Saturday, November 7, 2009


So we start with pics first...
Nurul & Azlina at Narita Terminal 2 Station

The ticket from Narita to Shinagawa cost JPY 3110 person. Thats like MYR 120..huhuhu

The train route to Shinagawa (we discovered later that this is part of a systematic route link)

Shinagawa Station Signage

The Venue: Shinagawa Intercity Hall

The 2nd line upstairs. There's at least 100 people here when we arrived (for what we thought is just scouting) at 10am.

The 1st line downstairs near the hall entrance (where we waited in another line for "International"). There's about 100 fans too.
The first fan in line came two days before the event day and camped outside the hall..WOW!

The makeshift sign for the start of the "International" line

Laurel, Mel and Katie... You guys RAWK!!!

Nurul & Azlina with Katie. We've been waiting for almost two hours (3-4 for Katie) by this time...

We got the tickets. YaY!!!


Well guys, we touched down safe and sound (after a long, uncomfortable night in the plane) at about 0640 hrs Japan time. That's like 0540 hrs Malaysian time, and we woke up like an hour earlier than that coz everyone in the cabin has already waken up...

After going through immigration and picking up our luggage, we head straight for the train terminal to board the express train from Terminal 2 Narita Airport to Shinagawa, the host city of the RP Tokyo Fan Event 2009. During the journey, we discovered some really cute things like:

1. The houses we see along the way looks so much like those you see in the Japanese serial "Ultraman". Azlina actually makes it a point to call her hubby and tell him that (aww, schweet!). Its small and literally very2 clean (on the exterior). Its like someone actually makes time to come and clean the outside of those houses at least once a week. How cool is that?

2. Even though we do not understand what people were saying at least 3/4 of the time, we still managed to get the information we needed, thanks to sign language

3. Japanese people are really helpfull, regardless whether or not they can speak english.

During the journey, we decided that once we arrive in Shinagawa, we will go straight to our hotel (we will be staying at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel) to drop off our luggage and checkout the event venue (Shinagawa Intercity).

So, after about 1.5 hours on the train, we finally arrived in Shinagawa. The weather was CHILLY!!! We somehow still managed to snap a few pics at the Shinagawa station before making a move to the hotel. We checked out the venue and guess what we found out? There was already a very long que (of at least 100 people) waiting and guess what for? FOR THE TICKETS!!! WOW! The ticket counter would not open till about 1pm and at 10am, fans are already queing! WOW!!! And what we discovered shortly after was even more WOW! Apparently, the long line we saw was not the only line in waiting. After consulting a guard, we were directed downstairs where we found another long line of at least 200 fans. This line is the FIRST line, which continues up to the second floor. And the first fan in line in came and camped outside the hall since two days ago!!! WOW!!!

This is where we met up with Katie, Laurel and Mel :) and we decided to wait up too since we can't check in into the hotel yet (check in time is 2pm). So we chatted up a bit and were placed in an "International" queue (dunno whether that means good or bad). Nurul even tried to convince the guards to give us a press pass but were not successful :(

So, after 2.5 hours of waiting, straight from the airport, without any breakfast, the ticket counter was opened at 1pm sharp and we managed to get two tickets, A9 22 and A9 23 (that's the nineth row from the stage - we discovered that much later). Katie, Laurel and Mel got themselves B seats. Relieved, and tired, we decided to move back to the hotel to freshen up and to come back before 6pm as the gates open at 6.30pm.

We managed to grab some sushi for brunch (man, its so expensive @ JPY 699 for 5 pcs) but its really nice!!!

What's next? That will be part 3!!!

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