Wednesday, April 14, 2010

David Slade Tweets, And Deletes! So Cute!

I cant stop laughing...LOL! posted this on their page and as they said, I tried to look for the tweet and it has been deleted!  Looks like David's regretting posting it up or he is just purposefully creating buzz!

Anyways, at least 26 people managed to re-tweet the post before he deletes it so, its pretty much already flying everywhere in cyberspace!

So, we can expect a new trailer coming soon!  Oh, and remember, for all its worth, HE DID NOT TWEET THIS :p!  You can read's post here.


sue j said...

i was one of the people who actually retweeted this post minute after it being post but somehow few minutes after that, david post another tweet saying that his twitter acc being hacked and he said this tweet was bogus and that he didn't see anything. then his profile pic started to change and some tweets were missing. so, dunno what's really going on but both this tweet and the one saying he was being hacked have been deleted..

Twilighters Malaysia said...

eeheheh...really? cool. yeah....sumtimes www is not a reliable source. We just hv to wait :D ~ Beta