Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Robert, Kristen, Taylor and the Whole New Moon Cast Hit the Red Carpet at Their Big LA Premiere!


Our fingers literally went numb from tweeting all day coz its The Twilight Saga: New Moon LA Premier evening and tweets are coming in by the hundreds!!! Three out of ten TT's (trending topics) are New Moon related and that is what, 30%?
Go TwiHards!!!

Check out the writeup by POPSUGAR

"Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were the last New Moon stars to arrive on the red carpet in LA last night, but the crowds were happy to wait for the big three! They all looked fantastic — especially Kristen in her gorgeous Oscar de la Renta and sexy hair, who stopped to talk about how happy she was to be at an event with the fans. She said she doesn't have a favorite of all the hot dresses she's worn while out promoting the movie, but fell in love with this one when she saw it. "

Read more about it plus awesome photos here (via Popsugar)

But I honestly liked Anna Kendrick's short toga'ish dress coz I felt is so Twilight. But well, thats me... Anyways, THE NEW MOON HAS OFFICIALLY RISEN (just hafta say that :p)

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