Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Twilighters Malaysia - The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 1 Special Screening

As we do every year, Twilighters Malaysia organized a special screening on 23rd November 2011 (one day before official release date in Malaysia - 24th Nov 2011) for the 4th sequel of The Twilight Saga. It is kind of sad to know that this will be the second last of the end of the saga. Nonetheless, we still manage to pull of a fun event for all the fans and hopefully they enjoyed the event as much as we do.

The board committee - From left: Nisa, me, Huda, Sunie, Ari & Shairli

These girls have helped me a lot since the beginning of the planning. Last year, everything was pretty much on my own. However, this year..since I am in my first trimester and couldn't be as active as before, the commitment and time were really important to make this happen. (someone said my life imitates Twilight since I am pregnant during Breaking Dawn :P) Thank you so much twi-sisters!! Love you all so much!!  I had a pretty bad temperature & non-stop vomiting the day before the event and prayed hard that I'll recover in event day. Fortunately I did. I guess my little nudger loves Twilight too!

Volunteers & board committee
From left : Dina's hubby, June, Diana, board committee, Pearly, Edura & Dina

On the event day, like every year, we have few volunteers to add up to the team to help us out during the event day with the goodie bags preparations and other task during the event. I personally thank all of them for their support and hard work on that day. You all have surely help us to make the event perfect!!

This year, the event was a bit more unique with the theme 'EPIC WEDDING'. I have rented the flower arch as a simbol of the wedding and Marsila (http://rizqcakes.blogspot.com), a fellow twilighters sponsored a beautiful and gorgeous (not to mention delicious) special design cupcakes standee that catch the eye of everyone that day. I really love it!!

Ain't that gorgeous??!!

Like last year, we have costume competition (cosplay) and also lucky draws. All these prizes & goodies are sponsored by our beloved sponsors Galaxie Magazine Malaysia, MPH Bookstores, Marriott Hotel Putrajaya, Warner Music Malaysia, Rizqcakes & Innoform Media. Also inconjucntion with Bella's pregnancy, we also had a special lucky draw for pregnant women. Yey!! I love giving out prizes!! Like I said to someone; "I love sharing the love for Twilight with others! It is so much FUN!! :)"

Some of the goodies given out that nite :)

The finalist

Norhidayah (Bella) & Syed Azman (Jacob) won the cosplay competition
They won : BD1 OST, BD1 Tall Coffee Cup, Marriott voucher, Monavie drink etc

Although the event might not be 100% perfect but I really hope everyone enjoyed being at the event and will continue to come for the finale next year. We are planning for a huge one for the finale!!

We thank you Pyrozyro Photography for all the excellent pictures. You may visit their blog for the update and click HERE for all the photos taken that night. :)

See you twihards next year!!

P/S: As Kristen Stewart is our heroic Snow White in Snow White & The Huntsman, we might just hold a special screening for it. So if you are a fan, do keep updated with our official site ;)


Nelbaring said...

Hi. I'm wondering whether any M'sian twilighter know anything about BD1 dvd release date here? or anyhting about the packaging and anything that included in the dvd or blue ray, M'sia version? would it be the same as US's. theirs are super cool, what's with the wedding dress sp ed..super envy now. someonee please? i'm dying to know!

Twilighters Malaysia said...

We will be posting and update on the DVD once we have the info from the distributor. Normally the content are the same when u buy the special edition. :)