Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meet the four little girls who are playing Renesmee!

As you already know, Mackenzie Foy has been officially cast as Renesmee. Although Mackenzie is the only girl confirmed by Summit there are many names, 3 to be exact, of possible “little Renesmees”.

According to a Mackenzie Foy fansite, Mackenzie’s face will be “digitally transferred” onto the other three girls’ bodies to show Renesmee’s rapid growth.

Eliza Faria looks like the youngest Renesmee hired thus far, followed by the six-year-old actress from The Blind Side and The Shunning, Rachel St. Gelais – and then Sierra Pitkin, who is best known for her part in Juno.

- Mackenzie Foy: Mackenzie is the 10 years old girl who plays Renesmee. Mackenzie’s been modeling since she was 3 years old, and started acting at age of 6. Stephenie Meyer confirmed her as Renesmee the past October.

- Eliza Faria: She’s listed as “Little Renesmee” on the Breaking Dawn IMDb’s page.

- Rachel St. Gelais: She’s a 6 year-old actress known for “The Blind Side” and “The Shunning”.

Rachel also was caught tweeting with Breaking Dawn cast members Erik Odom (aka Peter) and Valorie Curry (aka Charlotte), further confirming her part.

RachelStGelais: @valoriecurry you're delightful! Shout out to Toni Trucks too! You're fun! Thank You!

ValorieCurry: @RachelStGelais It was wonderful to meet you, darlin!

RachelStGelais: @erikodom You're so kind! Go Team Peter! Rachel likes you because you remind her of her 12 yr old brother Steven ;-)

ErikOdom: @RachelStGelais She's a total was great to meet you guys this morning! :D

- Sierra Pitkin: She’s also rumored to be playing Renesmee. Sierra is well known for her role in “Juno”. Her age range is 8-10.


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