Monday, December 12, 2011

EW Magazine: Melissa Rosenberg "Dear Twihards: I Tried"

In one of the page of EW Magazine featuring the Robert, Kristen and Taylor last November 2011, Melissa Rosenberg replied to all twihards who were against her on some of the changes she made for the movie. Well, after reading her comment of our objection for Bella jumping onto Jacob's bike, I can see why.

This is my comment: Well Ms Rosenberg, if it was Taylor Lautner, maybe some of the girls are eager to jump onto his bike with him. BUT, this is Bella we are talking about and SHE WILL NEVER LEAVE EDWARD and jump on a bike with Jacob (not Taylor)!! Next time, just follow the book. That will be better. Oh, by the way, the scene was from Eclipse and not New Moon. However, you did a pretty good job with Breaking Dawn Part 1. I guess because Stephenie Meyer was there all the way to make sure you won't be too far of track.

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