Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Galaxie Magazine 17th May issue: Christina Aguilera giving too much info??

Anyone missed Christina Aguilera? Well, I do. The latest controversial thing she was in is the fact that Akon said she's trying to copy Lady Gaga. Haven't heard of the album yet (is it even out yet?)...so I can't judge it.

So, this month, Galaxie Magazine is featuring non other than the girl with a powerful singing voice, Christina Aguilera and according to them, the star is giving them way too much information. Of what? Well, I guess you'll need to buy a copy to know the whole story.

What's exciting in Galaxie this month??

OMG! It's TMI from Chris Aguilera, Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox etc

Eva Longoria releases her scent -- Eva!

The stars of Glee get glamorous and gorgeous

Check out the fun facts of iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove

Robin Thicke shows his wild side in Sex Therapy

POSTERS: Katy Perry, Shine, Dianna Agron, Paramore and more

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