Friday, January 7, 2011

49 Year Old Twihard Immortalized Twilight on Her Skin!

Daily Mail UK reported that a 49 year old die-hard Twilight fan, Cathy Ward chose everything Twilight to be her first tattoo. When I say everything Twilight, it literally means almost everything. The tattoo is not as small as a butterfly tattoo that I would love to put one just on top of my butt-crack but she practically tattooed her whole back!

She was desperate to get almost the whole cast of blood-sucking characters on her back because she claims they helped her lose five stone.
Despite working in the cake department, she ditched calorie-laden foods in favour of getting stuck into the popular books and movies– and dropped 14 dress sizes in just six months.
Mrs Ward said: ‘A friend of mine got me the first film on DVD because I was feeling low.
‘Once I started I just couldn't stop myself. I had to go out and buy all the books and films. I got hooked. It became my way of rewarding myself.
You can read more at DailyMailUK

I don't know why, but Edward's head just at her waist made it look like it is a fat Edward. LOL But I love the Cullen Crest. I want that tattoo if I am allowed to.

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