Saturday, February 26, 2011

Breaking Dawn filming news : Stunt rehearsals at the Swan's residence

We've updated about preparations at the Swan's residence outside of Vancouver. The house had been decked out in Christmas decorations, which would coincide with the picture director Bill Condon released at Christmas time. Now it seems there is a team testing out rigging that would be used to enter Bella’s bedroom window.

The last time this rigging was used was back in New Moon when Taylor Lautner, and not a stunt double, entered the upper window using the rigging. There’s lots of speculation as to what scene this is in prep for, and exactly who will be doing the window entering/exiting.


[Ina Noorazan] - Could these stunts be in preparation of the scene where Emmett and Jasper pick up Edward for the Bachelor Party/Hunting?

Jackson Rathbone teases with Breaking Dawn details

Jackson Rathbone teases Twihards about Edward and Bella's highly-anticipated onscreen love-making during the newlywed's honeymoon in Isle Esme.

Rathbone when interviewed by Leeza Gibbons during the Dare2Care Pre-Oscar Cocktail party said:

"It's definitely sexy. It definitely qualifies as shmexaaay. It's a PG-13 movie, but also it is what it is and it's a union," Rathbone said. "They are consummating their relationship and they don't just do it once, let's put it that way."

Rathbone also assures us we'll be seeing lots of that signature Rob and Kristen chemistry in the flick.

"Oh yeah," he laughed. "It sizzles, man. It sizzles like bacon!"


[Ina Noorazan]

Twihards, please meet Nahuel

Summit Entertainment has confirmed that actor JD Pardo has been casted as Nahuel, a small but significant role in Breaking Dawn.

Nahuel is a human/vampire hybrid from Chile, who was raised by his vampire aunt, Huilen, after his mother died giving birth to him. He was brought to Forks by Alice and Jasper to help resolve the trouble that arises with Renesmee's birth and the Volturi.

Born as Jorge Daniel Pardo on September 7th, 1980 in Panorama City, California, he has made appearances mostly in TV shows such as CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, 90210, The O.C. and American Dreams. However, he is best known for his role as Edward Araujo, Jr./Gwen Amber Rose Araujo in the Lifetime Network Movie entitled A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story.


[Ina Noorazan]

Breaking Dawn filming news - Set preparations on the Black's house

Set preparations were made to Jacob Black's house on Thursday, February 24th 2011. They have added the fire wood, boat buoys, the Black mailbox and other details, getting it ready for filming.

Jacob's garage

Props added to the Black's house

The Black's mailbox added outside

Mandy of Mandy's Mind reported:

"There were several set designers hard at work laying everything out in preparations for filming. Like most sets, days, if not weeks of preparation are done prior to filming."


[Ina Noorazan] - To view the pictures clearly, please click on it.

Breaking Dawn filming news - Vancouver filming Day 3

- Day One & Two (February 23rd & 24th, 2011) ~ Alaska Scenes
There was the arrival of Denali Clan cast and then the shot of Robert Pattinson in snow.

- Day Three (February 25th, 2011) ~ Wolf Scenes
It was a cold one today and the wolfpack tweeted about their experiences today on set:


[Ina Noorazan]

Breaking Dawn filming news - Rob Pattinson filming in Pemberton

Rob on set February 23, 2011 filming Breaking Dawn in Pemberton, British Columbia. This "Alaska" scene involves the Denali clan who were also on set.


[Ina Noorazan]

Breaking Dawn filming news - Casts who have landed in Vancouver

The Clearwater siblings Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater) and BooBoo Stewart (Seth Clearwater) arrived on the same flight on Wednesday, February 23rd 2011.

Wolf pack members Alex Meraz (Paul) and Bronson Pelletier (Jared) hit up McDonalds and pick up some food to go right after leaving the Vancouver airport. They arrived on Tuesday, February 22nd 2011.

Also arriving on Tuesday was Cameron Bright who plays Alec Volturi. The Canadian native stepped off the plane with his iPad and luggage.

Swedish actress MyAnna Buring who plays Tanya Denali arrived in Vancouver on Tuesday, February 22nd 2011. She was on the same flight as Mackenzie Foy (Renesmee Cullen) and Mia Maestro (Carmen, mate of Eleazer, the Denali Coven).

Source & Source

Photo source

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Friday, February 25, 2011

A surprise for Twihards at the Oscars!

Last year there were three Twilight stars to grace the red carpet for the Academy Awards/Oscars. Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were presenters, while Anna Kendrick was a nominee in the "Best Supporting Actress" category. The year before that, Robert Pattinson served as a presenter.

As for this year, Anna Kendrick recused herself from the list of those who'll be attending, saying "I couldn’t really handle it. It was enough last year being a nominee."

It has not been confirmed whether Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner will attend the show. As you already know, both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have touched down in Vancouver, British Columbia to pick up filming for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

However, at least one producer from the Oscars has spoken to the issue of Twilight fans' interest in the show. According to Academy awards producer Bruce Cohen, Twihards should prepare themselves for a surprise.

In the attached video (direct link here, for those who can't view it), at the 2:00 mark, Bruce Cohen states,

"Hey folks, if you are a Twilight fan, for all of you Twi-Hards out there, we have a little surprise for you in our show on Sunday night. If you like those three films, I have three words for you: watch the Oscars."

The Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, February 27th at 8:00 p.m. It probably will be aired on Monday, February 28th at 9.00 a.m. Malaysian time

Video Source

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Possible teenage Renesmee

Twihards, please meet Christie Burke who is rumoured to have been casted as teenage Renesmee Carlie Cullen in Breaking Dawn!

Christie apparently will get to make out with Taylor Lautner in a flash-forward to Jacob and Renesmee living happily ever after. Whether this is a Bella flash forward or when Jacob first imprints on her (as previously rumoured by Lainey Gossip about a Jacob/Renesmee montage) will remain to be seen.

According to her representation, Performers Management in Vancouver Christie is 5' 7", has hazel eyes, brown hair and weighs 115lbs.


[Ina Noorazan]

Breaking Dawn filming news - SPOILER ALERT!

Lainey Gossip spills some filming details that will be covered in Vancouver.

"As for what they’ll be doing here on the West Coast, I can tell you exclusively that filming includes – in no particular order:
• Bella’s new vampire hunting• teaching the hybrid child about hunting
• some sh-t in pretend-Alaska
• something about Romanian vampires
• something about a movie theatre and Edward’s flashback
• Bella kicking Jacob’s ass
• Jacob training baby wolves
• Bella practising her mind techniques
• the father-son “baseball” conversation between Carlisle and Edward aka "the birds and the bees talk" (click here for details)
• the wedding
• a happy future family scene when the kid is all grown up
• and the final scene of the saga which is, unless they change it in editing, the two lovers in the meadow."

[Ina Noorazan] - I don't recall reading about Carlisle-Edward talk in the book. I kept checking but haven't come across it yet. Anybody knows? However if any of the above is true, I can't wait to see Edward's flashbacks. Human Edward maybe? Green eyes!! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn filming news - Rob, Kristen & Mackenzie touching down in Vancouver

Robert Pattinson sported a sexy letterman jacket as he arrived at the Vancouver airport on Monday, February 21st 2011.

Kristen Stewart was along for the flight, though the injured actress stayed mostly hidden as they made their way to their awaiting vehicles.

The twosome are in town to continue work on Breaking Dawn as production moves from Louisiana to the Canadian city where they shot New Moon and Eclipse. Robert is coming off a weekend of doing press for Water For Elephants, and we got a peek at his sweet chemistry with Reese Witherspoon when the two talked about their love scenes. He's back in Twilight mode for the time being, and he's also getting into the act of playing a father.

Mackenzie Foy, who plays Edward and Bella's daughter Renesmee, touched down and was spotted signing autographs for fans on Sunday, February 20th 2011.

[Ina Noorazan]

Breaking Dawn filming news - Xmas time at the Swan's residence

We have posted a black and white photo of the Swan's residence exterior decorated for Christmas. Well, here are some coloured photos of the facade of the Swan's residence decked in Xmas decor. You can view more of the photos here.

The Christmas scene can be found on Chapter 34: Declared, page 653 of the Breaking Dawn novel.

Photo source

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene a.k.a our petite cute and bubbly vampire sister Alice Cullen turns 24 today and we wish her all the best and more success in life!! We love yah!! xoxo


Breaking Dawn filming news - Edward & Bella's cottage discovered!

Mandy from Mandy’s Mind has found Edward & Bella's cottage that will be used in Breaking Dawn, which is located in British Columbia (where filming of the last parts of Breaking Dawn will begin soon). - THANK YOU Mandy!

According to her,

"It looked just about finished, besides some final touches such as foliage, flowers and whatnot. It was perfect. Nestled amongst trees with the stone walls and the square chimney. Looked just about ready for filming!"

This is Bella's description of the cottage from book (Chapter 24: Surprise, page 475)

"I stared into the violet dark. There, nestled into a small clearing in the forest, was a tiny stone cottage, lavender gray in the light of the stars. It belonged here so absolutely that it seemed as if it must have grown from the rock, a natural formation. Honeysuckle climbed up one wall like a lattice, winding all the way up and over the thick wooden shingles. Late summer roses bloomed in a handkerchief-sized garden under the dark, deep-set windows. There was a little path of flat stones, amethyst in the night that led up to the quaint arched wooden door."

Here is the description from Breaking Dawn of the cottage interior (Chapter 24: Surprise, page 479)

"The cottage room was something from a fairy tale. The floor was a crazy quilt of smooth, flat stones. The low ceiling had long exposed beams that someone as tall as Jacob would surely knock his head on. The walls were warm wood in some places, stone mosaics in others. The beehive fireplace in the corner held the remains of a slow flickering fire. It was driftwood burning there-the low flames were blue and green from the salt.

It was furnished in eclectic pieces, not one of them matching another, but harmonious just the same. One chair seemed vaguely medieval, while a low ottoman by the fire was more contemporary and the stocked book-shelf against the far window reminded me of movies set in Italy. Somehow each piece fit together with the others like a big three-dimensional puzzle. There were a few paintings on the walls that I recognized-some of my very favorites from the big house. Priceless originals, no doubt, but they seemed to belong here, too, like all the rest."

In this photo, you can see the chimney which was described as the "beehive" fireplace in the corner.

Source & Photo Credit

[Ina Noorazan]

Breaking Dawn is featured in Hollywood magazine

Breaking Dawn has been featured in Hollywood Magazine, which contains some spoilers if you have not read the book. Click on the pic and zoom to read the article.


[Ina Noorazan] - Is this mag sold here?

Friday, February 18, 2011


As previously posted in the last 'Breaking Dawn' update.

According to local news WBRZ Breaking Dawn has wrapped shooting in Baton Rouge:
“Twilight ends production in Baton Rouge Thursday. The ‘Breaking Dawn’ crew heads to Canada to round-up filming through April”

via spunk_ransom

TwittieCat "Was told that Twilight finishes up today."

@MetroVanFilms Twilight Breaking Dawn filming in Whistler Area next week. #TSBD #yvrshoots via Spunk_ransom

[Aza Iryani]



Cropped- less 'orangey'


"It was taken at the Kick off party in Baton Rouge in Oct (before Halloween)"

Photo caption: It was nice meeting and working with you on "Twilight-Breaking Dawn" in Baton Rouge, La...Good luck with future film work. :) I work on the show in the paint dept. I painted the sets.

Fan Encounter lindannelewis
He is awesome!! Sooo easy to talk to...I have an Cochlear ear implant and was explaining the operation and he was so concern. I told him to protect his hearing! he was amaze about the facts of hearing loss....I saw him again during the wrap party. I met kristen too. She is tiny and very shy..with a potty mouth..LOL!!!

Both of them are really cool people..both chain smoke like there's no tomorrow, but care for the cast and the crew. I will work around them both again...and Michael Aills is Robert's stand in..omg..he looks alike like Robert enough to be his twin!

I've met and talk with him twice. I saw him almost everyday when we were both working..It's (scruff) wasn't an issue when we did talk, it's for the show peroid.. He's gald that the final Twilight is over, now he want to move to others roles.

It was taking at the Kick off party in Baton Rouge in Oct (before halloween)............Katia_ That means final..Robert wear contact only during filming ..peroid. (none other times)

Source via Robstenation

[Aza Iryani]

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jasper Doll Joins The 'Twilight' Family Doll At Toy Fair 2011

Tonner Doll Co has given a sneak peak of Jasper action figures to MTV which are soon to be available for purchase.

The company got "likeness rights" for the doll, which means that Jasper looks exactly like Jackson Rathbone. (Honestly, it's kind of freaky!) And according to Mr. Tonner, while some actors aren't so happy about being reproduced in doll form, both Jackson and Ashley Greene have been ultra-cool and on-board with being miniaturized for the benefit of Twi-hards everywhere.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Cast Tweet About Continue Filming in Vancouver

Mackenzie Foy (a.k.a Renesmee)and Patrick Brennan (a.k.a Liam) tweeted about going over to Vancouver to film 'Breaking Dawn'.

Breaking Dawn filming news : The Swan residence exterior is decked out in Christmas decor

Charlie and Bella's house set in Vancouver is now fully completed and decorated for the holidays on the exterior. Seems that Bella is bringing Renesmee to Charlie's house for Christmas fairly soon. According to sources there is no sign posted for road closures at the set, but the house has been decorated with Christmas lights and a green garland decorates the door. The 12 foot chain link fence has been removed but a yellow caution tape runs the perimeter of the property. A large no trespassing sign is nailed to a post. There is also a Truck cab laid out beside the house. The house is finally completed and ready for the production trucks.

Now we have the exterior shots to match the one that Bill Condon gave us as a Christmas gift.


[Ina Noorazan]

Happy Valentines Day: From Isle Emse and 'Breaking Dawn' Cast!

Summit Entertainment and the cast of 'Breaking Dawn' made wishes through twitter.

Twilight and TwilightFB has tweeted this gorgeous picture from Isle Esme wishing all the fans Happy Valentines Day. We bet this picture is from non other that Bill Condon and that's why we LOVE him. Giving us something to look forward to each time we feel so empty. :)

Thank you Mr Bill Condon.!!


Other cast members did tweet with the same wish as well.

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's A Wrap in Baton Rogue? Moving to Vancouver

Last few days, the cast of Breaking Dawn Bill Tangradi (a.k.a Randall) and Andrea Gabriel (a.k.a Kebi) tweeted saying they are leaving Baton Rogue. We guess it's a wrap there and they are now going to vancouver to continue shooting. :)

9 months to go!! yeehaaa!!