Monday, February 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn filming news - Edward & Bella's cottage discovered!

Mandy from Mandy’s Mind has found Edward & Bella's cottage that will be used in Breaking Dawn, which is located in British Columbia (where filming of the last parts of Breaking Dawn will begin soon). - THANK YOU Mandy!

According to her,

"It looked just about finished, besides some final touches such as foliage, flowers and whatnot. It was perfect. Nestled amongst trees with the stone walls and the square chimney. Looked just about ready for filming!"

This is Bella's description of the cottage from book (Chapter 24: Surprise, page 475)

"I stared into the violet dark. There, nestled into a small clearing in the forest, was a tiny stone cottage, lavender gray in the light of the stars. It belonged here so absolutely that it seemed as if it must have grown from the rock, a natural formation. Honeysuckle climbed up one wall like a lattice, winding all the way up and over the thick wooden shingles. Late summer roses bloomed in a handkerchief-sized garden under the dark, deep-set windows. There was a little path of flat stones, amethyst in the night that led up to the quaint arched wooden door."

Here is the description from Breaking Dawn of the cottage interior (Chapter 24: Surprise, page 479)

"The cottage room was something from a fairy tale. The floor was a crazy quilt of smooth, flat stones. The low ceiling had long exposed beams that someone as tall as Jacob would surely knock his head on. The walls were warm wood in some places, stone mosaics in others. The beehive fireplace in the corner held the remains of a slow flickering fire. It was driftwood burning there-the low flames were blue and green from the salt.

It was furnished in eclectic pieces, not one of them matching another, but harmonious just the same. One chair seemed vaguely medieval, while a low ottoman by the fire was more contemporary and the stocked book-shelf against the far window reminded me of movies set in Italy. Somehow each piece fit together with the others like a big three-dimensional puzzle. There were a few paintings on the walls that I recognized-some of my very favorites from the big house. Priceless originals, no doubt, but they seemed to belong here, too, like all the rest."

In this photo, you can see the chimney which was described as the "beehive" fireplace in the corner.

Source & Photo Credit

[Ina Noorazan]

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