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Let's dissect Breaking Dawn 1 image stills, shall we?

Amanda Bell of the Examiner made a close inspection of the new Breaking Dawn part 1 image stills. Is there any details you’ve noticed in these stills? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

In the first one, Bella (Kristen Stewart) seems to be wearing a sheet or a robe and staring at something startling. Both she and Edward (Robert Pattinson) are donning, shall we say, mussed hair; and he appears to be pulling the fabric down a bit to take a look at her back. Based on those facts, I’d speculate that this image might be from the moment when they both discover the aftermath of their first . . . consummation experience. Though we cannot directly see feathers in the shot, there’s a strong possibility this moment coincides with that one.

{When I first saw this photo, looking at Bella's scared face, I figured it was when she first guessed that she might be pregnant and the cleaning lady at Isle Esme gets upset and yelled at Edward, just before they cut their honeymoon short to go back to Forks. But as you can see, Bella's left hand on Edward's chest is devoid of any wedding or engagement ring. But then again she may have taken them off before joining Edward in the sea ;)}

The second one speaks for itself. Bella and Edward, standing in the midst of the square in Lapa, Brazil, sneak in a few kisses amidst the crowd. Thousands of extras were needed for the background of this scene, so a lot of Brazilian Twilight fans got to see this moment made right before their very eyes.

Third is the “Volturi” lair, with “Aro” (Michael Sheen) receiving his invitation to the wedding. One new notation that can be made about the image is how different the props (i.e., the chairs, the walls, the flooring) look than they did in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Presumably, this is another layer of their castle in Volterra, then – and a decidedly darker one at that.

Next up is the one of “Alice” (Ashley Greene), wearing her much-shorter (and closer to the book’s description, even as it is pinned up this way) haircut, with Bella. This one is also very upfront about its related moment from the film. With all of the hair brushes and make-up tools in sight, this is clearly the point when she’s readying Bella for her wedding. It’s hard to tell whether this is supposed to be Alice’s bridesmaid dress. Its description is as follows, from the story: “a dress that flowed down her slender body like a silvery waterfall.”
{I'm excited to see Bella's wedding dress!}

The fifth photo is of “Carmen” (Mia Maestro) and “Eleazar” (Christian Camargo), and it matches up with their personalities more than you might suspect at first. Per Twilight Saga Wiki:

Eleazar's gift is the identification of any special ability shown by vampires. Eleazar thinks that it is a "haphazard practice", as no two abilities work the same way. His ability to read powers is, like many other gifts, weaker on humans, and so is limited in that sense and requires full concentration for him to detect their potential gifts.

Meanwhile, Carmen is described as “a very gentle, kind, and maternal person,” and her expression is true to form in this sense, isn’t it?

In the next one, Bella eats her breakfast and chats with her personal chef and husband, Edward Cullen. They’re clearly more interested in the conversation they’re having. I’d guess this one comes sometime during the “distraction” phase of the honeymoon.

As for the next one, in which they are playing chess in Isle Esme, they seem so much more relaxed and with it that it almost seems as though this might be from those tender moments when they’ve overcome their . . . obstacles. But maybe not; maybe this is one of Bella’s moments of being seductive. Her posture and his giddy expression do lend themselves to that theory as well.

{They do play a lot of chess, don't they? Remember this pic?}

Next up, ah the waterfall . . . Edward’s face is serious and conflicted. I think Bella’s willpower is overcoming him in this one.

The ninth one shows some of the Denali girls - “Irina,” “Kate” (Casey LaBow), and “Tanya” (MyAnna Buring) – with “Esme” (Elizabeth Reaser). I’m no flower expert, but don’t those in the background look like white lilac? Lilac, orange blossoms, roses, and freesia were the flowers described in the book.

The next one, in which “Jacob” (Taylor Lautner) clutches his wedding invitation as he begins to run in the rain, might be from that moment when he has had enough and takes off on his own for a while; or it could be him on his way to surprise Bella with a dance. Which would you pin it down as?

Finally, Jacob and his motorcycle. The dismay on his face is unmistakable. I think he’s going to pay a visit to his friend Bella, who he’s not convinced is even alive, in this one.

{This could be when other wolf pack members thought that Bella has been transformed and Jake paid the Cullens a visit to confirm it but instead saw a pregnant Bella}


Still image credit: Summit Ent.

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