Friday, May 20, 2011

Twilightish ECXLUSIVE : Interview with Billy Burke

Twilightish had the opportunity to talked to Billy Burke a.k.a Charlie Swan, our most beloved cool father in twilight. Don't you just love him? :)

Here is the snippet of the interview;

Twilightish: How does it feel to see the end of the Twilight Saga? Are you happy to move on?
Billy: It's weird you know? Cause it's kinda like being on a television show for the last three years. It was a steady gig for me you know? I can't say that I'm heart broken about it but it was a good gig for me. I'm a little on the fence about how I feel. I think that it has run its course, and we as artists and audiences have gotten everything we can possibly get out of it. Always happy to be moving on. I have no idea what is next for me.

Twilightish: Did you find it emotional to watch Bella get married?
Billy: You know what? It wasn't so much that it was emotional. Those days we were shooting the wedding, in all honesty, there was something about them that brought stuff up not only in me, but in other people on the set. Something that was visceral. We ended up saying "this is kinda weird isn't it?" I can't explain what it was, it wasn't like my daughter was getting married, but there was definitely something that was quite touching going on.

Twilightish: How much of yourself did you put into the character of Charlie?
Billy: Charlie has a sort of reserved nature, that I'm told I have as well. Beyond that he's a cop and I couldn't be further away from a cop, in attitude and daily actions. He also loves to watch sports and I don't really. It's a world of make believe, originally Charlie didn't read like he does now. Those ticklish funny moments came out by accident when I started working the part. So I guess Melissa (Rosenberg) took that and ran with it for the rest of the series. That was nice!

You can read the whole interview at Twilightish. :)

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