Friday, June 4, 2010

Galaxie Magazine Celebrates Football World Cup 2010

First of all, I am very sorry for being missing from this blog for awhile now. I have to many things on my plate that I don't really have time to give you update on anything. However, I bet all of you are more advance then me on updates on the twikingdom at this moment. ~Beta

I think most of you have already grab yourself a copy of 1st June Galaxie Magazine issue by now. For girls, your reason to grab one might be because that playboy Ronaldo is on the cover and as for guys, well, no doubt 90% of guys are into football. ;) Who says football is just a sports? It is a worldwide entertainment (well for most guys at least..LOL) so there is nothing wrong for Galaxie to take another side of entertainment, right?

For those who have not grab your copy yet...well, you better run to the nearest news stand now as there are a lot more interesting things to watch out for than just football in this issue.

  • Goal! Get in on the football fever!
  • FREE 2010 World Cup scorechart
  • It's also Bieber fever
  • Tokio Hotel gets personal with your Twitter and FB questions.
  • We see red -- Allison Iraheta rocks!
  • It ain't all football. Got Adam Lambert, Demi Lovato posters

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