Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MTV Rough Cut: 2011 Sundance Film Festival - Elizabeth Reaser Talks about Mackenzie, Kristen's Vampire Transformation and Christmas Cookies

MTV had the chance to interview Elizabeth Reaser a.k.a Esme Cullen during 2011 Sundance Film Festival. I can still remember sweet MTV interview with Rob and Kristen that sparks the rumor of their love affair. I love the video!

On Mackenzie playing Renesmee

Well, Mackenzie was really well casted. She really resembles Rob and Kristen. :)

On Kristen's Stewart transformation as a new born.

I bet Kristen makes a beautiful new born vampire.

On Kristen's Cooking

Awww...she made cookies. Can you just imagine how Robsten household will look like on daily basis and during festive season? So sweet and lovely. Right?

Seriously, can't wait for Breaking Dawn!!!


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