Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Eclipse Movie Promo Stills!!!

Oh my...oh my...oh my....this is soooooo hot!!!!! can it get any hotter than this? aaarghhhhh!!! why can't July be tomorrow!!! See the eyes? the longing? OMG!!! superb!!..ok, I am gonna shut up now. :P  ~Beta

[Thanks Ina Noorazan]

Source: bellasdiary


atiza shaemri said...

she's trying to open the button..haish..ehehe
this supposed to be edward's room rite??

bspotgurl said...

I am speechless rite now!!!!

Twilighters Malaysia said...

Atiza - yes, edward's room. Bella wants him to be with her....and the Cullen left them alone in the house. wowie!!!

bspotgurl - i can just smile and say ~ Azlina