Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hey Twilighters!

First and foremost, thank you for waiting. It's been a hectic few days full of events and my, was it worth it! So we'll kick off our reports from the very beginning...


Well, you might be wondering what kind of luck are we striking till we manage to get ourselves a trip to Japan for the RP Fan Event? To us, its not really luck, but its fate. We were talking to fellow Twilighter - Grace from Tayangan Unggul, the official movie distributor in Malaysia for Twilight and New Moon one day, to finalize a few things in regards to their support for our New Moon Unofficial Mini Premier and the topic of us possibly attending the event (on our own expenses) came out.

So, being overly excited as we (always) are about anything Twilight, we started the planning even while we were waiting for the go from Tayangan Unggul's US counterpart. We approached various parties for sponsorship, applied for our Japan VISA, made travel arrangements etc. We were lucky to have MEP Education Consult Sdn Bhd, the publisher of MEP Magazine to sponsor our trip, however, up to Thursday, 29 October 2009 when our VISA was approved, we are still not in the news on the buy-in from US.

The good news reached us on Friday, 30 October. US said YES and that sets the clock in motion. We finalized all arrangements and confirmed our itinerary on the same day...


Both Azlina and I believe (so much) that its fate that brought us this trip. We were to depart KL en route to Tokyo via Japan Airlines (JAL) flight JL 724, ETD KUL @ 2305 hrs on 02 November 2009 and ETA NRT @ 0655 hrs on 03 November 2009 (the day of the event). Talk about last minute :p. We should arrive just in time to get ourselves in queue for the tickets (ticket counters are scheduled to open at 1pm, Japan time on 03 November for collection) as Shinagawa (the venue city) is like 1.5 hrs journey by train from Narita Airport where we are to land. We were sent off by our families and fellow Twilighter, Sunie Nordin (thanks Sunie!).

*Nisa (Nurul's 5 year old), Nurul, Azlina & Sunie @ KLIA*

Call it butterflies or jitters or even cold feet, we were chanting "We're going to Japan, we're going to Japan, I can't believe we're going to Japan!" like a mantra the whole way. We can't sleep a wink so we decided to finalize the questions that we wanted to ask RP as we were told we could have the chance.

Since our sponsor MEP Magazine is an educational magazine some of the questions that we have lined up are "How does RP sees himself as a role model to young people, especially in getting them to stay away from things like drug abuse" or "What drives and inspires him to be a successful artist at such a young age" etc... Oh of course, we listed some hot gossip questions too like "Which Twilighter you like best, Nurul or Nurul (hey, Azlina's first name is Nurul too..hahaha)" :p <--kidding! Brave and determined as we are, we finally succumbed to the sandman and slept (he must be using some A grade sand tho)...And what happens next is part two (darn this internet's so slow, part two will hafta wait till tomorrow, it's already like 1.30am!!!)

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Miss J said...

you guys are so lucky!! thanks for the update.. can't wait for the next part!