Sunday, January 2, 2011

Robert and Kristen Pictures on Island of Wright

We know all of you missed non other than our most beautiful Twilight couple (although they haven't official admit it, we know better, don't we?). So, finally some encounter with them on Island of Wright. Before this, there were buzz about someone seeing Kristen boarding a plane to the UK and now, it is confirmed she is there. What better way to spend your new year then to be with your beloved hot boyfriend. ;)

Pic source via Robstenation via fiercebithstew

ic from pinkoona - Rob and Kristen having lunch
Rob is wearing the blue hoodie.
Looks like Kristen is wearing Rob's ComicCon 2009 plaid shirt, or is it Kristen's own shirt via london_robsten
Tweets from pinkoona The lunch pic is from yesterday, December 31, 2010, Rob having lunch with mates in Ventnor Pub, Isle of Wight. yes and a lot of their mates were singing (maybe it was Rob himself). he is in the blue hoodie and K is in plaid shirt. yes - they are with a large group 15-20 London crowd - source

A fan met with them while they are hanging out with friends on IOW

You can read all about the encounter of the girl in the pic from Robstenation blog. At first, she said Kristen was bitter and then she took it back. We all know our beloved Kristen is nothing like that. She just wants some privacy. ;)

Last but not least, I let you all ponder on this manip of Rob and Kristen on IOW.
A beautiful manip of Robsten. :)

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