Thursday, June 16, 2011

MTV Style Breaks Down Designer Carolina Herrera's Spring Bridal Collections

Just a few hours back, Summit Entertainment via it's Twilight twitter account tweeted that Carolina Herrera is it's official Bella's 'Breaking Dawn' wedding dress designer.

Remember, like, two weeks ago when we were all totally flipping our ish over that sneak preview of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 that aired at the Movie Awards?? We were all, "Zoinks. Bella's VEIL. And her RING. And EDWARD in a TUX," and fits of hysterical crying and laughing and crying again? Well, get the tissues ready because last night, Summit Entertainment confirmed via Facebook and Twitter that Bella's dress is designed by none other than gown guru Carolina Herrera.

Carolina Herrera Spring 2012 Bridal Collection
Image: Getty Image via MTV

NOW, we can use Caro's spring bridal collection and those sketches we saw back in April to predict what the dress is going to look like. The illustrated veil and Herrera's own design appear very similar—floor-length with dainty floral details along the hemlines—and given the designer's propensity for the delicately ornate and usage of elegant lines, it's safe to say that the dress in the film won't stray too far from the original sketch. The sketch has Bella with a bit of a neck situation, but we are hoping it is more refined than the dress on the right; cowls have never done anyone a service before. Our secret wish? The lacy, short-sleeve number to the far left. BUT dear omniscient Twilight gods (aka insiders running the movie's promotional calendar), we will NEVER forgive you if you reveal a single detail more about Bella's dress until the premiere. Seriously. Don't ruin this moment for us.

Personally, we agree!! Please do not reveal anything more about Bella's dress!! Just keep it until we see it for the first time at the movies. What do you think of the three dresses in Carolina Herrera collection? I love the middle one ;)

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