Thursday, April 1, 2010

Galaxie 1st April Issue Might Make Your Head Spins!!

There's no real!!!! love in you!!!!! There's no real!!! love in you!!! That verse or chorus kept on playing in my head when I think of Tokio Hotel. LOL!! Galaxie is somehow coming up with a different approach this month by featuring two hot star, Bill Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel) and Jared Leto on its cover.

Ok! Ok! Maybe my time has past, coz I am not really into these two hot star but I am sure all you twiteens would go crazy for this cover. Please excuse us twimoms...ahahahahah. Well, maybe we are into Jared Leto just a bit (are we?)..:P

What to look forward to besides the cover story? Well, Jacob fans will be jumping up and down when they read this. A poster of Taylor Lautner and a full page story on Kristen Stewart are included in this issue. And to Paramore lovers (Oh! we know if you love Twilight, you would love Paramore!) you would want to know their thrills and spills :D. Is you head spinning now?? Galaxie is spoiling us, isn't it?

As we said again and again each half month, what are you waiting for?? Go and grab the issue NOW at news stands near you and maybe you can sleep with Taylor Lautner (poster) tonite! nggeee~~~~

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