Friday, April 9, 2010

Cosplay Archive!

I was cleaning up some over used disc space last night when I came across some pictures of the Cosplay Competition we had during the Unofficial New Moon Mini Premier held in November last year!  So, as a tribute to our TwiHards, lets take a walk down memory lane and get a look at all the contestants:

The Jacobs (or should I say just Jacob?)

The Alices

The Bellas

The Rosalies

Jasper & Esme

OME!  Looks like Alice and Bella are one famous cosplay characters!  And the final five are:

L-R: Puteri (Bella), Jay Tewake (Jacob), Affy (Esme), Ayu Ismail (Alice) & Iris (Jasper)

Fuhh!  Walking down memory lane is definitely tiring but so worth it!!!

Hope this gives you some idea of what to wear to our Eclipse Unofficial Charity Premier Screening for a chance to win great prizes!!!  Hope we'll get more people taking part in the cosplay with more awesome costumes this year!  Reserve your tix and a chance to give back here!

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