill Mechanic and Adam Shankman should have learned from the 2009 telecast, it's that Hollywood loves a hit.

Initial reviews of the Hugh Jackman-hosted extravaganza were mixed. And the feeling inside the Governors Ball that night was that the show's new pieces of flair -- "innovations" such as carting out former acting winners to awkwardly praise nominees they likely didn't care much about -- merely added a lighter shade of rouge to the aging starlet.

But ratings went up. About 10% more people watched, reversing the downward spiral of the past few years. And voila! -- the show has been deemed a success almost universally ever since.

As Mechanic and Shankman put together their plan for the 82nd annual ceremony March 7, they should be mindful that their efforts will be criticized unless they lure more eyeballs while still maintaining the aura of the Oscars as Hollywood's most esteemed evening of pomp and self-celebration.

Here's how: Introduce movie trailers to the show.

Think about it. At five strategically timed slow points in the ceremony, a major star could appear to introduce a two-minute clip of never-before-seen footage from an upcoming film. Every major studio, mini-major and specialty division would be invited to enter a lottery for the five slots, the only rule being that the winning studios' clips -- any clip; it can be something from a prestige project or from "Iron Man 2" -- has never been seen before.

Click here for the rest of the articles.

Taylor Lautner is People's MOST WANTED 2009!!!

Taylor wins! Woo-hoo!!!

Yes TwiFolks!!! After 2 million votes, it is confirmed that our very own WolfMan; Taylor Lautner is People Magazine's MOST WANTED 2009!!!

You can read all about it here!

Vote for Rob and Taylor on EOnline's 20 Bestest Celebs of 2009!!!

Who's your pick?

Our beloved Robert and Taylor is being shortlisted for the EOnline's 20 Bestest Celebs of 2009 Robert is currently placed 2nd behind guess who? Adam Lambert! Taylor on the other hand is not making the top mark..YET!

So what are you waiting for? Dun cha wanna make sure that Rob OR Taylor wins this too? (coz no other TwiCast is shorlisted!).

Come on TwiHards! Vote for Rob OR Taylor here!

(photo credit: Vanity Fair and RollingStone)

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Its almost Christmas and we have Rob on our Christmas card!!!


Here it is...


We used a pic that we took in Japan (so no copyright issue there..lols...)
Nurul is planning to do a Christmas movie out of the Rob pics we have so if it happens... YOU'LL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW!

You can also make your own TwiCast cards or movies (providing you have their pics) at JibJab!

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Twilight "Crash Scene" Made # 4 On Moviefone's Top 25 Movie Moments Of The Decade!!!


The pivotal "Crash Scene" in Twilight where Edward saves Bella is at #4 in the Moviefone's Top 25 Movie Moments of The Decade! How about that! Let's reminisce (like we can ever forget!)

Oooh...those eyes... That stare... It's like he's looking straight into her soul!

OMG. This is SUPER AWESOME!!! See what happens when the scene is not cut out off the movie (with such a lame reason as censorship..blah!). It makes the story stronger!

Enjoy you guys!

Baltimore Sun Named 2000-2009 "Stephenie Meyer Decade"

Baltimore Sun's David Rosenthal proved that guys do read The Twilight Saga by naming the 2000-2009 decade as the "Stephenie Meyer Decade". Here's a peek at what he blogged about:

"In the coming weeks, we'll review some of the decade's biggest books and trends, beginning with this pronouncement: I hereby declare 2000-09 to be the Stephenie Meyer decade. (That sound you just heard was Nancy hitting the floor.) Meyer's novel "Twilight," released in October of 2005, hit the top of the best seller lists and has hardly budged since -- while being joined by others in the series. Just look at the latest list: Sarah Palin's on top, but Meyer has the #2, #3, #4 and #7 spots with "New Moon," "Eclipse," "Twilight" and "Breaking Dawn." What could she have done if she hadn't waited until the decade was half-over to start her series?"

YaY Stephenie!!!

You can read the rest of the entry here.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fan Made Eclipse Poster's MRSEDWARDCULLEN blogged about a fan made Eclipse poster (its beautiful but it qualifies more as a promo shot to me than a poster tho). Here's her post:

I absolutely love this picture! I love how “Bella” is laying in the snow, its very reminiscent of the cold weather in forks, and the snow storm that Jacob, Bella and Edward had to endure while they camped out in the tent the night before the battle in the clearing. The infamous red ribbon, the design of it and the way she is holding it, is stunning. Also is that a wedding dress she is wearing? Nice touch!

UPDATE: The original photograph is by Zhang Jingna and a clever fan wrote eclipse on it apparently, which still rocks! Check out the original here

(Thanks, Rayanne & Mel!)

Aren't you all excited? Well I know I am! Oh, and the model is not Kristen Stewart you guys. You can checkout the link above to the original pic hosted on deviantart and the model's name is Viola. But its a great resemblance eh?

Thanks MRSEDWARDCULLEN for sharing!


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Chris (THE MAN!) Weitz Spills 10 New Moon Secrets To!!!

Im so excited coz I LOVE MOVIE TRIVIA'S!!!

Chris Weitz (oh bless his soul!), spoke to (that's Entertainment Weekly) and revealed 10 New Moon Secrets! For those of you who have read my New Moon Trivia post before, some of the info might not be entirely new but here's some of my favs:

The famous 'almost-kiss'. It could definitely win the 'Almost-kiss Award'


''If you want to know what Jacob says before he almost kisses Bella, ask a Quileute! The address of the Quileute tribal council is I can tell you this much: He says, Kwop kilawtley.''

What's 'Kwop kilawtley'? Anyone? I've been researching and the Quileute Nation's web doesn't have an online dictionary. ANYONE??? But I bet it means something mushy coz Jacob (after all) is pretty knocked-up when it comes to Bella! Don't you think so??? LOLS!!!!


In the Volturi chamber, Aro speaks Italian — 'La Tua Cantante' (translation: 'Your Singer') should be easy for readers of the books — he's referring to Bella's being Edward's 'singer,' whose blood calls out to him stronger than anyone else's. Later, when Bella tells him that he doesn't know anything about Edward's soul, he replies, 'Fore ... ne il vostro l'uno o altro' — 'Perhaps ... nor yours either.'''

But another translation I got (online) for 'ne il vostro l'uno o altro' is 'nor your one or another'. Can this also mean that what Aro was trying to say was that Bella and Edward also does not know anything about each other's soul (referring to their argument in the truck after Bella's party about souls)?

Oh well, who am I to say. We should ask Melissa Rosenberg for the answers. You guys can head on to read the whole feature here.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Extra TV: Hair Hits and Misses of 2009, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Make the List

Hit! Robert Pattinson

Coffey agrees with Twi-hards and likes the “New Moon” hunk’s “messy,” “sexy” hair.

Hit! Kristen Stewart

Coffey is a fan of Stewart’s shorter, darker locks. She says her long hair was “boring” and the new cut gives “her a little more edge.”

Extra TV examines the hair hits and misses of 2009 with salon guru Tabatha Coffey of the Tabatha’s Salon Takeover show.

And don’t worry peeps, both Rob and Kristen are hits when it comes to their hair according to Tabatha. With Rob coming in at number 7, and Kristen at number 5 on the list!

Kudos to Kristen to cutting her hair off to play Joan Jett in the Runaways. Personally, I prefer the Bella hair. IMO. But as we’ve said thousands of times – its just hair it grows back!

And Rob, oh Rob. His hair is just, well, sex on fire! I’m sure other men try to have that hair, but they just can’t do it!

[Thanks, Spectra!]

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack made it to the Oscar?

Will the New Moon Soundtrack make it to the Oscars? Let’s all cross our fingers and hope it will happen. The members from the Academy Awards committee have unveiled the candidates for the prestigious award.

On Jan. 12, the Academy will screen clips featuring each song, in random order, for voting members of the music branch in Los Angeles.

Following the screenings, members will determine the nominees by an averaged point system vote. If no song receives an average score of 8.25 or more, there will be no nominees in the category. If only one song achieves that score, it and the song receiving the next highest score shall be the two nominees. If two or more songs (up to five) achieve that score, they shall be the nominees.

“Possibility” by Lykke Li is on the New Moon soundtrack and is among the list of candidates.

“Possibility” is the song that is played when Bella enters her zombie-like state following the winter months in which Edward and the Cullens have left the town of Forks. The song is a huge fan favorite(mine as well.)

So it is quite a process but I think we can pull this one off, after all our beloved saga has been nothing but amazing thus far. The selections will take place on January 12Th but the Oscar nominations aren’t announced until Feb. 2nd. Click here for the entire list of candidates.

(Source: The HollywoodReporter Thanks, Mcnutters )


This is definitely a twisome news if the song made it to the Oscars. Possibility is such a deep and nice song ;)

Robsten Sneak Beach Date Before Public Partying!

Undercover lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted out together in Venice Beach yesterday, escaping the shutterbugs and enjoying a private date night. Take that, all you Robsten haters!

While everyone seems so hell-bent on having Rob hook up with the likes of Katy Perry (just because they’re photographed at an event, please), a source spills to us that Robsten was dining at Gjelina restaurant on Abbot Kinney before scoping out the fab A. Kinney Court opening next door.

Says our insider who attended the party:
“Robert and Kristen were eating next door and peaked in the window after their dinner as the party was wrapping up.”

We all know that Robsten likes to keep a low profile, so showing up to an event opening together where Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis and Olivia Wilde also were in attendance totally isn’t their scene.

But the concept fashion boutique and eyewear store totally suits Kristen’s chiller style, so we know why they would take a pause to check it out. Atta girl, you tell your man to make some time for window shopping!

“Kristen was wearing an old white T-shirt with her hair in a ponytail,”
our eyes tell us. “Rob was wearing jeans, a tee and a dark coat.

“It looked like they were on a nice stroll through the neighborhood. They seemed really just into hanging together.”

So did R & K opt for some PDA since not too many people were looking?

“They weren’t holding hands, but were really sweet with each other.”

We all know that R.Pattz’s night didn’t end there. He went out to celebrate his friend Shannon Woodward’s birthday at Dimples karaoke bar alongside Katy Perry.

Rob showed up around 11:15, plenty of time to drop K.Stew off where she needed to be. The A. Kinney opening ended around 10. Sweet that R.Pattz wanted to spare his truer emotions from the waiting paps he knew would be documenting his every move later on.

A spokesperson for Gjelina declined to comment about Robsten’s romantic meal saying, “We wouldn’t be able to tell you about that.”

A rep for Kristen also kept mum saying, “We don’t have a comment, but thank you.”

We’re just glad the couple got in some quality relaysh time! Love it, or love it?

It’s utterly and truly Robsten-style amour at work, every angle you look at it, as we trust you will.

Source: Robert&Kristen & RPLife

Finally, some news on the couple. :)..we lloooiikkkee :D

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Hi Twilighters!!!

We now have our own hotline.

+6018-251 4606

Hotline operating hours:

Weekdays : 9.00am to 9.00pm
Weekends and Public Holiday: 11.00am to 9.oopm

Hope this will make it easier for us to share the TwiLOVE!!! ;)

Robert Pattinson Kept the Gossip Columns Busy

This is super interesting!! :D

March 14
At the Rose Bar, Pattinson is reportedly overheard bemoaning the fact that he “can’t get laid in New York.”
June 15
Pattinson is attacked by throngs of women while filming Remember Me in Washington Square Park.
June 19
Pattinson is struck by a taxi at Broadway and 12th Street while trying to run from fans.

July 19
Pattinson runs across Water Street in a hood and sunglasses, ignoring crowds of screaming middle-aged women.
July 22
Pattinson checks out a brunette at Lil’ Frankie’s on First Avenue.
October 11
Pattinson complains that he still can’t get a date. “To be honest, I still don’t really understand what’s going on.”

November 1
Mattel releases Twilight Barbie Edward doll, modeled on Pattinson.
November 10
Pattinson says his jeans are a few days old, and he changes his shirt when he can’t take the scent of it anymore.
November 11
Pattinson admits that when he met Zac Efron, he swooned.

The scatch is fabulous!! Isn't it? :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Robert Pattinson Spotted!! Secret date??

I know all of you are in need of RPatzz dose. I know I do :P...everything seems so silent. Well, E! Online has spotted him with his Remember Me co-star Emilie De Ravin. Not really a site we really want to see, but as long as we get news on Rpatzz.....what ever will do. ;)

We know where Robert Pattinson was today.

Across the street from our offices—at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art!
But he wasn't exactly checking out any exhibits…

Sources tell us that hottie R.Pattz and his stunning Remember Me costar Emilie de Ravin were there being photographed at the museum (aka LACMA) for Vogue magazine.

I'm told editors at the fashion bible are planning a multipage spread of the twosome for the mag's annual Power Issue that rolls off the presses just in time for Remember Me's March 12 release date.

"The theme is a date at LACMA," one source says.

Photographer Norman Jean Roy is said to have shot them in several spots throughout the museum, including interior and exterior setups. "It's kind of edgy in a Vogue way," the source says. "Emilie is wearing high fashion but it's like sort of tattered-looking. Rob is mainly in suits."

Pattinson arrived at about 9 a.m. before the museum opened. But it's not like art lovers—or Twi-hards—were going to get a good look at him during the day anyway. Locations were blocked off with blue tarps and surrounded by security guards.

What do you guys think? Can this shoot top Bazaar Magazine photoshoot of Robsten? We think not!

Bryce Dallas Howard Says 'Eclipse' Has An 'Extraordinary Finale'

Everyone is looking forward to seeing Eclipse with now New Moon fever is almost ending (is it? really? we don't think so). Well, Bryce Dallas Howard will be carrying a big load to potray Victoria where Rachelle Lefevre left off. A while ago, we posted an interview video of her. So, she spoke to MTV about her role in Eclipse...and maybe a bit of the fight scene?? intriguing.

There's quite an extraordinary finale," Howard told MTV News of the scene that took weeks of intense fight training to prepare for. "That was very fun to do."

Those well-versed in Stephenie Meyer's fantastical world of vampires and werewolves know that the third "Twilight" installment focuses heavily on elements of love and war. In addition to the love triangle involving Edward, Bella and Jacob, "Eclipse" follows the actions of vampire Victoria, who creates an army of newborn bloodsuckers to avenge the death of her mate James in "Twilight."

Howard was careful not to reveal any details about the pivotal scene, but she did concede that the battle will likely trump the ballet-studio fight in "Twilight" and the Volturi rumble in "New Moon."

"The producers were saying it's the biggest spectacle filmed thus far in this franchise," she said. "There's a newborn army that's been raised for battle. It's a true battle scene."

Howard replaced actress Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria weeks before production began on "Eclipse" due to what the studio claimed was a scheduling conflict. Audiences will see Howard's take on the embattled character when the third "Twilight" film hits theaters on June 30. The 28-year-old can also be seen as a 1920s debutante in the independent drama "The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond," opening in New York and Los Angeles on December 30. Based on a Tennessee Williams screenplay, the film also stars Chris Evans, Ann-Margret and Ellen Burstyn.



Hurry guys!!! Come on over to vote for Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, The Twilight Saga, RobSten and Taylor² at the Z100 New York's Z Awards 2009! The nominations are for:


Robert Pattinson VS Taylor Lautner

Going neck-to-neck, the votes keep going up and down with both of them leading the pack! You really have to make a choice now TwiHards... Is it Robert or Taylor???

All four The Twilight Saga Book Covers...

The Twilight Saga is nominated and currently leading for this award! Cast your vote to make sure WE WIN!!!


Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart (ROBSTEN) VS Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift (TAYLOR²)

Yes folks! Both RobSten AND Taylor² is nominated. Hmm..very hard to pick right? Both look cute together and somehow have that chemistry reminiscence of TRUE LOVE!!! When they are together, you can see not sparks...but bolts..wwakakakaka... And both seems to be denying any romantic involvement outside the set to each other...hmmm... Its your pick


Even MORE FIERCE! Twilighters Malaysia NM Unofficial Mini Premier Coverage in 17-31 Dec Issue of Galaxie Magazine!!!

Galaxie Magazine's very own Nitha Subramaniam covers our New Moon Unofficial Mini Premier and the story is out of the bag (get it?) in the Dec 17-31 issue of Galaxie Magazine. Some of us get our pretty faces featured too so GO AND GRAB YOUR COPIES NOW!!!

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When you google Robert... Funny Rob mention on The Graham Norton Show

This is very funny!! Thank you RPLife for posting it on their blog. LOL!!

FIERCE!! 17th-31st December 2009 Issue of Galaxie Magazine is out now!!

FIERCE!! Really..really fierce!! The word really translate the cover picture. Go and grab your copy of Galaxie Magazine latest issue on news stand now!!

Plus, 7 posters including Taylor Lautner and Wolf Pack. Twilighters!!!! What are you waiting for??? Run out now to grab yours!!

Ashley Greene Spills The Beans on Eclipse And Talks Prom

ET went behind the scenes of Ashley Greene’s photo shoot for Teen Prom where she talked about filming Eclipse, training for the fight scene and how she felt about going to prom. Who would be her celeb prom date….I thought she would say Jackson but she didn’t

[Source. ET. Thanks Lali!]


Thank God!! Finally...something on Eclipse.


The concert flyer...

Here's a chance for you to test your TwiKnowledge and win yourselves some fabulous concert tickets!!!

We are giving away 6 pairs of Hannah Tan's "I'll Be Home For Christmas" Charity Concert Tickets featuring the likes of Harith Iskander, Hans Isaac, Reymee & Sam of Innuendo, Atilia, Meet Uncle Hussien, Caprice, Reefa, Sasi The Don, The Fabulous Cats, Daphne Iking, Pietro Felix, Jojo Struys and more! Concert will be held at the Gardens Hotel Ballroom, Mid Valley on Sunday, December 20th 2009 @ 4pm!

To win, answer these simple questions based on our NEW MOON TRIVIA POST below:

1. The ring Bella wore throughout the movie was set with a:

A. Large Saphire
B. Large Diamond
C. Large Moonstone
D. Large Amethyst

2. What was shown at the rear back of Jacob Black's t-shirt while he was fixing Bella's bike in his garage?

A. A Smiley Face
B. A Wolf Print
C. A Tribal Tattoo Print
D. Forks High School Logo

3. Which character was knocked to the ground (by Jasper) in one of the takes for the "Bella Birthday Scene"?

A. Carlisle
B. Alice
C. Rosalie
D. Esme

4. Which cast member loves "New Moon" (the book)?

A. Robert Pattinson
B. Jamie Campbell-Bower
C. Dakota Fanning
D. Justin Chon

5. When did Summit Entertainment give the green light to film New Moon?

A. The deal was sealed at the same time as Twilight
B. Two days after Twilight is released
C. While Twilight is in post-production
D. 1 month after Twilight is released

Submit your entries via email to latest by 12pm Friday, 18 December 2009 with "TRIVIA CONTEST" in the message box and these details in the body:

1. Your Name
2. Your Contact Number

Winners will be announced latest by 6pm on 18 December 2009 and will be required to come and pick up their tickets in KLCC on Saturday, 19 December 2009, between 2pm-4pm, venue TBC.

Please make sure you read the contest rules below before submitting.


1. Contest is open to all residents of Malaysia
2. By entering this contest, participants agree to all contest rules
3. All entries are to be submitted to the email address above latest by 12pm, Friday 18 December 2009. Late entries will automatically be disqualified
4. Winners will be selected based on the first six entrants received with ALL correct answers. All winners will have to make their own arrangements to pick up their prizes at the allocated time and venue, attend the concert and bear any costs incurred, without which, the prize may be forfeited.
5. The decision made by the judges is final. No contact made will be entertained. The organizers will not be responsible on any matters arising as a result of entering this contest.


This is a private contest held for the viewers of this blog. The organizer is in no way affliated to Hannah Tan or any of the artists listed. No copyright infringement is intended.


Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Leads The IMDb STARMeter TOP 100 of 2009!!!

Screencap: IMDb STARMeter

Yes Folks! Robert Pattinson (at #1) and Kristen Stewart (at #2) leads the pack dominated by TwiCasts at the IMDb STARMeter Top 100 of 2009 list! Is this a trend coz I seriously smell a new Holywood Power Couple in the making!!!

The figures look good for the Twilight Franchise as 15% (thats 15 people, people!) of the list is made up of fellow TwiCasts! TwiCasts in the list are (in order):

#1 - Robert Pattinson
#2 - Kristen Stewart
#5 - Taylor Lautner
#8 - Dakota Fanning
#11 - Ashley Greene
#15 - Nikki Reed
#26 - Jaskson Rathbone
#37 - Peter Facinelli
#39 - Kellan Lutz
#45 - Michael Sheen
#60 - Cam Gigandet


You can read the complete list and compare with 2008 listing here.

(via IMDb)


The Cullens in New Moon

Okay TwiHards! How well do you know your New Moon facts? Check these out!

During the filming of Bella's birthday party, Jackson Rathbone got so into character that both Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz had to hold him back. During one of the takes, Elizabeth Reaser was knocked to the ground.

Noot Seear was painted completely white, in spite of not tanning for the previous two months.

Jamie Campbell Bower, who stars as Volturi member Caius, originally auditioned for the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight (2008/I).

When Jacob is fixing Bella's motorbike in his garage, a wolf print is shown on the rear back of his t-shirt.

When Bella first awakens, she has the stage-play of "Romeo and Juliet" next to her face. Romeo and Juliet was, according to Stephanie Meyer, a major influence for her writing of New Moon.

In the scene where Charlie is giving Bella her birthday presents, there is a picture of Bella and Edward from the first movie stuck in the corner of a wall decoration behind her bed.

Learnt something new? Checkout the rest of the OMDb New Moon Trivia here.

(via IMDb)

Bryce Dallas Howard Talks Eclipse - Video

Really starting to hate this secrecy surrounding Eclipse. Cumon guys! By this time last year we have at least seen a teaser. Aww...

But she did share that her fav scene is the fight scene, like of course!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Peter looking dashing @ the NM premier in NY!

Our beloved Dr. Carlisle Cullen is being listed for voting on POPSUGAR'S FAVORITE CELEB TWITTERER OF 2009! So far the odds are looking good for Peter what with him being crowned Mr. Twitter earlier this year!

If you would like to vote, please had on to POPSUGAR.COM!

Robert Pattinson's Modeling Pics and in His Birthday Suit in Heat Magazine (UK)

I was browsing through a pile of past issue magazines in a magazine shop yesterday and came across the 18-24 April 2009 issue of UK's Heat Magazine and guess what? It's featuring a special on Rob (and other hunks) and the tagline was "Robert Pattinson Gets NAKED"..~~Woo-hoo... Catch your fancy??? Checkout these scans:

Note: Had to edit a bit on the "Mini Rob" in the mirror. We are modest eh?

Some cool Rob facts...

Sorry RobLovers... Just had to edit a bit on the privates there to make sure that this post is suitable for all levels..LOL! That still was from Little Ashes when he plays Salvador Dali. But if you really² want to see 'em (nothing much, really!), PM me and I will comply :p

Oh, and I WAS NOT REALLY drawn to the section I edited above, but more so to his never-seen-before modeling pics. He was quoted saying that he modeled in the era where the adrogynous look was in so he stopped getting jobs once he became more "manly" (not that we complain!). So I was wondering how girly did he look to be admitting that so, I just had to blow this up!

Hi Claudia!

Aren't we looking pretty?

Oh my, oh my, oh my, rosy cheeks and all... No offense Rob, but he did look like a girl don't he? Really guys! But even then he does look kinda angelic, don't you think?

Im leaving it to you guys...

RPLife Features Our Japan Robert Pattinson Pics!!!

The beautiful people from RPLife featured some of our Robert Pattinson photos we took from the New Moon Tokyo Fan Event in November!!! Checkout the screen cap below:

Awesome feature, eh?

They also helped to mention about our New Moon Unofficial Mini Premier event and on PROJECT ECLIPSE!

A special thank you to Mandy and the rest of the admins of RPLife! WE HEART YOU! You can checkout the complete feature here.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


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Thank you to Remaja crew for covering our event on 25th November 2009.

For a better view of the clip, go to and watch via Remaja (12th December 2009 episode) catch up tv. ;)

Taylor Lautner Is "Team Edward" On Saturday Night Live!!!

I'm still holding my stomach for the pain it has caused me due to excessive laughing from this SNL skit! Taylor Lautner is TEAM EDWARD in SNL! Checkout the video:

Its darn funny! "If those abs are real, the dude who play that guy should win an Oscar"..LOLS! But we do think that one day, you might just will Taylor!


Find more photos like this on Twilighters Malaysia Official Site

We sure did have fun that nite!! TWISOME!! Thank you to Fadlisham Fadzil for taking photos that nite ;)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The NEW MOON trailer was the most viral video of 2009

While the trailer for the Twilight Saga: New Moon movie was the biggest viral hit of 2009, the rest of the top ten was made up of solo singers.

The video for BeyoncĂ©’s Single Ladies was the most watched music video with more than 333m views while Lady GaGa had two videos in the top 10.

The video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller was at number 6 and the video for Beat It was at 8. Meanwhile, Susan Boyle’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent was at number 5 with more than 313m views.

Visible Measures tabulates views based on YouTube plays as well as factoring in how often videos are shared on social networks.

The top 10 is as follows with cumulative views in brackets.

1. Twilight Saga: New Moon – movie trailers (592,049,402)
2. BeyoncĂ© – Single Ladies (333,233,982)
3. Lady GaGa – Poker Face (317,708,763)
4. Soulja Boy – Crank Dat (313,861,193)
5. Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent audition (313,177,779)
6. Michael Jackson – Thriller (257,016,016)
7. Miley Cyrus – The Climb (211,165,578)
8. Michael Jackson – Beat It (190,583,064)
9. Mariah Carey – Touch My Body (173,736,822)
10. Lady GaGa – Just Dance (170,636,272)

Source via Twilight Examiner and Pattinsonlife

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Director David Slade tweeted some more information about the post production of Eclipse.

At first, I thought “Cut Edward? What?” LOL!

Who’s the composer?!! Intensity of the love story! Rivalry between Edward and Jacob! Jacob and Bella intensity! EDWARD!! 200 more freaking days!!

Gotta love Twitter!

[Source: Twitter/David_A_Slade. Thanks FTW, Sparks & JGoodner!!]


OME!! Thank you for posting some update for Eclipse. We feel like something is missing and hanging. Can't wait for Eclipse!! It might be 207 days more for us in Malaysia!!!

Twilight Promotes Abstinence: University of Missouri Communications Experts Research To Be Published

Experts from The University of Missouri has been conducting research on how the predominantly female Twilighters obsession to the series are stemed from the traditional, idealized romantic relationship that stresses the importance of abstinence. The experts are quoted to have said:

“What really surprised us was the obvious abstinence message in the books and that teens were responding favorably to this message,” said Melissa Click, assistant professor of communication in the College of Arts and Science. “Many of the young women that we interviewed had felt pressure to perform sexually by their peers, but now they have a desire to find their own ‘Edward,’ who will be interested in them for nonsexual reasons.”

“Twilight is less of a vampire story and more of a romantic love story,” Click said. “Edward and Bella’s relationship is a very traditional model of a relationship that reinforces gender stereotypes. The series reinvents traditional romantic ideals and embraces the concept of love against all odds. These impressions of romantic relationships may shape younger women’s expectations of romance.”

However, some messages in Twilight could be harmful to young women.

“Although a seemingly perfect romantic interest, Edward’s obsessive and controlling behavior could send some very problematic messages to young fans,” said Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz, assistant professor of communication. “For example, at one point in the series, Edward takes the battery out of Bella’s car to prevent her from leaving.”

Interesting look at The Twilight Saga from an academic point of view. You can read the complete article here. The research will be published in the new book "Bitten By Twilight: Youth Culture, Media, and the Vampire Franchise" targeted to be released in May 2010.

Any takers?