Friday, October 30, 2009


Being the current biggest movie phenomenon on earth, The Twilight Saga movie production company, Summit Entertainment is bringing the Asian fans closer to its ever so hot and drop dead gorgeous vampire star, Robert Pattinson to Tokyo for a fan meet and greet session on 3rd November 2009. With this, the fans in Asia get the chance to meet up with their biggest rising star Robert Pattinson who have captured the hearts of millions or maybe even billions of Twilight fans across the world.

In relation to that, two twihardobsessed fans from Malaysia, the founder and Alpha of Twilighters Malaysia, Nurul Naseron and her Beta, Azlina Mahbob was given as exclusive invitation by Tayangan Unggul (the official movie distributor in Malaysia) with the approval of Summit Entertainment, to attend the event for their hard days work in bringing all Malaysians Twilight fans together. Apparently, these two twihardobsessed fans are hosting an Unofficial New Moon Premier Screening for Twilighters Malaysia members on 25th November 2009 which is one day before Malaysia's official release date (26th November 2009).

The invitation given is a chance of a lifetime for them and marked as one of the tremendous milestone in their life. Never once in their existing life they would imagine getting such opportunity to come knocking on their door step AND MEETING ROBERT PATTINSON IN PERSON was only a dream!!!!

So, all you Asian TwiHardObsessed fans!!! If you are in Japan or anywhere nearby.....come join Nurul and Azlina for New Moon Tokyo Fan Event.

More info can be found at:

For those who can't make it, follow their every step on twitter.

Twilighters Malaysia!!! Be sure to grab your next issue of MEP Magazine (our local English education magazine) for a feature story of our glorious trip ;). Thank you MEP Magazine for sponsoring our trip to Japan!! YATTAA!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

New 30 Second New Moon Teaser: Edward and Jacob Fight Over Bella

Breath.....breath....only 31 days to go....

Never Seen Before Footage of New Moon Italy Shoots and Volturi Fighting Scene

Uploaded by RPLife. - Discover more animal videos.

Twilight premiers on ASTRO Star Movies on 22nd November 2009

Robsten made the cover of ASTRO View for November issue. Star Movies will premier Twilight on 22nd November 2009. For those who doesn't have the DVD (I doubt that..:D) might want to watch it before New Moon premiers in the cinemas.

Inside also feature a cover story, interview with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. ;)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hey Twilighters!!!

Greetings, it has been awhile since I manage to type anything...Anyways, its only 39 days to go to The Twilight Saga: New Moon public screening in Malaysia...Aren'y you all excited? Well I am! And for those who managed to secure themselves tickets to our inaugural Mini Premier, this time of The Twilight Saga: New Moon...its only 38 days to go, don't forget to download and print out your official receipt (for those who have paid) from the event page and bring it along to claim your tickets and goodie bags on the event day.

As mentioned earlier, this year's event marks a first in the Malaysian TwiDom and you too can be part of it! There are still limited seats available and if you hurry, you might just be able to grab one (or two, or three, or four...) for you and your friends and families...
Getting a seat is easy, just PM me or my Beta, Azlina Mahbob, you can find us on the event page or on the group page, let us know how many pax you need, leave us your contact no and email address and make the payment (payment information will only be given once you make the RSVP).. Once payment is made and confirmation is done by Azlina, you can then download your official receipt from the event page and bring it to claim your tickets and goodie bags on the event day...

Please, please do not RSVP just for excitement's sake...Yes, the event is indeed exciting as for the first time, we are gathering 274 Twilighters from all over Malaysia to watch The Twilight Saga: New Moon together, one day before anyone else in Malaysia does...Besides, there will be exciting activities courtesy of our sponsors such as FREE TUNE TALK STARTER SIM PACK SIGN UP (everyone who attends get their very own 010 number!!!), COSPLAY COMPETITION (dress up as Bella, Edward, Jacob, Alice or the Volturi and win prizes!!!) as well as LUCKY DRAWS, all for a chance to win original merchandise imported from the US courtesy of TAYANGAN UNGGUL, and oh...did I mention the goodie bags worth over MYR 300 for all???? How cool is that!!!!

So again, those who are coming and have made payment, please go to the events page (on Facebook), view the pictures, download your own official receipt (it has your name printed on it), and bring it along on event day. We will be sending in confirmed event details latest by November 10th. For those who has RSVP but not yet paid, please make your payment ASAP as seats are really limited and we will honor those who pay first in terms of assigning seats...And, if you have not RSVP and you want to attend, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!! PM US NOW!!!!

Ok Twilighters. I need to sign off now...Need to go fork out some strategies......

Luv you all...XOXOXO

Nurul Cullen

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time to Drool....over Rob Patzz

Robert Pattinson in Jeopie Magazine

Ok you lady twilighters out there!!! If you are Team Edward or a fan of Rob Patzz...we know you'll be drooling over this photos. (we are.....**drooollllll**)

Enjoy the pics!!! over and over ;)
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Listen to New Moon Soundtrack Online!!

Hi Twilighters!!! Good news for us!!!

Yes the Official Twilight Saga: New Moon MySpace page has the NewMoon soundtrack up ready for your listening pleasure!

Listen to it here!

P.S. If the picture doesn’t load will then I’m sorry its the server but the link works and thats all that counts!!

via NM

More New Moon Stills!!!

Ok Twilighters...we know these are such spoilers. But we also know that we can't get enough of it. So...enjoy....;)


Hey Twilighters Malaysia!

Just to let you know (if you dont already), that you can now purchase The Twilight Saga: New Moon - The Official Illustrated Movie Companion by Mark Cotta Vaz right here in Malaysia. Available at Kinokuniya, KLCC (confirmed, we got ours there!) and other major bookstores (please enquire) at MYR 69.90 each. A great investment, don't you think? You can also contact Kinokuniya customer service line at 03.2164.8133 for enquiries or booking!

For those who are still trying to get hold of the official New Moon 2010 calendar, you can still get it at Borders while stocks last :). Oh, and we just bought our very own New Moon Special People Magazine at Borders tooo!!!!!

So....what are you Twilighters waiting for? GO AND GRAB ONE NOW!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


People Magazine is giving us an exclusive sneak peek of their New Moon Collectors Edition, which hits stands this Friday October 16th!
In People’s special issue they give us the first still from Eclipse – Edward and Bella in the meadow! Above is the high quality verision of the picture straight from People Magazine!

People is also giving Twilight Saga fans $1 off the this special collectors edition!
Go here to get your coupon!
You can check out the
full details of the New Moon Collector’s Edition of People Magazine over at!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Moon Soundtrack is Going to be Released Early Due to Popular Demand!!!

Due to an overwhelming demand for the New Moon Soundtrack by fans, it is now being released this Friday, October 16th! It was to be released on October 20th. The news came via the official Twilight Twitter (with recent tweets by New Moon director Chris Weitz).

Yay! Can’t wait until Friday! We are going to have a Post on Friday dedicated to the New Moon Soundtrack for all of you to leave your own ‘reviews’ and discussions in regards to the songs, etc!
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

An Amazing Fan Made Trailer!!

OMG!! I almost cried!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Death Cab for Cutie: "Meet Me on the Equinox" Official Music Video

This is soooo awesome!!! I bet all of you can't wait for the movie to be released..:D

New Moon Movie Running Time

only 2 hours? hmmm...i was hoping for a longer one...since the uncut was 5 hours....I hope it's gonna be awesome one.

Btw, release date here in Malaysia is 26th November, and those who bought the premier tickets get to watch it one day earlier...yay!!!

More Scans from Illustrated Companian!!

The fantastic team over at ThinkingOfRob have scoured all sources to get more scans from the New Moon Illustrated Companion!!
To get larger images and read the content of the companion go to ThinkingOfRob here!
Via NM
OMG!!! Fabulous!!! I personally can't wait!!! When is it gonna arrive here??

New Moon Still : Jacob and Bella

Fangoria has this new New Moon still as part of an article there have in Fango Issue#288: Under a NEW MOON.
There’s something for everyone this time around,” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg (DEXTER) says during a break from yet another long day in the TV series’ writers’ room. “NEW MOON, as directed by Chris Weitz, looks amazing. There’s definitely more conflict going on.”
A male filmmaker telling a young girl’s story, Weitz says he was able to step into Bella’s mindset because “I feel that on some level, people are the same and have similar needs,” he explains. “Like Bella, I’ve gone through heartbreak, so I have sort of walked in her shoes. And in some ways, I am a teenaged girl. I have a high estrogen count, so that helped a lot.”
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spoilers Alert!!!! New Moon Illustrated Companion

We've already shown you some of the stills from the New Moon Illustrated Companion here’s two different stills from what we published before but these ones come with more information……


**At an event in the fall of 2007, the Director for devlopment from Summit sat down with Stephenie and she made the comment, "that most girls have only been in love once, if ever, and they believe there is one person in the universe for them. The idea that there is more than one person you can love, and more than one kind of love, is hard to fathom. New Moon is about that, about the first heartbreak and the healing process.

**While filming the breakup scene in the forest Rob and Kristen were being swarmed by mosquitos.

**When Melissa Rosenberg wrote the Twilight screenplay she "tried to keep the fan base out of (her) head, but (she) couldn't avoid it by the time of New Moon."

**She gave the men in Port Angeles motorcycles to make it a more "significant moment" and because motorcycles will become "an important part of her relationship with Jacob".

**Taylor began working out immediatly after he was done filming Twilight because he knew of the transformation his character would go through. He was able to show the producer's that he was visual able to represent the changed Jacob.

**In all the "vision" sequences Edward is wearing the same outfit he does when he said "goodbye" to Bella because that is the last memory she holds of him.

**Even the cameras used and their movements are done to show the relationship between the characters.**They scouted many locations for the Cullen house, but found one that "was comparable enough with the house in Portland."

**The Cullen house used for Twilight was "a very specific house, and the only way out of that puzzle for us was to put portions of the story of New Moon in other parts of the house".

**The sequence for the birthday partyl "Edward relates the history of the Volturi to Bella, she becomes wounded in the hand, and Edward faces off against Jasper."

**Rob quote: "The birthday scene at the Cullen house is like the ideal birthday party. The house is beautifully decorated and everyone is happy. Edward is looking at Bella and thinking that she can become part of his family and his life--that maybe this can work out the way he wants it to."

**They used the Blue Ray DVD of Twilight to help them with the age, color, texture and features of Bella's house and room.

**They used the Twilight Illustrated Companion for help finding Bella's truck.OK MAJOR VISUAL SPOILER HERE:One special challenge for the production team was how to confey Bella's depression once Edward departs. In the boks..the month pages do it. (October, November, December, January) In the film the passage of time is represented with visual effects. Bella sits in her chair in the bedroom and a camera circles around here while the seasons change outside her window.

**Another shot manipulation, instead of Bella running to her truck and driving home after seeing the wolves in the meadow, she runs out of the woods and tells Charlie immediatly that she saw them. Changes made to make the scene more efficient.

**The dreamcatcher stirs up emotions in all the major characters: Jacob says it will catch bad dreams. Edward is irritated that his rival gave Bella an intimate gift, and Charlie regrets that it stops working.

**Film Editor Peter Lambert edited a portion of the film during his daily commute. This may be the first major motion picture in which the bigest protion of hte first assembly of the film was edited in the backseat of a car.

**As a sign that Bella is commited to Edward her clothes are linked to his color wise. After he leaves she doesn't pay much attention to her appearance.

**They wanted Jacob's house to be "like a stepping stone into the forest world". So it's further from the heart of the reservation.

**Emily and Sam's house is deeper in the forest, more seperate from regular life.

**art director Cathrerine Ircha helped make sure the prodcutions maintained "fan friendly continutiy". She kept an eye on fan sites and blogs .

**when they are rebuilding the bikes there is a montage of scenes.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fabulous New Moon Scene Shots!!

Hi guys!!! First of all sorry for not updating the blog for so long. Have been on a long holiday for the Eid Mubarak and there were tones of work at work :P


Find more photos like this on Twilighters Malaysia Official Site

** Thanks to our Twilighters Malaysia Ina Noorazan for uploading the pics :D

I personally really really really can't wait for New Moon UnOfficial Premier Screening..:D