Saturday, September 5, 2009

Interview with New Moon director Chris Weitz

Fellow fansite TwilightersAnonyous had the chance to speak with New Moon director Chris Weitz a while back during their set visit, and they have just now posted an audio interview and transcript of the festivities–

What did you do to make the tone darker? – Have you done anything specific to make it darker as a film?

Chris: Yeah, I think it’s just not to be afraid of the tonalities of the acting and in the tone of the piece. Not, because obviously with a big studio film and a lot of money at stake, you know one can be afraid that if you don’t have people smiling and laughing all the time that you’re gonna be in big trouble. But I think that part of the appeal of this is that it really digs into that melancholy that people experience when they are broken up with: when they lose somebody, when they yearn for somebody, and just not to be afraid of that.....

Check out the rest at the excellent TwilightersAnonymous.

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