Saturday, February 26, 2011

Breaking Dawn filming news : Stunt rehearsals at the Swan's residence

We've updated about preparations at the Swan's residence outside of Vancouver. The house had been decked out in Christmas decorations, which would coincide with the picture director Bill Condon released at Christmas time. Now it seems there is a team testing out rigging that would be used to enter Bella’s bedroom window.

The last time this rigging was used was back in New Moon when Taylor Lautner, and not a stunt double, entered the upper window using the rigging. There’s lots of speculation as to what scene this is in prep for, and exactly who will be doing the window entering/exiting.


[Ina Noorazan] - Could these stunts be in preparation of the scene where Emmett and Jasper pick up Edward for the Bachelor Party/Hunting?

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