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Top 10 Eclipse Quotes: From Book to Movie... posted an article by Gather on the TOP 10 quotes from the Eclipse book that should make the movie.  My personal favorites from their list are:

"I believe that. But I want you to know something — when it comes to all this enemies nonsense, I’m out. I am a neutral country. I am Switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures. Jacob is family. You are… well, not exactly the love of my life, because I expect to love you for much longer than that. The love of my existence. I don’t care who’s a werewolf and who’s a vampire. If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party, too.  Bella Swan, page 143."

"I go a little berserk when I try to leave you. I don’t think I’ll go so far again. It’s not worth it. Edward Cullen, page 189."

"You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours. Edward Cullen, page 195."

"You’ll always be my Bella, you’ll just be a little more durable. Edward Cullen, page 274."

 Hehe... Funny how Edward's quotes seem to dominate my choice (oh, and I wonder why..LOL).  What would your choice be, if you are given one??? 

Read the full  post here.

More new Eclipse Stills From Summit!!!

Capital District Movies Examiner, Jim Dixon just posted three new Eclipse stills as a follow up to the Bree Tanner book announcement.  Check them out:

And they wrote:

And today Summit Entertainment, which produces and distributes the enormously successful movie adaptations of Meyer's "Twilight" movies, has released three new stills from the upcoming feature "Twilight Saga:  Eclipse," which opens on June 30th.  The photos are published here for the first time.  According to the official synopsis released by Summit:
In ECLIPSE, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob -- knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life. 
"Eclipse" is directed by David A. Slade, director of the movies "Hard Candy" and "30 Days of Night," which is also vampire-themed.  The movie stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone and Dakota Fanning, all of whom reprise their roles from the hit movies "Twilight" and "Twilight Saga:  New Moon."

Oh well!  Surprisingly this time round I am not that clueless as I am so confident that the first picture is a prelude to the fight scene, the 2nd picture is from the Third Wife story scene and the last one is also right before (or after) the tent scene... Guess we'd just have to wait for the movie (or the movie companion) to be really² sure!

You can read the rest of the Examiner's post here.

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Official Movie Illustrated Movie Companion Release Date Announced!! has recently announced that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Official Movie Illustrated Movie Companion will be released on 29th June 2010 which is just a day before US official movie release date. However, at this moment, no cover design is shown at the site.

We have checked with Borders Bookstore Malaysia and according to them, the release date for Malaysia will fall on the same day. We will announce once a definite date if given to us.

Otherwise, you can pre-order at

Here is the product description:

Explore the making of the film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in this ultimate visual companion, lavishly illustrated with full-color photos of the cast, locations, and sets. This beautiful paperback edition celebrates the onscreen creation of Stephenie Meyer's fascinating world, brought to life by critically acclaimed director David Slade.

With never-before-seen images, exclusive interviews and personal stories, renowned author Mark Cotta Vaz takes you behind the scenes with cast and crew, uncovering intimate details of the filmmaking process.


I was almost dying from boredom and refusing to start work on my MLS assignment when I was browsing through Steph's web and lo and behold!  A SURPRISE!!! 

STEPHENIE IS COMING UP WITH A NOVELLA (her version of a mini book or short story) AND ITS ALL ABOUT BREE!!! 

Check out her post (I'm so excited, I'm gonna re-post all of them!!!):

Surprise!  I have a new book coming out. It's called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Well, it's more of a novella than an actual book—my version of a short story.

Actually, this has been a surprise to me, too. The reason why it's a surprise was that I never intended to publish this story as a stand-alone book. I began this story a long time ago—before Twilight was even released. Back then I was just editing Eclipse, and in the thick of my vampire world. I was thinking a lot about the newborns, imagining their side of the story, and one thing led to another. I started writing from Bree's perspective about those final days, and what it was like to be a newborn.

This story was something that I worked on off and on for a while, just for fun, in between the times I was writing or editing other Twilight novels. Later, when the concept for The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide came up, I thought that might be a good place for Bree. Her story is a nice complement to Eclipse; it explains a lot of the things that Bella never knew. So I dusted it off and finished it up for placement in the Guide.

At the same time, it came in handy for the Eclipse film. Melissa (Rosenberg, the screenwriter) had a ton of questions about what exactly was going on in Seattle, how Victoria managed things, what Riley was like, etc. I let her read what I had then, and later gave the whole thing to the director, David Slade. David asked if Xavier, Bryce, and Jodelle (Riley, Victoria, and Bree) could read it as well, so all the parties involved would end up having a really strong foundation for their characters before the cameras started rolling. I was pleased that this side of the story would make it into the film and was looking forward to including it in the Guide.

(Keeping it confidential: Here is Jodelle next to the bucket of waterlogged ashes that were once the pages of her copy of the Bree manuscript.)

Then I got the news: my "short story" was nearly 200 pages long when typeset. It was too long to fit into the Guide—without ending up with a tome as heavy as the Oxford English Dictionary. My publisher approached me with the idea of releasing the Bree story on its own. One of the major benefits of this plan was that it would be out before the movie, so people would get to know Bree before they saw her in the film. That made sense to me, and we decided to go ahead with it.

There was one thing I asked for: since this story had always been an extra for me, and was meant to be released with the Guide, I wanted to be able to offer it to my fans for free. You all have bought a ton of my books, and I wanted to give you this story as a gift. My publisher was awesome and embraced this idea. We still wanted to also produce a physical book with a cool cover (see below) that you can add to your set if you like, but starting at noon on June 7th until July 5th, it will also be available online at

One other aspect of this release is the plan to give a more important gift to people who really need it. One dollar of each book purchased in the US from the first printing will be donated to the American Red Cross for their relief efforts in Haiti and Chile and other parts of the world where people are in great need. We're going to have an option online as well, so you can choose to make a donation if you want when you read the story online. I hope you will. I think that we can really help a lot of people with this.

I really hope you all enjoy this story. I had a blast writing it. I'm glad that after all this time cooling her heels in my files, Bree finally gets her chance to shine.

Thanks for all the support,

Notes from the webmaster:

[Here is the official press release from the publishing company if you are interested.]

As this is a surprise to most of us, it is also a surprise to vendors. There is not currently a way to pre-order the book, but I will update the page as soon as something becomes available.]

OME! OME! OME! OME!!!!! (Jumping up and down in glee!!!!)

Wow!  This is definitely a lot to be digested in a day!  WOW!  You really did surprise us Stephenie!  Besides purchasing it, we TwiHards can also view the FREE online version of the book by logging in to Bree with a possible chance to donate to the American Red Cross.  The FREE version will only be available for a limited time on the site between June 7th to July 5th 2010.

OME Steph!  This is so awesome! WE SO HEART YOU!  (Oh, I'm breathless....oh!).  I for one will definitely be buying the original as well, which TwiHard wont???  Let's see if we can strike a deal with Borders with this and contribute a certain amount from our Malaysian price to a charity, topping up our very own Charity premier contributions later.  How's that for TWIHARDS GIVE BACK???

A good thought, don't you think?

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Three New Eclipse Screen Caps!!!


These three screen caps was recently released and according to the source -, it was done so by Summit themselves.  It features 3 scenes from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse with Edward, Bella, Carlisle and Jacob.  My brain is seriously taking a holiday at the moment so I can't imagine which ones (maybe I just need a quick recap of Eclipse to be sure...).

Anyone can pin point which scene?

Oh, and the source did not write much, pretty much just posted these.  You can view the source here.

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The Twilight Saga Scored 2 On the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards 2010!!!

The Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards were held yesterday night and our little engine that could (quoting, haha!) was nominated for 4 categories namely Favorite Cutest Couple (2 nominations - Edward & Bella, Jacob & Bella), Favorite Movie (The Twilight Saga: New Moon), Favorite Movie Actor (Taylor Lautner) and Favorite Book (Twilight Series)... After the drums rolled and the slime is splashed over Katy Perry, we won in 2 categories that is:

Favorite Cutest Couple: Jacob & Bella (aww...)

Favorite Movie Actor: Taylor Lautner

These kids are really big on Jacob aren't they?  I guess Jake's abs do have it On the other hand, we lost to Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel in Favorite Movie and to Diary of The Wimpy Kid Series in Favorite Book.

So if you want to catch the show (if you are in the Asia region), tune in to Nickelodeon Asia on 16th April, time not stated.  You can check with your local cable tv network provider for more info...

You can also check the full coverage on the Kids Choice Awards here.

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Awesome Eclipse Poster Manip!

This awesome fan made manip of the recently released (oh, did I tell you I loved the look? - Alpha) Eclipse Poster is so AWESOME!  It was posted on

I so love the dual tones, enhancing the rivalry effect... And how Bella seems to be caught in between.  The fan manipulating this is awesome!  And he/she also manipulated a few more, including the 'Tent' scene... Edward looks aggravated...oh...wish I can help comfort him..oh!

Check it out on here...

It's a Jacoby Day Today!

Hey guys...
Just can't help doing this...
The weather is so blasting HOT that it really looks like its a Jacoby day... No Cullens would dare come out and about today...




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Review on Twilight Graphic Novel Vol.1


According to a post by Twilight Examiner, Twilight Graphic Novel Vol. 1 has made history with sales of over "66,000 copies in its first week, the largest debut for a graphic novel in the US". I know by now, some of you have already get your hands on a copy of the graphic novel. My copy arrived the same day it hits Borders Bookstore Malaysia. Obviously, as a twihard, I can't wait to get anything related to The Twilight Saga and let alone a graphic novel.

When the news about the novel came out with a front cover feature, I thought, Bella is too pretty because she is supposed to be plain. But then again, almost every Manga girl character is potrayed that way ;). So, here is my thoughts on the novel after reading it.

I'll start with the cover. I was happy with the fact that it's a hard cover version and all of you have seen the cover art from various website post. However, I wish that the cover is not a removable type. It's kinda hard to keep it in place and hard to make sure I don't rip it (I love all my Twilight collection and want them to be in good condition always!). I hope they will not do the same thing with Vol.2!

Apart from that, the art illustration of Twilight is without a doubt superb!! It might even recruit some twiconvert (that's what we call new twilight diehard) among manga lovers. I am not a comic or manga reader or fan myself, but it did give me a different perspective on how the characters and scenes in Twilight would look like. Young Kim did an excellent job illustrating all the characters and this time the right justice was given to the Cullens beauty, Rosalie's character Nikki is just not Rosalie and Edward was not even close to Edward Robert Pattinson but somehow, I loved it! Charlie is a bit different too while Jacob is cute.

From what I understand (correct me if I'm wrong), manga is drawn and illustrated in black and white and so does this graphic novel with exceptions of few pages. To me it would have been more beautiful if every page is coloured to inject more 'life' to it. Obviously it would cost a bit more but I wouldn't mind to spend.

Young Kim really followed the storyline from the book (thanks to Stephanie Meyer who guided her all the way) and it is awesome to see scenes that were not in the movie came to life (even in illustration). I just love the cute cafeteria scene. I would suggest you read Twilight novel first before you read the graphic novel to refresh your memory on the actual storyline. I was a bit mixed up between the original novel with the movie version :P.

The graphic novel ends at Edward and Bella coming back from the meadow when they visited it together for the first time (I bet you know which part this is) and I finished reading it in one night. I am reading Twilight novel again (lost count how many times) and then will read the graphic novel for second time.

So, anyone else has read the graphic novel? Give us your thoughts!

Fabulous Beautiful 'Twilight' and 'Eclipse' Fan Art

We have previously posted an entry on Twifan Art on the blog. Today, as I was reading through, I came across yet another fabulous fan art creation of 'Twilight' and latest once 'Eclipse'. There is even 'Edward & Bella' fan art by the artist. The artist known as Alice is a 21 years old female from United States and using the nick Alicexz. She is truely talented!!

You can view more of her beautiful work at her homepage :)

'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' will bring a red-eyed Edward Cullen

One fractional moment in the sneak peek of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD at WalMart has revealed a great deal about what to expect from Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in Eclipse.

Team Twilight caught onto the fact that the clip featured a flash of Edward Cullen with red eyes. A closer inspection of the image reveals that he is not only red-eyed but also apparently wearing a Volturi crest necklace much like those worn in New Moon by Michael Sheen, Jamie Campbell Bower, et al.

A commentator to the blog scoured the book to find that there is a sequence in the story on Page 305 that might explain the origin of the moment.

"In Aro's head he saw me at his one side and Alice at his other," Edward Cullen says.

It may be a flash imagination of the thought like we saw in New Moon with Alice's "vision" of Bella as a vampire. Though, Michael Sheen (who portrays Aro) isn't listed on any Eclipse cast list that I've seen . . . It's still entirely possible that the scene went through without him here. Only time will tell.

Still very interesting, no?

[Source: Twilight Examiner]

Yes. Definitely it is interesting!! And yes, we do remember that part of the book. ;)

Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz at TwiTour in LA!

Here are a video and some pictures of Kellan Lutz and Peter Facinelli at a twitour in LA held on 14th March 2010.

hmm....they do like holding each others hands don't they? The first time we saw was from a picture of them at the airport (I think) :P. eheheheheh

** Blowing up more candles!! Wishing we will have a twicon of our own soon~~~

For more pics, go to KellanLutzOnline

Chaske Spencer: Guys Will Like “Eclipse”

The hysteria-inducing “Twilight” film series has all the trappings of an epic chick flick with an abundance of bare-chested werewolves and a romance between two longing young lovers anchoring the phenomenon. But Chaske Spencer, who plays werewolf leader Sam Uley in the film, insisted last night that fellas would find some appeal in the upcoming "Eclipse" flick too.

“It’s darker and there’s a lot more action -- the werewolves and vampires team up,” Spencer told Niteside at the Steve Madden Music and Iyaz bash Tuesday evening.

Spencer said the more guy-friendly “Eclipse” may make the third “Twilight” film the most successful installment of the series.

‘New Moon’ had one of the biggest opening days in history," he said. "I think ‘Eclipse’ is going to probably surpass that, and I think a lot of guys can go see it. There’s a lot more action,” he said.

Despite the legions of the Twihards swarming the globe, Spencer lives in relative anonymity in NYC and is more into the downtown music scene. The actor, who has lived in the city for 12 years, plays the drums and hangs out with indie bands like 5 O’Clock Heroes (which has collaborated with model Agyness Deyn) and Unisex Salon.

“I’m in New York and nobody knows who I am. If they do they don’t bother me. I still go to the same places, I hang out with the same crowd,” said Spencer, who still frequents haunts on the Lower East Side. “You’ll find me stumbling around here somewhere.”

[Source via]

Well, from what we saw from Eclipse sneak peak, it's gonna be quite an action packed movie and surely guys will like it! Maybe this time...the girls won't feel so guilty to drag along their guys to watch The Twilight Saga. And maybe for once, the guy might truely enjoy it rather than just tagging along ;).

IDOL Magazine Interview with Charlie Bewley

We have really added any entry on other vamps before haven't we? Is it because they are not as hot as Cullens? ahahah...just joking. Well, Idol Magazine did an interview with Charlie Bewley who plays Demitri, one of theVolturi Army with a brilliant tracking gift! Take a look of what he thinks of Volturi, The Cullens and Wolfpack.

IDOL: So Charlie, how does it feel to be the ‘Jesus’ of the Volturi Guards? (Demetri has been nicknamed as such by Twi-hard fans)
Charlie: Jesus? My God, well when your bestowed with these fantastical powers… it’s wonderful to be an actor in that situation where you know there’s nothing to be afraid of and you exist as your character, there’s a certain nonchalance, a certain arrogance that comes with that, you pretty much do what you want with it, it’s great.

IDOL: Do you think that arrogance has rubbed off on you in real life?
Charlie: No! Do you think so? No, I went through my arrogant phase, I was an arrogant little crap when I was younger. I think that’s behind me now. With the role of Demetri, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, I’ve always been confident with the person that I am, and it’s done really well for me I like to think. With Demetri, yeah there’s arrogance there because they’re so elitist in the Volturi, there is that arrogance, there is that sense that no one has a chance.

IDOL: We call them the vampire mafia.
Charlie: You call them that? I call them that!

IDOL: We’re on a wavelength
Charlie: Yeah, you read that didn’t you.

IDOL: I read a lot of things, but that came out my own amazing brain. So, on the lines of Demetri’s character, in the book he comes across as polite and calm but manipulating at the same time, is that something you had to portray in the movie? Was it difficult to get that balance?
Charlie: No it wasn’t difficult to get that balance. You’re right. Demetri and Felix have this great relationship, Felix just wants to fight, Demetri’s quite lazy. I think that’s the way it’s always worked, they were the ones who always used to go out and sort out the other ones. Was that hard to play? No, the danger was very apparent to the vampires, with red eyes, they’re very cool looking. So what you’ve got to do is play it nice and there’s always this undertone of danger to someone who looks like that. I could take those contact lenses out and be a normal person, as soon as you put those contact lenses in, I can’t tell you. I could smile and it would be even scarier.

IDOL: We hear that you’ve been working on a new film, Ecstasy, how does your role in that compare with your role in the New Moon?
Charlie: Well as Demetri goes around Italy, killing innocent tourists, I play an alter boy, so it’s a bit different. It was a lot of fun to do. It was a great experience. In terms of the two characters there is zero parallel between them.

IDOL: If you weren’t playing Demetri in New Moon, which character would you most like to play?
Charlie: In the Twilight saga? I’d like to play Jacob. I think he’s got a great character there I really do, just the physicality. I’m team Jacob.But listen, there’s another team and they’re going to take over! (Charlie is of course referring to Team Demetri.)

IDOL: There was some pretty crazy footage of you in Italy, coming out of a scene of filming and there were girls going absolutely mad- you went and stood against them. I’m surprised they didn’t drag you in! How does that feel?
Charlie: You know what I’ve always said this about fame. Only a fraction of society ever get to experience fame, I don’t even think I’m famous right now- I mean amongst a certain demographic people might know me, but fame is like a worldly thing. In Italy you felt famous because everybody knew you, we were in this small town and there were 5 thousand screaming girls and they were all looking for these 6 cast members. It was a first experience for me, I think you just have to embrace it. There was a time when I was completely engulfed and my clothes were ripped off my body, and I needed 5 security guards to help me get out! But if its under control, just give the fans what they want because without them you’re nothing.

IDOL: What interested you in the role?
Charlie: I think Demetri is like me but on steroids. He’s just a fantastic character to play, he’s smooth. (Laughs) Not that I’m saying I’m smooth!

IDOL: Did you read the books?
Charlie: No I didn’t read the books, I’ll confess I didn’t read the books, I actually got the audio books, and I found them a lot easier to digest and a lot easier to get through. The book isn’t active enough for me, it’s too emotionally involving to keep my attention. I’m not that emotional. That’s why girls love it. I mean it shows every emotion every character goes through line by line and I can’t read that. My attention just goes. I mean I would listen to the audio books and I would pick up the general flavour of whats going on, I found that much easier to digest.

IDOL: So is that how you got into your role, by listening to the audio books?
Charlie: I had to get the role before the audition, I had to understand the character before the audition, I went to people who had read the books, and got all the relevant information off them.

IDOL: We’ve got some quick random questions before we have to wrap it up. Is Robert really that hot in real life?
Charlie: No, it’s because Edward Cullen is damn hot.

IDOL: Is Taylor that hot?
Charlie: Yeah I think he is, he was pretty ripped beforehand.

IDOL: So you’re team Jacob right? But now you’re team Demetri?
Charlie: Yeah. Vote Demetri

IDOL: Do you think that we’d make good vampires?
Charlie: You two? You’d be excellent vampires.

IDOL: Can you get us in the movie, please?
Charlie: Can I get you in the movie? I don’t think I’m that powerful

IDOL: You’re Demetri! You just hold those producers down!
Charlie: I’m not Demetri and you have separation issues girl!

IDOL: Do you love London?
Charlie: I do love London, I love being in London. I actually once came to London to sell pole dancing poles but I decided to be an actor instead.

IDOL: Is that an exclusive?
Charlie: Yeah that’s an exclusive.


Ok. First and foremost, Rob Pattinson is hot! I guess I can understand men and women has different perception of what's hot. Men and girls (chicks) digs the body, women loves the pesona (but then that's just me --> Beta). Can't imagine him playing Jacob though and he sold dancing poles? I bet he can show a move or two...LOL!

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Peter Facinelli Offers Up A Meaty 'Eclipse' Tease: 'It's Dangerous And Deadly'

Now that you all have your own copies of the "New Moon" DVD on hand (or are anxiously awaiting giving a finger wagging to your friendly neighborhood postal worker ~~ we haven't, takes awhile to arrive here in Malaysia), papa Cullen himself, Peter Facinelli, figured that it was precisely the right time to look, uh, forward at the future of the "Twilight" franchise.

On Friday night at New York City midnight release party for "NM" at Best Buy, Peter declared that "Eclipse" was his favorite book in the series because of the personal connection (or lack there of) his alter-ego, Carlisle, has to the main storyline. "You have the love triangle, and within that, there's a looming presence that's threatening the family, so there's a lot going on within our family," he said, adding that the "threat" majorly affects the patriarch's ability to make important decisions.

"Carlisle is used to getting information and having that information through Edward, who can read minds, and Alice, who can read the future, so that communication is shut off and we're not quite sure where this threat is coming from," Peter continued. "We know it's there, we know it's dangerous and deadly."

So what's the almighty coven leader to do? "Carlisle's kind of got to keep it together and protect his family. He's kind of flying with blinders on."

If that promise of action isn't enough to keep your mouth watering for "Eclipse," Peter said (like most of the rest of the cast has before him), "We have some great battle sequences in there. It's a really good story."

Source: Hollywoodcrush

** Blowing up candles....wishing we will have a release party of our own~~~  --> Beta

MTV Gave Its Pros and Cons Opinion on Rumoured 'Breaking Dawn' Directors

Though an official announcement that "Breaking Dawn" is coming to the big screen — and Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner along with it — has not yet been made, word has already broken that three Oscar-nominated directors have been approached for the job: Sofia Coppola ("Lost in Translation"), Gus Van Sant ("Milk") and Bill Condon ("Dreamgirls").

While Pattinson has already cast his vote for Van Sant, the director that seemed to most excite Stewart and co-star Dakota Fanning when we spoke with them Tuesday is Coppola. So which director would be the best fit for "Breaking Dawn"? Let's take a look.

Possible "Breaking Dawn" directors Bill Condon, Sofia Coppola and Gus Van Sant

Sofia Coppola
Pros: The director of "Lost in Translation" and "Marie Antoinette" has made a career out of exploring human alienation and the difficulty of one person meaningfully connecting with another — and the emotional beauty that occurs when such a connection is actually made. Looked at in a certain light, "Breaking Dawn" is all about alienation and connection: Bella's guilty feelings about how deeply Jacob loves her; Edward struggling to reconcile his love for Bella with what will keep her safe; Jacob's rage over his unrequited love and his eventual bond with Edward and Bella's child. It would be interesting to see Coppola weave a profound film out of these characters' twisty emotional allegiances.

Cons: We're not at all sure that profundity is what Summit Entertainment or "Twilight" fans want. We're doubly uncertain about how Coppola would handle the story's many action sequences. What's more, Coppola is also a writer and has scripted all of her feature films, including an adaptation of Jeffrey Eugenides' "The Virgin Suicides" and the upcoming Hollywood drama "Somewhere." Now that she's established her filmmaking cred and has three Oscar noms to her name, we doubt she'd give up such creative control and work with Stephenie Meyer's source material and Melissa Rosenberg's screenplay.

Gus Van Sant
Pros: The "Twilight" books are steeped in the misty, wooded environment of the Pacific Northwest. With films like 1989's "Drugstore Cowboy" to 2005's "Last Days," Van Sant has made the Northwest almost into a character — it's ambient noises as important as any line of dialogue. In terms of tracking the story's ever-changing dynamics between groups, family members and friends in "Breaking Dawn" and exploring its often transgressive teen sexuality, we think Van Sant would do a stellar job.

Cons: As is the case with Coppola, we can't exactly envision Van Sant — a two-time Oscar-nominee with highbrow tastes — taking on such a mainstream work of literature. For a guy who's been around as long as he has, a hefty paycheck hardly seems enough to convince Van Sant to veer off course and head to Forks, Washington.

Bill Condon
Pros: "Breaking Dawn" features a slew of horror-like elements — including a bloody, supernatural birth scene — and Condon has explored that genre before with "Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh." He has also dabbled in supernatural subject matter with "Gods and Monsters," a film about the real-life director of "Frankenstein." And then there's "Dreamgirls" — proof he can take established source material and churn out a visually stunning box-office success.

Cons: Will he be free? He's set to begin filming his Marlon Wayans-starring biopic about Richard Pryor in the fall. There's no word about when "Breaking Dawn" might begin filming, but will Condon be available?

Source: MTV

~Thanks Ina Norazan for the tips!

Well, frankly, I am not familiar with all these directors. I think Summit will know who will be the best director for Breaking Dawn (or maybe we should watch Eclipse first before making that judgement) but who ever he/she is...he/she better do a brilliant job!! But, who would you pick or suggest??

Melissa Rosenberg Talks About Scripts and Breaking Dawn

The Fred Meyer on Bothell Highway was like a beacon for twilighters Friday night, as the store hosted a 'New Moon' midnight DVD release party with special guest Melissa Rosenberg. For those of you living outside of the 'Twilight' bubble, Rosenberg is the screenwriter for the popular series. She's so far adapted the three first books into movies, and is already working on the fourth and final installment: 'Breaking Dawn'.

We had a chance to talk to her about her journey:

How do you condense an 800-page book into a two hour movie?
MR: "Very carefully. You start with, and you end with, what is the emotional journey for these characters. That is the most important thing to capture, that is the only thing to capture. Everything else is up for grabs, but you must take these characters on the same emotional journey that they took in the book, and hence take the audience on the same emotional journey that they took in the book and that's the goal, you hope that you achieve that. some people would say I did, some people would say I don't."

Do you get any feedback from the fans when you, for example.. cut certain scenes?
MR: "I have a fan site, and the fans will weigh in and say wow! you've cut too many things out.. or say I've done a fantastic job. They are very kind on my site, there are other sites I know that I don't read, because I can't handle that kind of intensity. You can't make all the fans happy, you try to make as many as possible happy."

How is that going to be a challenge for the last one? ('Breaking Dawn') because as you know, that's the big one.
MR: "It's the big one, it's gonna be a big challenge, and I guarantee you that not all of the fans will be happy, and I guarantee you some of them will be. You have to give up the ideal of making everybody happy, it's just not gonna happen, but you hope you make the majority happy. Again, for that last book it is about taking that specific character Bella on her journey. It's a big journey, it's a massive change for her, and you hope to realize that."

What did director Chris Weitz bring to 'New Moon' that you think was valuable to the series?
MR: "He was so good. He opened up the franchise. He opened it into this sweeping epic story. Twilight was a very intimate personal movie. it was a small movie, it had almost an independent feel to it. Chris made it into a beautiful spectacle, he really expanded it, expanded the world of it."

Going back to 'Breaking Dawn', how far along are you in the planning, with production coming up pretty soon?
MR: "It's coming up very soon, it's all deep into the discussions and working on the story, and figuring out what it's gonna be... we're deep in the middle of it."

Any word on when it will "officially" be green-lit?
MR: "I don't know, but obviously soon.. vampires aren't supposed to age, so you know."

Can you talk about the fan craze surrounding the main characters Bella and Edward, and how it's carried over to real life for these actors? How do they handle it?
MR: "I don't know how they handle it frankly, it's a lot to have coming at you, I can't even begin to imagine. I have a little bit coming at me and it's almost too much. Can't even fathom what it is like, I hope they get to have a semblance of a real life."

Finally, can you give me one word to describe 'Twilight' fans?
MR: "Passionate.. for sure."


Once again, no news whether one or two movies. :( Yes Melissa, we are passionate and we are cool if you can't put all scenes inside the movie coz we understand that (trying to understand as we want more :P), but we hate can't take it when you create new scenes when obviously there are good original scenes from the book!! So, please don't dissappoint us, Breaking Dawn is our last twilight drug and make it worth!!

The Eagle-Tribune: A Q&A Session with 'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson

By John Anderson, Newsday

NEW YORK — There are stars, there are idols, and there are the squeal-worthy — the guys you merely have to mention for girls to explode with ecstasy, glee and a certain amount of misery.

Such is Robert Pattinson, the 23-year-old English actor who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" series, and who turns out to be a very gentle and seemingly normal guy. His between-ghoul gig, alas, is playing the conflicted Tyler Roth in the Allen Coulter-directed drama "Remember Me," which opened March 12.

He recently took some time out from his busy schedule to answer a few questions about his latest film and his blood-sucking alter ego:

Q. Did you pick this project just to counter your Edward Cullen image?
A. That was one of the reasons. But there was also something different about the script that stayed with me. It was odd — you wonder why it was written, what happened to the writer, what elements are true. And it seemed like I could spend the summer in New York and it would be really nice after all the pandemonium.

Q. Pierce Brosnan, who plays your father, was James Bond for four films; you've got a four-film franchise. You ever talk about that?
A. Not really, but he was great, zero pretense, completely comfortable in his own skin. The first time we went out to dinner, there were people at another table looking at him, so he went over and introduced himself and suddenly everyone was much more comfortable.

Q. They were looking at him and not you?
A. They had no idea who I was. It was an old French restaurant on the Upper West Side. Someone said, "Is this your son?" And Pierce said, "Yes! This is my son. ..." He was really fun to work with.

Q. There are only four "Twilight" novels; the third film comes out in June. It seems like you're in the homestretch.
A. That's why I was never particularly worried. They'll do the last one at the end of the year, and that's it. Done. And because I didn't start when I was really a kid, I don't feel like I'm losing anything or selling my childhood. It's such a funny thing to have gone through. It's such a supernova. It exploded so quickly, and then it's finished.

Q. How do you refashion yourself after that?
A. I'm making "Bel Ami," which is based on a Guy de Maupassant novel. I play a con man who seduces his way up the social ladder, betrays everybody. Anybody who does him a favor, he stabs in the back, and then he gets rewarded for it in the end. He's a real menace to society. It's a completely different experience from what I've done before.

hmmm.....he said, they'll do the last one at the end of the year....come on Robert, give us more. I mean, last one as in one or two movies? Imagine how long will the drought before we can even get anything about BD. The drought during Eclipse was painful enough!

Latest Eclipse Poster and Edward, Bella & Jacob evolution from Twilight to Eclipse

New Eclipse Poster!!! Awesome

And now, take a look at the evolution of how Edward, Bella and Jacob look like from Twilight to Eclipse. Which one do you like best?

I think...I prefer..Edward - Eclipse, Bella - New Moon and Jacob.......- Eclipse....;) --> Beta

Monday, March 22, 2010

Exclusive for Twilighters Malaysia Members!! Pre-order Your 2 Disc Special New Moon DVD Now!!


Hi there beloved twihards!!!

Remember I promised you that we are arranging something twisome for you on 2 disc New Moon DVD? Well, the time has come for you to place your pre-order.
Innoform Media Malaysia has been very gracious to work with us to come out with the best package for Twilighters Malaysia members. So, here is what they are offering to us.

There are two covers and inside content designs to choose from:



Inside Outlook



Inside Outlook


DVD Specs:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon – TWO Disc Widescreen Edition:

Disc 1
Main Feature
Standard: PAL
Format: 16×9, 2.40:1 Aspect ratio
TRT: 128 mins
Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital, English 5.1 DTS
Subtitles: English, Chinese
Scene Selections: 18 chapter indexes
Special Features
Standard: PAL
Format: 16×9 enabled
Audio: English 2.0 Dolby Digital
TRT: 21 mins (approx)
• A revealing Audio Commentary with Director Chris Weitz and editor Peter Lambert

Disc 2
Special Features
Standard: PAL
Format: 16×9 enabled
TRT: 243 mins (approx)
Audio: English 2.0 Dolby Digital
• The Journey Continues : A 6 Part Documentary on the Making of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”
• Team Edward vs Team Jacob : The Ultimate Love Triangle
• Introducing the Wolf Pack
• Becoming Jacob
• Edward Goes to Italy
• Jacob Fast Forward
• Edward Fast Forward
• Extended Scenes
• Interview with the Volturi
Eclipse : Sneak Peek
• The Best Goes On: The Music of “The Twilight Saga : New Moon”
• Music Videos

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New Moon button badges - Edward, Bella and Jacob

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon collectible poster

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Twilight Graphic Novel Volume 1 is now available at Borders Bookstores Malaysia!!

Hey there twihards!! I bet all of you were waiting for this awesome news. Now, you can grab a copy of Twilight Graphic Novel Vol.1 at Borders near you for RM74.90 each.

For those who require our help to purchase this twisome graphic novel, please PM Azlina at the official site. Postage charge will apply.

Muse will contribute to 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' soundtrack?

If the releases of Remember Me, The Runaways, The Twilight Saga: New Moon on DVD, Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume 1, and Twilight In Forks this month weren't enough to make March one month of particular excitement for Twilight fans, this last bit of news might just tip the scale.

Twilighters Anonymous sent a reporter to this year's South by Southwest Festival (SxSW) where Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack contributors (and literal muse band for the series' author Stephenie Meyer) Muse was playing.

TA caught up with someone from Chop Shop Music (and Atlantic Records) who confirmed that Muse would indeed be on the soundtrack for Eclipse!

A few weeks back, the news that Muse would not appear on the album rocked the fandom - which, for the most part, believes Muse is one of if not the most important contributors on the forthcoming album.

Originally, the story that Muse wouldn't appear on the album came from a Californian source that quoted Dominic Howard to say the band would not be appearing on the album thanks to "business"-related issues - not for lack of interest.

Their interest in being a part of the album, in fact, was expressed to MTV back in October of last year.

TA estimates that since SxSW was attended by both the band and Atlantic, they may have come to some sort of arrangement there.

If the source is correct, and a deal was worked out which would include Muse on the Eclipse album, it's a great day for some of us!

[Source: Examiner]

New Moon Deleted Scenes seems that all the extended and deleted scenes are very raw and unedited :P not like in Twilight. - Beta

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finally!! A FULL 7 Minutes ‘Eclipse’ Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek from Wal Mart DVD!!

Found this while browsing through YouTube ;). Enjoy twihards!!

I really think Eclipse is gonna be twisome!! Really can't wait for July!!

4 Second Video of Rob screwing the scene in the "Becoming Jacob" Extra

Cute :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Exclusive Eclipse scene from the Wal-Mart DVD


anangelofastar Via lion_lamb

via RPLife 

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Moon DVD Extended Scenes!!

OMG!!! When is the DVD going to arrive here?!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Interview — Ashley Greene Talks ‘Eclipse’, ‘Alice Cullen’, and Taylor Launter!

In a new interview with, Eclipse Vampire Ashley Greene (aka Alice Cullen) talks about seeing pieces of Eclipse, her character Alice Cullen, and working with Taylor Lautner on the set of New Moon -

Have you been given the chance to see any part of Eclipse yet?
I just did ADR a couple of days ago, actually, so I got to see some of the film. I was with [director] David Slade, and when I was doing ADR, I of course asked if I could see the whole scene played out so I could see something! It looks so good. I’m so excited.

You got to tear off a vampire’s head in Twilight and face off with the Volturi in New Moon. What can you tell us about the things you get to do in Eclipse, which we know from the book will have more of a fighting element?
The thing I’ll say about Twilight is, one, it’s given me this Hollywood crash course and I’ve been able to work with three great directors. And also, my character is an incredible character to break out with because she’s perky and happy and sweet, and she’s this best friend character that everybody loves, so it’s an amazing first character to have. Throughout the series you’ve gotten to see her go from really sweet to kind of sassy, and now in the third one we get to showcase this massive fight sequence that I’m a part of, so we got to get our action star fix. You get to see Alice get kind of down and dirty and see a really intense side of her that maybe you haven’t seen before.

In New Moon your scenes with Taylor seemed to have more of a snap, perhaps because you’d gotten to know each other better after Twilight and could riff of each other more, and also because your characters would love to rip each other’s head off in their scenes together. Do we get to see more of that banter and repartee with Taylor in Eclipse?
Those scenes are really fun to film! You know, they always say that the nicest people can play the meanest characters. I remember someone saying in an interview that Rachel McAdams was the sweetest girl, and she played this awful, mean character in Mean Girls. I think it’s the same thing with Taylor. He’s so sweet, I can look at him and be mean to him onscreen or have a fight with him and know that he’s not going to take it personally, so we definitely got to play off each other a little bit.

[Thanks, H.N.!]


MTV Interview With Kristen Stewart On The Directors Approached For ‘Breaking Dawn’!

Kristen Stewart spoke with MTV recentlly while promoting her new film The Runaways Dakota Fanning. MTV asked her about the big name directors who have been approached for Breaking Dawn.

While any directorial decision will reportedly have to wait until Melissa Rosenberg hands in a detailed draft for the script — and there is still no word about if “Breaking Dawn” will be split into two separate films — Stewart professed her excitement about any of the three directors helming the movie.

“I think it’s awesome,” she said. “I think it’s so cool that they’re reaching. I think any one of those people would be great.”

Previously, Pattinson told us that Van Sant would be the perfect pick because of the setting and the content of many of his previous films — which include “Good Will Hunting,” “My Own Private Idaho” and “Elephant.”

“He shoots everything in Portland. He’s good at making it look beautiful,” Pattinson said, adding of “Breaking Dawn,” “It’s all about teenage love and obsessions. I think Gus Van Sant would be great.”


[Source: MTV. Thanks McNutters!]


Kristen Likes Robert In 'Remember Me'

Kristen at the The Runaways Premier

Yes guys...OMG says so!

Despite all the rumours and the "Are they, are the not?" gossip that has been going on, Kristen stays in a good relationship (as a friend...akhem...) with Robert and even gave a good comment on his acting in 'Remember Me'...  She said:

"I think he's bold and different. It wasn't an easy character to play. I thought he was really good in it."

I havent watched Remember Me myself but from the reviews I'm getting.. I will make it a point to watch it before it cools down (no offense Robert...give me some credit... I fell for Edward, not you...LOL) --> ALPHA

Anywhoo... She also commented on us TwiHards..:

"I've never been so fanatical about something. I never had that thing that I'm obsessed with. But, I've followed things for years like bands and movies and actors. I completely get what they're feeling. Personally, it's just so cool for me to be able to go back and follow a character for so long in successive movies. The fact that fans love them helps give me the chance."

Kristen, oh Kristen... we so heart you!!!  Read more of the OMG! coverage on Kristen here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Summit Entertainment: No Plans Yet for Second ‘Eclipse’ Trailer

Yes that’s the word — for now. Earlier this week the world was graced with the 10-second teaser. Then the full trailer of The Twilight Saga:Eclipse,but the official word from the TwiGod’s at Summit Entertainment: There are no plans yet for a second Eclipse trailer.

Gossip Cop spoke with a rep for Summit Entertainment who told us there will (of course) be a new trailer at some point, but right now there’s “no talk… nothing in the works.”
So it looks like Twilight fans will have to make do for now with the trailer being shown before Remember Me this weekend… and, of course, YouTube, where nearly 5 million people have already watched yesterday’s release.


[Source: GossipCop]

So, what do you guys think? You want more or just one trailer enough? I think one is enough.....otherwise it might be like New Moon. We can practically imagine how the whole movie looked like with so many trailers.