Friday, September 11, 2009

Chaske Spencer - competition with Rob Patzz

Chaske Spencer played Sam in New Moon and exclusively caught up with him before he starts filming Eclipse next week in Vancouver. In part one of the interview we tried to find out everything there is to know about Chaske, his incredible new buff body and his competition with Rob Pattinson!

Radar: You said that you like that the vampire is the cool skinny guy. Rob is basically the only guy in the show that isn’t working out in between scenes because he’s not buffing up, right?
Spencer: No, actually he was training with us.

Radar: Did he go to Wolf Camp?
Spencer: No, he did Vampire Camp! I don’t know what his workout regimen was but he would show up before or after us because we were on two different shooting schedules during New Moon and most of the vampires, I met them for dinner once but then boom, we all went our separate ways to work. I would hear the trainer say oh Rob lifted this much weight, and I’d say really?

Radar: Would you want to lift more than Rob?
Spencer: Yes! There was this competition one day we went into the gym, we have this rowing machine and I really busted my ass and I got a high record on it and I was like, yeah, beat that! Because the wolves are really competitive with each other in the gym. Then the next day I came in and Rob beat me by four seconds! Then filming was done and I never got to go back and try to up that.

Radar: Is that the first things you’re doing on Sunday when you get there?
Spencer: I hope so! I’m going to go row that and see if I can beat his record. Rob would come in either before or after us. I like that, I like that we’re separated from them, it builds the tension. You’ll see the chemistry on screen. I think that’s why they kept us wolves together, because the chemistry will come out on screen, you can’t fake that. Same with the vampires, when we’re on screen with them you’ll see the chemistry – we’re supposed to be competitive against them, resent them for who they are as vampires. I think that will come across. But we don’t resent them in real life. They’re really nice. That’s what I love about the cast, they’re really nice, everyone comes to play They’re ready to work, they’re good people It’s one of the cool things about this production, I don’t think anyone really expected it to be this big of a hit so we’re all just wide eyed and wow. They’re really good people.

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