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Right. So the event kicked off at about 7pm (if I was not mistaken) with address by the two MCs (one Japanese speaking and one English speaking, thank god - you can view one of them down here) and the crowd is already pretty much excited at this point. We were told to control ourselves, no standing or jumping or waving our hands or balloons so that we will not disturb other fans who (also) wants to see Rob! We first thought that it will never happen but surprisingly, all of us (despite the hooting and "I Love You Rob's"), managed to stay on our seats, well, I was reprimanded like 5 times and was sure that the next time, they might just escort me (with honors) out of the room, LOLS!!!

The cute Japanese speaking MC. The English speaking one appears more 'motherly' or 'teacher' looking

All was good till Rob actually makes his appearance, the atmosphere just gets electric and better!!! Well, I (honestly) did not even notice Chris (I'm so sorry Chris) in the beginning but man, THAT IS ACTUALLY EDWARD CULLEN THERE, WALKING UP THE STAGE, LOOKING AT US, LOOKING AT ME (~~sighs)!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!

So, Okay. Edwards (oops), Robert came up and was introduced then Chris came up and was introduced and they in return get to introduce themselves (like we need any introduction...). Chris said something about wanting to make it short as he knows it's Robert we came to see or something like that (aww, Chris...don't do that :p, we want to see you too, honest). Robert tried his hand (or tongue?) at a little bit of Japanese and greeted the crowd with "Genki Desu Ka?" <--means something like (if I'm not mistaken) "How are you doing" or "Are you OK" and the crowd crooned "Genki Desu" in unison, so I pretty much think the crowd is pretty OK (why shouldn't they be? I AM, simply coz he's in the same room...LOLS...)... As I mentioned, I brought along a TelePhoto lense (courtesy of @Fadlisham Fadzil from FB) and was literally honing my mediocre shutterbug skills with it for the first time and here are some of the maiden photos I took:

Isn't he cute? Notice I didn't dare tag his face... Please guys, no copying!!!

Robert, Robert, where art thou Robert??? ~~ On the 'balcony' part of the stage, looking down on his 'worshippers'...LOLS!

Waving goodbye after a re-entrance on a (this time) real balcony...

Since we were sent there by our co-sponsors, Tayangan Unggul Sdn. Bhd. (the Malaysian official movie distributor for The Twilight Saga) and MEP Education Consult Sdn. Bhd. (the publisher for MEP Magazine, the Magazine towards English Proficiency) we can't share ALL the photo outtakes as yet coz it's been divided between Tayangan Unggul and MEP with only a small portion for us. You can view the ones that are ours here. We got like 25 photos, exclusively for Twilighters Malaysia (you won't get this anywhere else!). As for the rest, we will only be posting it up online once either Tayang Unggul or MEP has published it somewhere.

Question and answer session follows but only two questions were allowed and if you hear from our video, both Azlina and I were like begging to ask questions. Sorry MEP! But we will definitely get the story done no matter what. Catch our coverage in the up-coming issue of MEP Magazine (publication date TBA). Six fans were picked from the lot (you can see pics at our Flickr page) to become finalists for the LA Premier Trip draw and they had Robert and Chris seated on a balcony portion of the stage and the girls pleading their case on "Why should they be the one going to LA". One of them actually broke down in tears... ~~EMOTIONS...

Both Robert and Chris decided that it's too much for them to decide and they ended up playing the string game (pics on Flickr). There were 6 strings connected to a box, two of them connects to Robert and Chris each. The (lucky) fan with her string connected to Robert's gets to go to LA with a newly presented Twilight necklace (Rob helped her to wear it..aww...) and the (also lucky) fan with her string connected to Chris gets a pair of Edward and Bella dolls, signed by Robert and Chris and a red cape from the Volterra scene. The other four 'finalists' also walked away with a red cape each (and did I mentioned hugs from Robert and Chris?)...

That was the end, Robert and Chris left and Robert made a grand re-entrance on a (real) balcony for like 3 minutes...

Ah...There he goes...~~~~~~

Both Azlina and myself walked out of the hall a new person. We were actually in the same room as him!!! But we were a bit saddened as we did not get to ask our questions (for MEP) or get the posters signed (from Tayangan Unggul) or even get our pics taken with Rob.. ~~sigh.. So, we vowed to work even more closer with Tayangan Unggul and to somehow collaborate with Twilighters in the Asia Pacific region to (somehow) bring ALL THREE OF THEM (if possible) to KUALA LUMPUR for ECLIPSE!!! Yes, guys. You heard right. We will do our best and see, what happens :). Our 'infatuation' has brought us to Japan so far, god knows...fingers crossed!!!

Regardless, it is not an experience to be missed by any Twilighter, whether or not you are Team Edward (I am, at least for that night, or else Im TEAM SWITZERLAND). We get to meet new friends ("Hi Katie, Laurel and Mel!!!") and also fellow Twilighters (like Twilight Nusa, pic below).

With Twilight Nusa, you beautiful people!!!

Many³ thanks yet again to Tayangan Unggul and MEP Magazine for the trip and tickets. Never thought we would actually be going to Japan in a million years. Thanks to Stephenie Meyer for a saga worthy of remembrance and to all you Twilighters for your support. Who knows, our next exclusive coverage may as well be from a first class organizer seat right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur!!!

YATTA!!! <--thanks to Hiro Nakamura from Heroes, I can't get this out of my head. Dunno what that means but it sounds cool!

--;<@THE END@>;--

Nurul Cullen


mamasyazmar said...

GORGEOUS is pretty much sums up his looks and smile. Exactly how i would picture Edward Cullen when reading the books. The responsible person for casting Rob in the Twilight Saga is brilliant!

Katie said...

You ladies did a great job! It was so nice meeting you :)

And I'm not ashamed of falling asleep at Outback Steakhouse, I was exhausted! At least now I can look back and laugh at it though :)

Allison said...

omg he is soooo cute!!!!

rpatzaddict said...

omg!thank u u guys.you're so lucky!!!he is no doubt the most beautiful thing alive!!!thanks!!