Thursday, April 21, 2011

Congratulation to Galaxie Mag!! Entertainment Magazine of the Year!!

15th April issue!! Go grab one NOW!!

PETALING JAYA: Galaxie has been named Entertainment Magazine Of The Year by trade magazine Advertising + Marketing.
Its editor Gordon Kho said: “We have managed to establish Galaxie as the go-to magazine when it comes to entertainment news.”
“Readers these days are sophisticated. It is not enough to just give them showbiz news. They want it in an attractive presentation. Galaxie gives equal focus to the design and layout of the magazine to cater to modern readers,” he added.
Advertising + Marketing editor Gabey Goh, said Galaxie emerged as the most favoured entertainment magazine to advertise in, as voted for by marketers and advertisers in this year's edition of the Magazine Of The Year rankings.
“Galaxie's ranking is proof of the brand's resilience in maintaining top of mind recall with marketers,” he said.
Advertising + Marketing's survey was conducted by Singapore-based research agency Boardroom Research with respondents polled from marketers/advertisers and marketing services agency professionals.


We love Galaxie and we thank you for their support on all our events. You are truly an entertainment magazine of the year because you are giving us entertainment educations and latest news rather then just plain lame gossip that most entertainment magazine are aiming for.

Once again, thank you Galaxie Magazine!!

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