Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday ROBERT PATTINSON!!

Since blogger chose the most significant date for Robert Pattinson fans to do their maintenance, our birthday wish to our ever so gorgeous, sexy and talented Robert Pattinson is about 7 hours late (I think we are about 7 hours earlier than London).

We wish Rob the best in everything in life!!

Ealier (few days back), we did post a video shout we did for Robert's birthday we made during our 'Water for Elephants' special screening. Here it is again.

This is Robert's Birthday video project by Spunk-Ransom. All twilight fans around the world participated including us (ours starts at 1:14 but you should watch the whole awesome video!). And the video is on it's way to Rob!!!

Thank you Spunk-Ransom!! This means a great deal to us!! :)

And today, we had a small gathering and celebrated Robert Pattinson's birthday. We had a nice time just having our lunch, hanging out and talk twilight. :) Our special cake and cupcakes (delicious) is prepared by PumpkinMummyCupCakes! I don't normally eat cupcakes, but these are delicious and not sweet. LOVE it!

Our special cake for Robert!

From Letf: Faten, Neesa, Ari, me, Aini, Shairli & Huda

And here is a special tribute made by non other than our Golden Blogger, Ina Noorazan.

This man is like great wine ...
... he just gets better with age!


Baby Rob

Teen Rob ~ the model (circa 2001)

at the Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire premiere (November 2005)

at the Twilight Los Angeles premiere (November 2008)

at the New Moon Los Angeles premiere (November 2009)

at the Remember Me New York premiere (March 2010)

at the Eclipse Los Angeles premiere (June 2010)

at the Water for Elephants London premiere (April 2011)

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