Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Peter Facinelli Presents New ‘Twilight’ Charity ‘Twihards4Charity’

Twilight Examiner has an exclusive on Peter Facinelli (aka Dr. Carlisle Cullen) supporting a new Twilight Charity with his friend Rob DeFranco and 211Me called Twihards4Charity.

So, what Rob DeFranco and 211me have decided to do, with the help and support of Twilight star Peter Facinelli, is create a place where Twilight fans can go to share in the joy of giving.

The website is www.Twihards4Charity.com, and it has just launched this weekend.

The official mission of the new campaign is as follows:

Twihards4Charity is a new social campaign that helps Twilight fans from all over the world make a difference by uniting them with a common goal – to give to those in need through charities and special causes. 211me has brought in sponsors, brands and support from celebrity favorites like Peter Facinelli to provide TwiHards with Twilight-themed products they love. In return, a portion of the proceeds from every sale will go to a designated cause or charity.

As the charity’s first offer, Twihards4Charity “brings you a Valentine’s Day bouquet you can’t pass up. Whether it’s for your sweetheart, your best friend, or a fellow Twihard, this is a perfect gift to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day.’” The details of the Valentine’s Day offer from Twihards4Charity are as follows: for $49.95, the bouquet contains 12 long-stemmed red roses from 1800Flowers, as well as a Twilight giftcard and poster from Hallmark. For every bouquet sold, five dollars of the proceeds will go to Haiti. Details on ordering this bouquet are available the Twihards4Charity website.

“You know, I’m going to continue doing my charity stuff, but this website is more about uniting the Twihards, and starting with Haiti. So, maybe it is one of those things where we put a vote out [to see what fans want to support next],” he says. This was also figured into the original plan for the page too, he reveals. “When I talked to Rob, I said ‘I don’t want this to be trying to force people to, you know, do our charities, I want them to be able to pool together for a common cause.’ But I think everyone would recognize that right now Haiti needs help, so I thought well we’ll start with Haiti and go from there.”

Thank you Peter Facinelli! He is such a wonderful man. Learn more at Twihards4Charity! To order the Twilight Valentine’s Day Bundle go to 1800Flowers.

Go here to read the entire article.

[Source: Twilight Examiner . Thanks Leslie, Jess H2B & Diana!]

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