Thursday, April 7, 2011

MTV Hollywood Crush : Jamie Campbell Bower Takes The 'Harry Potter' vs. 'Twilight' Quiz

We think all of us know Jamie Bower who played Caius in The Twilight Saga series. And we bet if you are also a Harry Potter fan, which we know most of you are, he also played the role of Gellert Grindelwald.

MTV interview him and gave him a 'Twilight' vs 'Harry Potter' quiz. ;)

Jamie Campbell Bower has had the distinct pleasure of starring in two of the biggest film franchises in, well, ever: "Twilight" and "Harry Potter." So when he stopped by the MTV Newsroom last week to talk about his new Starz series "Camelot," we wanted to see how much he knew about each of the blockbuster movies.

Take a peek at the quiz, the answers and the video to see how well Jamie fared at our test after the jump!

Question: Where was Bill and Fleur's wedding?
Answer: The Burrow
Question: Why was Bella allowed to leave Volterra?
Answer: Edward and Alice promised to turn Bella into a vampire
Question: Who was the first person to die in the 7th installment?
Answer: Charity Burbage
Question: What is the name of the Volturi’s human receptionist?
Answer: Gianna
Question: Who is the other dude who has starred in both franchises?
Answer: Robert Pattinson
Jamie knew the answers for both series about equally, which we have to say is pretty good considering how much mythology is involved with knowing even a little bit about either "Twilight" or "Harry Potter." And now that he's added "Camelot" to his resume, which is also steeped in a lot of back story, we are willing to add genius to Jamie's resume which already includes Hump Day Hottie and movie star.

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