Monday, August 30, 2010

Isle Esme May Not Be Filmed in Rio Due To Hostage Crisis

According to the AFP any talks of Bella and Edward’s Isle Esme honeymoon being filmed in Rio may have come to a complete stop due to a hotel shootout -

THE cast and crew of a hit vampire movie series said today they may abandon plans to shoot scenes from the final movie in Rio de Janeiro after a deadly shootout there last weekend between police and a gang who took hostages in an upmarket tourist hotel.

Riofilme, the city’s agency for promoting movie production, said that the production company for Twilight, Summit Entertainment, was in talks with Rio de Janeiro state officials who were trying to convince them to stay.

The original plans were for scenes from the movie Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final installment in the vampire fantasy, to be played out in the Brazilian city which is famed in equal measure for its spectacular beaches and its rampant street crime.

Can’t say that I blame Summit Entertainment. However, is there really ANY place in the world that is 100% safe? As long as Isle Esme is done perfectly, it could be filmed in my local river for all I care!!

You can read the full article, along with details as to what happened in Rio, here!


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