Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Breaking Dawn filming news - SPOILER ALERT!

Lainey Gossip spills some filming details that will be covered in Vancouver.

"As for what they’ll be doing here on the West Coast, I can tell you exclusively that filming includes – in no particular order:
• Bella’s new vampire hunting• teaching the hybrid child about hunting
• some sh-t in pretend-Alaska
• something about Romanian vampires
• something about a movie theatre and Edward’s flashback
• Bella kicking Jacob’s ass
• Jacob training baby wolves
• Bella practising her mind techniques
• the father-son “baseball” conversation between Carlisle and Edward aka "the birds and the bees talk" (click here for details)
• the wedding
• a happy future family scene when the kid is all grown up
• and the final scene of the saga which is, unless they change it in editing, the two lovers in the meadow."

[Ina Noorazan] - I don't recall reading about Carlisle-Edward talk in the book. I kept checking but haven't come across it yet. Anybody knows? However if any of the above is true, I can't wait to see Edward's flashbacks. Human Edward maybe? Green eyes!! :)

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