Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank You to all Twilighters for supporting us on The Unofficial New Moon premier!!

Hello Twilighters!!!!

First of all, we, Nurul & Azlina would like to apologise for any inconveniences caused during the event. We understand that some of you will have some issue with your t-shirt, but unfortunately, our supplier/printer had make a mistake and did not follow the measurement that we gave (fret not, we will not use the same supplier next year) and we had to distribute it the best way we can. Nevertheless, this is our first event and again, we are very sorry for all the flaws :(. (I'm kinda OCD, so I'm gonna dream about the flaws almost every nite now - Azlina).

On a later note, we really really really hope you Twilighters had a great fun time during the event. We wish to thank everyone for all the support given to us and all the sms and wishes are truly cherished. We really worked hard and tried the best we can to make this event a great one. We would also to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers, without you guys, it would have been be a TOTAL CHAOS!! Lols! We will need more volunteers next year!!!

1) Sherry Mustaffa
2) Hagumi Hanomoto Anisz
3) Aizat
4) Jay Tewake (who came all the way from NZ)
5) Affy Mclicious & Frens
6) Fadlisham Fadzil
7) Nawar Anisah

Last but not least, again, A BILLION THANK YOU for all who came to the event and your support means A LOT to us!!! We truly heart you!!! Do join us next year for Eclipse and please pray hard that the trio will join us next year. We are sending the shout out to Summit Entertainment with the support from Tayangan Unggul. Share the TwiLove by supporting and joining us at;

Wait for our invite for next year's event ;)...we honestly can't wait to meet all of you again and maybe this time we get to meet in person and mingle a bit more ;)

Lots of TwiLove...

Nurul Naseron / Azlina Mahbob
Alpha / Beta
Twilighters Malaysia

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hello Twilighters!!!

To those who have manage to buy the tickets for the event, CONGRATULATIONS!! You'll be amongst the first to watch New Moon in Malaysia :D. I bet all of you are excited!!! Yes!! We are too!! WE ARE SUPER EXCITED TO MEET ALL OF YOU.

Here is the latest info on the event:

Venue: Hall 2 (274 pax), GSC Pavilion KL
Date: November 25th 2009 (Wednesday)
Registration Start: 8.00pm
Registration Close: 8.55pm
Enter Hall: 9.00pm
Screening: 9.30pm - 11.30pm

This is something to tease you, the special ticket stubs you've been waiting for :D

We wish to say a BILLION THANK YOU!!! to all our sponsors;

1) Tayangan Unggul
2) MPH
3) Tune Talk
4) Galaxie Magazine
5) Faceworks Clinic

(Did you guys notice that all of the sponsors logo are in red, white and black? Just like The Twilight Saga books it's fated...ehehehehe)

One more thing, Galaxie Magazine is now Twilighters Malaysia official magazine!!! So show your support and subscribe NOW!!!

See you guys in less than 22 hours time!!!

Lots of TwiLOVE!!

Azlina Mahbob

Monday, November 23, 2009

More NEW MOON Coverage in Malaysian Media!

After the awesome double cover New Moon Special issue by our official magazine Galaxie, looks like other media is also following suit (they may have done this earlier but we just saw it last week, sorry guys!). Pictured above are two medias, HOT Magazine and Utopia magazine, sporting a special issue on New Moon. Utopia is featuring their New Moon take in Bahasa Melayu and it is quite interesting...

So for you collectors, grab your wallets and visit your nearest news stands now! (PS: Make sure you grab Galaxie's Team Edward/ Team Jacob OR both along the way too, if you havent already!)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rob, Kristen and Taylor on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Rob Pattinson is such a funny guy. aawww...loooooove him :)

Thanks to RPLife for posting these vids :)

Friday, November 20, 2009


Our beloved author Stephenie Meyer took some time off to answers a huge amount of fan questions on Here's a preview:

Question: "Lets say Bella did go to college... Later on in life, what profession do you imagine for her?"

Stephenie: "I always imagined that Bella would someday teach. She really admired that one part of Renee's personality - Renee may be dippy, but she's a great teacher and the kids love her - and I saw her taking her love of books in that direction. She would have taught older students, though. High school or college. Maybe she still will - in night school."

Come on guys. She's kinda been in a hiatus from social sites since she put down her MySpace, dun you wanna know what makes her tick? Go ahead and read the rest here (via

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Although we were just mentioned in one tiny sentence, we were very thrilled to be able to get the attention and acknowledgement from the media. :D

Thank you Gordon!! We heart you!!! ;) Lets work together and bring TwiTrinity to KL!!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon TOKYO PREMIER 17 November 2009

Our TwiFriends in Tokyo was also been given a treat to a premier (of course sans the cast members who are of course still in the states), just 11 hours after the LA premier in the states. Laurel, Katie and Mell whom we met at the Robert Pattinson Tokyo Fan Event were there and below are Laurel's outtake (spoiler alert, some detailed descriptions on New Moon scenes!!!)

"The theater was really nice, and we didn't have to wait in line at all. We had to turn off our phones, check in our cameras, have our purses/bags searched, and then they had a metal detector. I guess they were really serious about no footage leaking.

One of the bad things was that they put us in the very front row. It made it a little difficult to watch, and it hurt my eyes in some scenes. A women came up and announced the movie, and spoke for a bit. Of course it was in Japanese, and I didn't understand most of it. To our suprise, when the film turned on, there was Robert Pattison greeting us, and telling us he hoped we liked the movie. He must've filmed this when he came to the fan meeting. I wouldn't say that he looked his best, he seemed very tired, and messy...but it was still nice.

As far as the movie goes: I like New Moon much more than Twilight. When I first watched Twilight, I had recently read the books, so I was annoyed at all the things that were different, and how fast their relationship progressed. This time, since I hadn't just read New Moon, I was able to enjoy it more, and it brought back many memories of the book. Although Edward isn't in this movie near as much as the last, I think his acting is much better. The intense scene where he says he's leaving, was done really well. It made me a little teary. I'm not a huge fan of Kristen Stewart, but I think she played Bella much more maturely, and more confidently. The way they show time passing, and her being depressed is carried out creatively, and the cinematography is much better.

Now on to Jacob.......(I might need a tissue for my drool). Let me be clear that I've always been on Team Edward. New Moon was my least favorite book, because of course there was less Edward and more Jacob. I find Jacob's character arrogant, and pushy. This movie made me almost consider switching teams! Of course, that thought came as soon as he cut his hair, and showed off his body. WOW!!! He immediately lost that little boy face, and immature attitude, and seemed more like a man. The Wolves also looked a lot better than I remember them looking on the early previews they released. The wolf that plays Sam is a little less real looking, but the others were perfect.

The interactions with the Volturi were also wonderful. Their elegance, and mannerism almost made them likeable. Dakota Fanning portrays Jane excellently. I can't wait to see more of her in Breaking Dawn.

Per the book, you see the rest of the Cullens very minimally. Jasper in my opinion looks horrible (once again). It looks like he's wearing a big, yellow, ugly, curly wig. He's one of my favorite characters, and I hate that they don't have a more handsome actor playing him.....or at least make him look better. I don't know if you're familiar with the movie Edward Scissorhands, but that's exactly who he looks like to me. I also enjoyed seeing the actress who plays Victoria again, and I'm very disappointed she won't be returning to portray her in the next movies. She shows a lot more of her skill and power in this movie.

After the movie Katie, our friend Dacia, and I were asked to do a quick TV interview. They told us all to say one English word like: "Good", "Amazing", or "Incredible". We all decided what we were going to say ahead of time. Well, Katie steals Dacia's word, then Dacia steals my word. Then they catch us off guard by asking us more questions. Dacia ended up saying "Edward's Sexy", and I ended up saying something about loving Edward, Jacob, and my Husband. lol. I was so nervous and turned bright red! Mel and I wore our sweatshirts that I bought in Forks, and many people pointed at them, and some even complimented us. We recognized a few people from the fan meet and greet. They sold calendars, magazines (with pictures from the Tokyo fan meeting), and trading cards".

Looks like fun times!!! Honestly Laurel, with Jacob's new found prowess, who wouldn't think to switch sides eh? We are anticipating an outbreak of the "Switching Sides" syndrome hitting the TwiDom very² soon! We are also waiting for Katie's update (and pics) and will be updating it here ASAP.


Robert, Kristen, Taylor and the Whole New Moon Cast Hit the Red Carpet at Their Big LA Premiere!


Our fingers literally went numb from tweeting all day coz its The Twilight Saga: New Moon LA Premier evening and tweets are coming in by the hundreds!!! Three out of ten TT's (trending topics) are New Moon related and that is what, 30%?
Go TwiHards!!!

Check out the writeup by POPSUGAR

"Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were the last New Moon stars to arrive on the red carpet in LA last night, but the crowds were happy to wait for the big three! They all looked fantastic — especially Kristen in her gorgeous Oscar de la Renta and sexy hair, who stopped to talk about how happy she was to be at an event with the fans. She said she doesn't have a favorite of all the hot dresses she's worn while out promoting the movie, but fell in love with this one when she saw it. "

Read more about it plus awesome photos here (via Popsugar)

But I honestly liked Anna Kendrick's short toga'ish dress coz I felt is so Twilight. But well, thats me... Anyways, THE NEW MOON HAS OFFICIALLY RISEN (just hafta say that :p)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Another New Moon billboard was spotted somwhere around the federal highway-Jln Klang Lama. OMG!!! We can't wait!! 9 days more!!

Thank you to Twilighter MayyiCullen for posting this picture and update in Facebook. Love yah!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


The three main stars of The Twilight Saga were interviewed at Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kristen is so pretty :D , Rob is stunning as always and Taylor is cute.

And here's a sneak preview of the show with Taylor was asked about ROBSTEN :D

Does anyone knows when is the show going to air here in Malaysia? hmm...or maybe we might need to wait for someone to download it on Youtube :(
Via RPLife


Here's the video. Enjoy!!

Via RPLife

Thanks to the lovely pitchymontreal

Friday, November 13, 2009

Teaser for Galaxie Magazine Double New Moon

Aren't you guys excited with the Galaxie Double New Moon Cover edition? Well, we are!! Here is the teaser page. ;)

I think we have like million reasons as to why we should "Howl at New Moon"....but aren't you intrigue to know what Galaxie has listed down?

So, don't forget to get your copy of Galaxie Magazine on newsstand this Monday 16th November 2009. We are DEFINITELY getting our copy..or maybe..copies :D


Nurul Naseron & Azlina Mahbob

Hi there Twilighters

We are glad to announce that in recognition of her efforts and commitement in helping us organize our Unofficial New Moon Mini Premier, we are appointing Twilighter Azlina Mahbob, to join Nurul Naseron and assist her in the administration of Twilighters Malaysia. (YaY! Give her an applause!).

As at today, these are the pages we are officially co-managing:

1. Twilighters Malaysia Group on Facebook
2. Twilighters Malaysia Blog (
3. Twilighters Malaysia Official Site (
4. Twilighters Malaysia on Twitter (
5. Yahoo user ID: twilightersmalaysia

Should you be receiveing and messages or request from persons other than Nurul Naseron (Nurul Cullen on Facebook, TwilightersMY Alpha) OR Azlina Mahbob (TwilightersMY Beta) claiming that it's from Twilighters Malaysia, please disregard it and report it to us either through the group wall or private messaging us through any of the above channel.

We are also in the lookout for an IN HOUSE DESIGNER that will help us to create depth in the form of ART to our pages.

Portfolios will be accepted for review soon. Please wait for our announcement.

Love You All!!


Nurul Cullen

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Galaxie Magazine Double Cover: New Moon Edition is out this Monday!!

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Or maybe you still can't decide? No worries!!! Galaxie Magazine New Moon Edition will be out this Monday!!!! And it has two covers for you to choose from. Or can just grab both.

Oh!! There are also exciting New Moon contest inside!! Don't you just love Galaxie Magazine for this?




Burger King (US) as we know is having a huge tie in for New Moon and is making some of the items available for fans from other countries as well via online purchase.

Head on to to pick your side and grab your very own Team Edward water bottle or Team Jacob water bottle (pictured above). Priced at USD 9.99 (about MYR 38.00) each, this bottle is great for you TwiCollectors out there. However, there is a standard delivery charge of USD 25.00 (about MYR 95.00) per delivery with the second bottle (regardless of design) ships free. So total price for one bottle including delivery is about USD 34.99 or MYR 133.00.

So what are you waiting for? Team up with your fellow Twilighters (Team Edward, Team Jacob, WHO CARES!) and purchase the items by the pairs or in bulks of 2's to entitle for the 2nd bottle ships free and then split the cost.

Credit card is required for purchase.

GO TEAM SWITZERLAND! (darn, no water bottle)...

Rob & Kristen Revealed What Make Them A Good Pair

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Judging by the photos that leaked Tuesday night, a lot of people enjoy dreaming that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's onscreen romance also extends offscreen. But no matter what the truth is, this much is fact: Rob and Kristen are happy to have the other at their side as they ride the "Twilight Saga" wave.

"He's thoughtful," Stewart explained recently when we asked the actress to name the quality in RPattz that means the most to her. "I don't want to be specific. It's funny to talk about your friends in [these terms], because this is now going to be the one thing that's my favorite thing about Rob. It's going to be the thing."

Way back in March 2008, when MTV visited the "Twilight" set, two things were obvious: Kristen and Rob were going to set the big screen on fire, and the duo were growing close. Onscreen, Edward and Bella are romantic, honest and protective of one another; offscreen, Rob and Kristen have a funny, self-deprecating dynamic that has helped them grapple with all the insanity of the saga's explosion.

"It's strange, because she's changed over the movies I've done with her," Rob said of his leading lady. "I think from the first one, I was so quiet [and] very determined to do something on the first movie. I wanted to look very serious, and it made her, I guess, a little bit more reticent about how to deal with me."

These days, the duo fly around the world attending premieres and events together, and all those hours together have undoubtedly made life easier than it would be if only one was experiencing all this fame alone. "He's real," Stewart said of Pattinson, arguing that he hadn't changed — and that's a good thing. "He's a real guy."

"As we've been doing stuff together," Pattinson said of his favorite quality in Stewart, "I guess what I admire is that she's more stubborn than me in a lot of ways. I mean, she really stands up for what she thinks is right and is generally on the same page with what I think is right."

"[Rob] has gotten more confident as he's gotten older," Stewart said, explaining that although he's still the same guy on the inside, he's no longer the shy, giggling actor we first interviewed in Portland nearly two years ago. "Just as all of us have gotten to know ourselves a bit more, because we're constantly put in a position of self-reflection. If you're constantly asked about yourself all day long, it really makes you actually consider what you're saying, and you're in a position where people are listening.

"I've seen him grow a lot, and I've seen him get more comfortable with his position [as a celebrity]," Stewart added of Pattinson. "But I also don't see any change in who he is."


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Well you read that right! The New Moon fever is finally making it's presence felt in Malaysia by invading the billboards all over Malaysian highways!!! Do post a lookout when you're driving around, snap a pic and share the actual location if you can but please, please be careful!!!
Thanks to fellow Twilighter Adila Majid who shares this through Facebook!
They are scattered all over Damansara, Federal Highway (Mid Valley), JB, Penang, Kelana Jaya, Puchong and Taman Megah...
Take a pic with the board if you have a chance and share with us!!!

OMG!!! Robsten caught holding hands!! FOR REAL!!

*Gasping for air*...we literally have no word left to say!! Enjoy the pics :D

Tuesday, November 10, 2009



Right. So the event kicked off at about 7pm (if I was not mistaken) with address by the two MCs (one Japanese speaking and one English speaking, thank god - you can view one of them down here) and the crowd is already pretty much excited at this point. We were told to control ourselves, no standing or jumping or waving our hands or balloons so that we will not disturb other fans who (also) wants to see Rob! We first thought that it will never happen but surprisingly, all of us (despite the hooting and "I Love You Rob's"), managed to stay on our seats, well, I was reprimanded like 5 times and was sure that the next time, they might just escort me (with honors) out of the room, LOLS!!!

The cute Japanese speaking MC. The English speaking one appears more 'motherly' or 'teacher' looking

All was good till Rob actually makes his appearance, the atmosphere just gets electric and better!!! Well, I (honestly) did not even notice Chris (I'm so sorry Chris) in the beginning but man, THAT IS ACTUALLY EDWARD CULLEN THERE, WALKING UP THE STAGE, LOOKING AT US, LOOKING AT ME (~~sighs)!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!

So, Okay. Edwards (oops), Robert came up and was introduced then Chris came up and was introduced and they in return get to introduce themselves (like we need any introduction...). Chris said something about wanting to make it short as he knows it's Robert we came to see or something like that (aww, Chris...don't do that :p, we want to see you too, honest). Robert tried his hand (or tongue?) at a little bit of Japanese and greeted the crowd with "Genki Desu Ka?" <--means something like (if I'm not mistaken) "How are you doing" or "Are you OK" and the crowd crooned "Genki Desu" in unison, so I pretty much think the crowd is pretty OK (why shouldn't they be? I AM, simply coz he's in the same room...LOLS...)... As I mentioned, I brought along a TelePhoto lense (courtesy of @Fadlisham Fadzil from FB) and was literally honing my mediocre shutterbug skills with it for the first time and here are some of the maiden photos I took:

Isn't he cute? Notice I didn't dare tag his face... Please guys, no copying!!!

Robert, Robert, where art thou Robert??? ~~ On the 'balcony' part of the stage, looking down on his 'worshippers'...LOLS!

Waving goodbye after a re-entrance on a (this time) real balcony...

Since we were sent there by our co-sponsors, Tayangan Unggul Sdn. Bhd. (the Malaysian official movie distributor for The Twilight Saga) and MEP Education Consult Sdn. Bhd. (the publisher for MEP Magazine, the Magazine towards English Proficiency) we can't share ALL the photo outtakes as yet coz it's been divided between Tayangan Unggul and MEP with only a small portion for us. You can view the ones that are ours here. We got like 25 photos, exclusively for Twilighters Malaysia (you won't get this anywhere else!). As for the rest, we will only be posting it up online once either Tayang Unggul or MEP has published it somewhere.

Question and answer session follows but only two questions were allowed and if you hear from our video, both Azlina and I were like begging to ask questions. Sorry MEP! But we will definitely get the story done no matter what. Catch our coverage in the up-coming issue of MEP Magazine (publication date TBA). Six fans were picked from the lot (you can see pics at our Flickr page) to become finalists for the LA Premier Trip draw and they had Robert and Chris seated on a balcony portion of the stage and the girls pleading their case on "Why should they be the one going to LA". One of them actually broke down in tears... ~~EMOTIONS...

Both Robert and Chris decided that it's too much for them to decide and they ended up playing the string game (pics on Flickr). There were 6 strings connected to a box, two of them connects to Robert and Chris each. The (lucky) fan with her string connected to Robert's gets to go to LA with a newly presented Twilight necklace (Rob helped her to wear it..aww...) and the (also lucky) fan with her string connected to Chris gets a pair of Edward and Bella dolls, signed by Robert and Chris and a red cape from the Volterra scene. The other four 'finalists' also walked away with a red cape each (and did I mentioned hugs from Robert and Chris?)...

That was the end, Robert and Chris left and Robert made a grand re-entrance on a (real) balcony for like 3 minutes...

Ah...There he goes...~~~~~~

Both Azlina and myself walked out of the hall a new person. We were actually in the same room as him!!! But we were a bit saddened as we did not get to ask our questions (for MEP) or get the posters signed (from Tayangan Unggul) or even get our pics taken with Rob.. ~~sigh.. So, we vowed to work even more closer with Tayangan Unggul and to somehow collaborate with Twilighters in the Asia Pacific region to (somehow) bring ALL THREE OF THEM (if possible) to KUALA LUMPUR for ECLIPSE!!! Yes, guys. You heard right. We will do our best and see, what happens :). Our 'infatuation' has brought us to Japan so far, god knows...fingers crossed!!!

Regardless, it is not an experience to be missed by any Twilighter, whether or not you are Team Edward (I am, at least for that night, or else Im TEAM SWITZERLAND). We get to meet new friends ("Hi Katie, Laurel and Mel!!!") and also fellow Twilighters (like Twilight Nusa, pic below).

With Twilight Nusa, you beautiful people!!!

Many³ thanks yet again to Tayangan Unggul and MEP Magazine for the trip and tickets. Never thought we would actually be going to Japan in a million years. Thanks to Stephenie Meyer for a saga worthy of remembrance and to all you Twilighters for your support. Who knows, our next exclusive coverage may as well be from a first class organizer seat right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur!!!

YATTA!!! <--thanks to Hiro Nakamura from Heroes, I can't get this out of my head. Dunno what that means but it sounds cool!

--;<@THE END@>;--

Nurul Cullen

Monday, November 9, 2009


Hello there Twilighters!!!

We know that all 274 of you are excited about the premier. YES!! We are too!! Only 15 days left!! OMG!! We can't wait.

Here is the news that I know all of you will be jumping up and down eager to join!!

So, what are you waiting for?? Go and get your costume now!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Access Hollywood: Interview with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner


The directional signage to the event. I don't read Japanese but I believe the Japanese words you can see above translates to "Press Conference/ 16:00 START" which we were not allowed to

Okay. So we already checked in and are freshen up and we arrived at the Shinagawa Intercity at about 5.45pm for the event. We know we are not going to be the first ones but my, weren't we excited!!! We met up again with Katie, Mel and Laurel (they spent time at Outback Steakhouse and Katie told me she actually fell asleep, poor Katie...) and while waiting, Laurel presented us with keychains (yup ppl, one each for Azlina and I, you can check out the pics in Katie's blog) which she got from her trip to Forks over the summer. Can you believe that? Something original from Forks! Thanks so much Laurel, we owe you one!!!

At about 6pm, the officials (I am so inclined to call them 'guards') got all of us together and the result is a very long "U" shaped line starting from the entrance of the hall, doubling up to the entrance of the venue as you can see from the picture below. However, most of us were still calm and collected as RP is still not in sight :). Can't guarantee you what happens once he is tho LOLs...

The long 'U" shaped line outside the hall. We are still calm and collected...

I believe the Japanese were not ones to be known for delays but I think this is an exception for I think they are trying to create more buzz and excitement (or) simply, tension for us who are waiting? Well, it works with or without the additional 15 minutes of waiting as we were only allowed to enter at about 6.45pm. Each fan entering the hall received a silver helium balloon with a pink heart and I Heart Edward on it besides the basic NM screening information (YAY!!!). Aww..They're so cute. You can checkout the pics shortly but meanwhile, lets gawk at Edward('s car)...

"Edward's" Car - the same model they used in the movie was on display courtesy of Volvo but seriously, I still dun understand why its now black instead of silver , but its still shiny tho...

I managed to snap a few frames but did not manage to get in the frame (neither did Azlina) as the crowd was really persistent in getting theirs too...Anyways we did get this pic tho...

Nurul & Azlina with their Edward balloons close to their hearts...thump-a-thump-thump!!!

Throng of fans still queing up to get in, and getting surprised by their very own Edward balloons in return...

A bunch of Edward balloons...ain't it cute? Wish they give us an Edward each instead..LOLs...

Oh, something to tell you guys!!! Prior to the trip, we managed to have a custom made t-shirt done with I Heart Twilighters Malaysia printed on it, especially for Robert!!! And we managed to pass it to the officials who were manning the "Presents" booth (in hopes) to get the tee passed to Robert himself. What do you think are the chances guys? Do you think he'll actually get it??? Do you think he'll ACTUALLY WEAR IT ~~Gasps??? Fingers crossed but who knows? One of these days, we might just be seeing Robert, conspicuously parading the world-exclusive-one-and-only I Heart Twilighters Malaysia tee shirt!!! Help us keep an eye on it will ya?

Okay, lets move on. All these happens in the short 10 minutes after we entered the hall and we were directed to the actual event hall. We found our seats which (as we said) we discovered to be at the far right hand side corner of the ninth row from the stage. That's like almost 40-50 feet away!!! Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!!!

Regardless, we made the best out of it. Nurul immediately tested the Telephoto lense she loaned from fellow Facebooker, @Fadlisham Fadzil (thanks Sham! - he's gona be the official photographer for our Unofficial Mini Premier) and it worked. Checkout the pic of the stage below...

The stage, from 40-50 feet away, cropped up to the table top level. This is not the closest zoom tho, I was amateurly working with @Fadlisham Fadzil's 75/300 lense

We were placed next to the press photographers and we came to know that once the event starts, we are not gong to be allowed to even stand (or raise anything above our heads). And I'm thinkin, how am I gonna get pictures...You guys... :((((. We even enquired to the officials on the possibility of one of us to stand at the press designated area so that (at least) we can stand and take photos (better vantage point) but we were turned down. So sad...

Regardless, we are still optimistic and can't wait for the event to start, can you??? We know you can't too (especially the part of waiting for Robert's pics right, I have a bunch of them..hehehehe)..

No worries, you can view ALL OF THEM and DROOL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ in PART FOUR (patience is a virtue...)!!!

Chiao for now,,~~HUGS...

(~~Grins and gives you a wink!)


Hello Twilighters!!

Here is our video part 2.

Part 3 will be up soon, video with RP in it. We promise ;)


THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON THE SCORE TRACKLIST REVEALED! This album will be officially release on 24th November 2009. Let's hope we won;t have to wait too long to get the album here in Malaysia like we did on Twilight The Score album.

1. New Moon 2. Bella Dreams 3. Romeo & Juliet 4. Volturi Waltz 5. Blood Sample 6. Edward Leaves 7. Werewolves 8. I Need You 9. Break Up 10. Memories of Edward 11. Wolves v. Vampire 12. Victoria 13. Almost a Kiss 14. Adrenaline 15. Dreamcatcher 16. To Volterra 17. You are Alive 18. The Volturi 19. The Cullens 20. Marry Me, Bella 21. Full Moon

Source : Press Release

*Spoiler Alert!!* : Top 5 Best Things About New Moon has give us the Top 5 Things about New Moon. Get ready Twilighters!! ;)

1. Jacob’s Black Body: Photos of Taylor Lautner’s amazing transformation from a scrawny kid to a rippling teen werewolf already have been making the rounds for months. But the first time Lautner rips off his T-shirt to reveal his muscled chest onscreen, the sight is still gasp-worthy. In fact, Lautner sizzles and smolders throughout New Moon as he walks the line between friendship and romance with Bella (Kristen Stewart). Though Bella’s heart belongs to Edward (Robert Pattinson), Lautner may steal Pattinson’s heartthrob status right out from under his pale nose.

2. Bella & Edward’s Reunion: When Edward comes to the (incorrect) conclusion that his love, Bella, is dead, he decides there is no choice but to commit vampire suicide. Of course, the only person who can save him is Bella. When she launches herself through a crowd and across a fountain in an Italian square to push Edward out of harm’s way, the sparks that fly between the soul-mates are like fireworks. (Ok..this scene I know 95% of us can't wait!)

3. The Wolf Pack: The actors who play Jacob Black’s gang of strapping pals provide the perfect mix of teen tension and ferocious loyalty that exist between the group of guys who realize that one and all are actually werewolves. They snarl and yelp, tease and torment each other, and of course, fight together just like Twilight Saga author Stephanie Meyer describes in her series.

4. Dakota Fanning: She plays the pint-sized vamp, Jane, who wields a daunting power – simply by concentrating she can cause her victims to convulse in excruciating pain. She’s not in the movie for very long, but when she focuses those red eyes on her targets and softly whispers, “Pain,” everyone will squirm. (She did looks fabulous in the poster)

5. The Sense of Humour: While the Twilight series is based overwrought teenage angst, director Chris Weitz lightens the mood with some well-placed humor. Bella’s human school friends provide comic relief. When one of them has to leave a horror movie because he’s ill, Launter’s character laughs and says, “What a marshmallow.” And when a member of the wolf pack accidentally changes from human to werewolf right in front of Bella, another member quips, “Well, I guess the wolf is out of the bag.”

ooh...and by the way, there was a press conference for New Moon. See all the tweets at RPLife.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hi Twilighters!!

This is our first video on our arrival in Japan until we redeem our special tickets ;)

Part 2 will come soon ;)


So we start with pics first...
Nurul & Azlina at Narita Terminal 2 Station

The ticket from Narita to Shinagawa cost JPY 3110 person. Thats like MYR 120..huhuhu

The train route to Shinagawa (we discovered later that this is part of a systematic route link)

Shinagawa Station Signage

The Venue: Shinagawa Intercity Hall

The 2nd line upstairs. There's at least 100 people here when we arrived (for what we thought is just scouting) at 10am.

The 1st line downstairs near the hall entrance (where we waited in another line for "International"). There's about 100 fans too.
The first fan in line came two days before the event day and camped outside the hall..WOW!

The makeshift sign for the start of the "International" line

Laurel, Mel and Katie... You guys RAWK!!!

Nurul & Azlina with Katie. We've been waiting for almost two hours (3-4 for Katie) by this time...

We got the tickets. YaY!!!


Well guys, we touched down safe and sound (after a long, uncomfortable night in the plane) at about 0640 hrs Japan time. That's like 0540 hrs Malaysian time, and we woke up like an hour earlier than that coz everyone in the cabin has already waken up...

After going through immigration and picking up our luggage, we head straight for the train terminal to board the express train from Terminal 2 Narita Airport to Shinagawa, the host city of the RP Tokyo Fan Event 2009. During the journey, we discovered some really cute things like:

1. The houses we see along the way looks so much like those you see in the Japanese serial "Ultraman". Azlina actually makes it a point to call her hubby and tell him that (aww, schweet!). Its small and literally very2 clean (on the exterior). Its like someone actually makes time to come and clean the outside of those houses at least once a week. How cool is that?

2. Even though we do not understand what people were saying at least 3/4 of the time, we still managed to get the information we needed, thanks to sign language

3. Japanese people are really helpfull, regardless whether or not they can speak english.

During the journey, we decided that once we arrive in Shinagawa, we will go straight to our hotel (we will be staying at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel) to drop off our luggage and checkout the event venue (Shinagawa Intercity).

So, after about 1.5 hours on the train, we finally arrived in Shinagawa. The weather was CHILLY!!! We somehow still managed to snap a few pics at the Shinagawa station before making a move to the hotel. We checked out the venue and guess what we found out? There was already a very long que (of at least 100 people) waiting and guess what for? FOR THE TICKETS!!! WOW! The ticket counter would not open till about 1pm and at 10am, fans are already queing! WOW!!! And what we discovered shortly after was even more WOW! Apparently, the long line we saw was not the only line in waiting. After consulting a guard, we were directed downstairs where we found another long line of at least 200 fans. This line is the FIRST line, which continues up to the second floor. And the first fan in line in came and camped outside the hall since two days ago!!! WOW!!!

This is where we met up with Katie, Laurel and Mel :) and we decided to wait up too since we can't check in into the hotel yet (check in time is 2pm). So we chatted up a bit and were placed in an "International" queue (dunno whether that means good or bad). Nurul even tried to convince the guards to give us a press pass but were not successful :(

So, after 2.5 hours of waiting, straight from the airport, without any breakfast, the ticket counter was opened at 1pm sharp and we managed to get two tickets, A9 22 and A9 23 (that's the nineth row from the stage - we discovered that much later). Katie, Laurel and Mel got themselves B seats. Relieved, and tired, we decided to move back to the hotel to freshen up and to come back before 6pm as the gates open at 6.30pm.

We managed to grab some sushi for brunch (man, its so expensive @ JPY 699 for 5 pcs) but its really nice!!!

What's next? That will be part 3!!!


Hey Twilighters!

First and foremost, thank you for waiting. It's been a hectic few days full of events and my, was it worth it! So we'll kick off our reports from the very beginning...


Well, you might be wondering what kind of luck are we striking till we manage to get ourselves a trip to Japan for the RP Fan Event? To us, its not really luck, but its fate. We were talking to fellow Twilighter - Grace from Tayangan Unggul, the official movie distributor in Malaysia for Twilight and New Moon one day, to finalize a few things in regards to their support for our New Moon Unofficial Mini Premier and the topic of us possibly attending the event (on our own expenses) came out.

So, being overly excited as we (always) are about anything Twilight, we started the planning even while we were waiting for the go from Tayangan Unggul's US counterpart. We approached various parties for sponsorship, applied for our Japan VISA, made travel arrangements etc. We were lucky to have MEP Education Consult Sdn Bhd, the publisher of MEP Magazine to sponsor our trip, however, up to Thursday, 29 October 2009 when our VISA was approved, we are still not in the news on the buy-in from US.

The good news reached us on Friday, 30 October. US said YES and that sets the clock in motion. We finalized all arrangements and confirmed our itinerary on the same day...


Both Azlina and I believe (so much) that its fate that brought us this trip. We were to depart KL en route to Tokyo via Japan Airlines (JAL) flight JL 724, ETD KUL @ 2305 hrs on 02 November 2009 and ETA NRT @ 0655 hrs on 03 November 2009 (the day of the event). Talk about last minute :p. We should arrive just in time to get ourselves in queue for the tickets (ticket counters are scheduled to open at 1pm, Japan time on 03 November for collection) as Shinagawa (the venue city) is like 1.5 hrs journey by train from Narita Airport where we are to land. We were sent off by our families and fellow Twilighter, Sunie Nordin (thanks Sunie!).

*Nisa (Nurul's 5 year old), Nurul, Azlina & Sunie @ KLIA*

Call it butterflies or jitters or even cold feet, we were chanting "We're going to Japan, we're going to Japan, I can't believe we're going to Japan!" like a mantra the whole way. We can't sleep a wink so we decided to finalize the questions that we wanted to ask RP as we were told we could have the chance.

Since our sponsor MEP Magazine is an educational magazine some of the questions that we have lined up are "How does RP sees himself as a role model to young people, especially in getting them to stay away from things like drug abuse" or "What drives and inspires him to be a successful artist at such a young age" etc... Oh of course, we listed some hot gossip questions too like "Which Twilighter you like best, Nurul or Nurul (hey, Azlina's first name is Nurul too..hahaha)" :p <--kidding! Brave and determined as we are, we finally succumbed to the sandman and slept (he must be using some A grade sand tho)...And what happens next is part two (darn this internet's so slow, part two will hafta wait till tomorrow, it's already like 1.30am!!!)