Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank You to all Twilighters for supporting us on The Unofficial New Moon premier!!

Hello Twilighters!!!!

First of all, we, Nurul & Azlina would like to apologise for any inconveniences caused during the event. We understand that some of you will have some issue with your t-shirt, but unfortunately, our supplier/printer had make a mistake and did not follow the measurement that we gave (fret not, we will not use the same supplier next year) and we had to distribute it the best way we can. Nevertheless, this is our first event and again, we are very sorry for all the flaws :(. (I'm kinda OCD, so I'm gonna dream about the flaws almost every nite now - Azlina).

On a later note, we really really really hope you Twilighters had a great fun time during the event. We wish to thank everyone for all the support given to us and all the sms and wishes are truly cherished. We really worked hard and tried the best we can to make this event a great one. We would also to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers, without you guys, it would have been be a TOTAL CHAOS!! Lols! We will need more volunteers next year!!!

1) Sherry Mustaffa
2) Hagumi Hanomoto Anisz
3) Aizat
4) Jay Tewake (who came all the way from NZ)
5) Affy Mclicious & Frens
6) Fadlisham Fadzil
7) Nawar Anisah

Last but not least, again, A BILLION THANK YOU for all who came to the event and your support means A LOT to us!!! We truly heart you!!! Do join us next year for Eclipse and please pray hard that the trio will join us next year. We are sending the shout out to Summit Entertainment with the support from Tayangan Unggul. Share the TwiLove by supporting and joining us at;

Wait for our invite for next year's event ;)...we honestly can't wait to meet all of you again and maybe this time we get to meet in person and mingle a bit more ;)

Lots of TwiLove...

Nurul Naseron / Azlina Mahbob
Alpha / Beta
Twilighters Malaysia

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