Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chris Weitz Answers Lucky Fans' Questions On New Moon

Our Mr. Director, Chris Weitz having fun @ the Tokyo Fan Event, Nov '09

@RPLife posted an interesting phone interview between Chris Weitz and the lucky fan who wins the @Twilight Sweep. Her name is @JennyBRUTAL. Here are a few questions that stand out:

Q: I know Edward's car is now a dark silver, but was there any reason for the change?

A: Availability. Volvo wanted to introduce a new car into the series, instead of the older model. So they provided a newer model, brown Volvo. Immediately we knew it had to be repainted, and chose a dark, non-shiny, black colour. It added more to the first Edward scene in the movie, the feeling is upbeat but the colour of the vehicle adds to the danger lurking.

Q: How did you decide to shoot the scene where the months are passing by, considering the books only name the months that pass?

A: We originally thought we could use a blank screen with names of the months passing but felt that it was best to portray depression visually. CGI was used and the windows were covered by green screen. We used a robotic camera for revolvement to mimic the original hand camera as much as possible. I'm not sure if you noticed but with each revolvement the room changes, there are less pictures of her friends and the room gets more sparse.

Q: Were there any scenes that you would have loved to see in the film but never made the final cut?

A: Yes, one scene. There’s a scene with a motorcycle crash that gives more of a sense of danger. The reason why it didn't make the final cut was because of weather reasons, it was just too sunny to be considered Forks. The DVD will include that scene as well as extended scenes. Some of the extended scenes include more of Edward's visit to the Volturi concerning his immortality and more from the scene between Carlisle and Bella. [when he was stitching Bella up.] In one of the early drafts of the script this scene was not in the movie. Immediately I knew that had to change, it was essential to the story line.

She asked pretty good questions and Chris even mentioned that he was glad that she won and he actually enjoyed answering her questions. Note to all fans: If you ever win anything especially an interview with cool people, do your homework and ask good questions so that you, the personality involved and all your audience would actually benefit from it too, just like Jenny did!

Thanks Jenny for sharing (oh, lucky you!) and thanks @RPLife for the lead. Wonder when will @Twilight be doing a sweep to include fans from Asia? Now I really² cant wait for the extended DVD to come out! Why dun you just satisfy our hunger Chris and release the 5 hour version???

You can read the rest of the interview here.

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iena amoi said...

I REALLY NEED THAT DVD AND 5 HOURS UNCUT LIKE NOW!!! OME!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!! This is torture!!! I wud pay a bundle for the 5 hours version. aaarghhhhh!!!! *tears*