Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Robsten Lovers Robsten Rumor Smack Down!!

Okay here are the dailies...OK mag Australia publish a Robsten Manip as fact in their recent we do that here when we are desperate for Rosbten pics but we clearly label MANIP!!! Yikes! Wonder if they'll have "pics" of the next rumor du jour...Oregano up in the 'couve (below)?

Also several "reports" that Michael "Oregano" was in Vancouver this weekend visiting Kristen which is why she wasn't at the cast dinner with Rob last Friday Night...huh? what? If he was there, believe me...there would be pics! Read all about it here! *update* GossipCop on Twitter contacted both Kristen and Michaels reps and they had no comment...what exactly do these reps do all day?

via Robsten Lovers

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