Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Library Association's Celebrity READ posters - Now Up To Eclipse!!!

Yes folks!

The awesome people at the American Library Association has impressed us yet again with a new Celebrity READ Poster featuring The Twilight Saga Eclipse Theme!

For Eclipse, they are featuring Jane (played by Dakota Fanning).  Look at that!  Even Jane reads Eclipse!

And for those who misses the New Moon one (I did), it featured Jacob reading New Moon as for the earlier Twilight READ poster featuring an intimate literature moment between Edward and Bella amidst guess what?..Twilight... SO ROMANTIC!!!

These posters were created to promote reading... And I know it will definitely do its job!

For those who would like to order the posters, you can do so here (but I'm not sure if they send to Malaysia!).


atiza shaemri said...

rob and kris read together..aww, that was so ramantic(although for an ad only)..ehehe

atiza shaemri said...