Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More EW Magazine Scans On Twilight The Graphic Novel!!!

As promised, the good folks at the Entertainment Weekly Magazine published a Sneak Peek at the up-coming Twilight The Graphic Novel Volume 1 hitting stores March 16th, in their 29 Jan issue featuring Jay Leno on the cover. I managed to get my hands on the (scarce) supply of EW and got some scans for you guys. EW's Tina Jordan also interviewed Stephenie on the whole graphic novel thing.

Edward and Bella

Here's her interview:

Q: Fans of your book who have come to identify Edward and Bella with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will find very different-looking characters here. Does this art hew more closely to your original descriptions?

A: This was something that I discussed with Yen Press long before we brought in an artist. It was important to us both that this novel be an interpretation of the novel, rather than a cartoon version of the movie. Young took her inspiration directly from the descriptions in the novel, and as a result, the images are much closer to the characters I see in my head than any actual hman being could be

Q: You looked at all the art ahead of time. Did you ever ask the artist to change things?

A: I did approve all of the art in both the sketch and the final forms. Mostly I just enjoyed looking at Young's amazing images. Occasionally I did ask for minor adjustments. Things like: Charlie's hair should be curlier, Eric's hair should be darker, the cafeteria tables should be square. I also asked for the cars to be changed to exactly the models that I described, though no one cares about that besides me.

Q: How does reading the graphic novel compare with reading the original? Does it bring something new to the experience for you?

A: For me, it takes me back to the days when I as writing Twilight. It's been awhile since I was really able to read Twilight; there is so much baggage attached to that book for me now. It seems like all I can see are the mistakes in the writing. Reading Young's version brought me back to the feeling I had when I was writing and it was just me and the characters again. I love that. I thank her for it.

Q: When this project is finished, are you done with Twilight?

A: I can't say that I am done with Twilight forever. I'm not working on anything new Twilight-related now, and probably not for awhile. But there's still a possibility that I'll go back and close some of the open doors

Ah.. see guys... there is still hope... Let's enjoy the scans:

The Biology Lab Scene

The La Push Beach Scene

The First Edward Dream Scene

The Vampire Research Scene

Okay guys. Hope you liked it. This post is especially for those who are not able to get hold of their own copy of EW. No copyright infringement intended. And for those who can, do go grab yours, it is priced at MYR 14.90 and limitedly available at your nearest news stands. Oh, and when I say limited, they normally only receive 1 copy, and of course, I can't wait... ;)


atiza shaemri said...

quite impressed by the illustrations of edbella..
but still can get rid of robsten when reading it.i,m obsessed!!

iena amoi said...

aren't we all? obsessed!!