Monday, January 3, 2011

Pictures & Tweets of Twilight Cast Heading Back to Baton Rogue

We did tweet yesterday saying that the cast would be on their way back to Baton Rogue soon. Well, we were right. Dakota Fanning and Ashley Green were spotted at LAX heading back to Baton Rogue on 2nd January. Not sure if they took the same flight though.

Other cast tweet about going back to Baton Rogue to continue filming Breaking Dawn and breakingdawnmovie had compiled the tweets.

Many of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn cast are tweeting they are heading back to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to start film again! Exciting! Red Stick = Baton Rouge

@JamieBower (aka Caius) Red stick calls me. X

@danielcudmore (aka Felix) Great little Holiday, not its back to the Stick Red…

@LisaHowardNYC (aka Siobhan) Waiting at LaGuardia airport. So crowded! Looking forward to seeing my new vamp friends again:-)

@valoriecurry (aka Charlotte) Waiting in the most epic line in airport history. Everybody, cross your fingers that I make my flight!

@amadouLy Good Morning from Baton Rouge. Had a great flight.

@JanelleFro Just landed at LAX. I have a funny feeling I could run into a TwiCast member at any moment… So…one bag came on my flight, and the other is coming on a different plane? Ha! What’s your favorite way to waste time in an airport? @amadouLy You beat me to Baton Rouge!

@GuriWeinberg (aka Stefan/Romanian Coven) Happy 2011 to all! Have to get back to work, met Stephanie Myers 2x now, she told me I was the Stefan she had pictured. Awesome woman.

Noel and I have been singing on set with our Romanian dialects to make everyone laugh. I will try and post video clips soon.

I have been bad at tweeting, I am going to start a blog with all my BD experiences soon for those that are interested.

Are you guys following then on twitter? Well I think it is about time you do. :)

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