Thursday, September 3, 2009

Forbes: Holloywood 10's Most Powerful Vampire has released a list of Hollywood’s Most Powerful Vampires.

Edward Cullen takes the number 5 spot. Here is what they say about Edward:

As the love interest of Bella Swan in the commercially successful Twilight film, Edward Cullen plays a permanently 17-year-old vampire. The Summit Entertainment movie, which is the first of three planned, became a sensation. It reaped $191 million at the domestic box office, marking the first big success of independent film studio Summit Entertainment.

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Rounding out the top 5:
1) Bill Compton
2) Angel
3) Spike
4) Blade
5) Edward Cullen

Here was how they determined the list:

Just for fun, we decided to see which versions of the vampire are the most popular (and potentially most lucrative) in entertainment. We considered all major vampire characters in wide-release films and television series in the last 30 years. (Characters in vampire-centric series who are not vampires throughout the majority of the storyline, notably vampire hunters and vampire paramours, were not considered.) Rankings were based on television ratings, inflation-adjusted box office performance, as well as presence in popular culture through blog and press mentions

See the whole list here!

** He is No.1 in our list. Isn't he?! **

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