Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon TOKYO PREMIER 17 November 2009

Our TwiFriends in Tokyo was also been given a treat to a premier (of course sans the cast members who are of course still in the states), just 11 hours after the LA premier in the states. Laurel, Katie and Mell whom we met at the Robert Pattinson Tokyo Fan Event were there and below are Laurel's outtake (spoiler alert, some detailed descriptions on New Moon scenes!!!)

"The theater was really nice, and we didn't have to wait in line at all. We had to turn off our phones, check in our cameras, have our purses/bags searched, and then they had a metal detector. I guess they were really serious about no footage leaking.

One of the bad things was that they put us in the very front row. It made it a little difficult to watch, and it hurt my eyes in some scenes. A women came up and announced the movie, and spoke for a bit. Of course it was in Japanese, and I didn't understand most of it. To our suprise, when the film turned on, there was Robert Pattison greeting us, and telling us he hoped we liked the movie. He must've filmed this when he came to the fan meeting. I wouldn't say that he looked his best, he seemed very tired, and messy...but it was still nice.

As far as the movie goes: I like New Moon much more than Twilight. When I first watched Twilight, I had recently read the books, so I was annoyed at all the things that were different, and how fast their relationship progressed. This time, since I hadn't just read New Moon, I was able to enjoy it more, and it brought back many memories of the book. Although Edward isn't in this movie near as much as the last, I think his acting is much better. The intense scene where he says he's leaving, was done really well. It made me a little teary. I'm not a huge fan of Kristen Stewart, but I think she played Bella much more maturely, and more confidently. The way they show time passing, and her being depressed is carried out creatively, and the cinematography is much better.

Now on to Jacob.......(I might need a tissue for my drool). Let me be clear that I've always been on Team Edward. New Moon was my least favorite book, because of course there was less Edward and more Jacob. I find Jacob's character arrogant, and pushy. This movie made me almost consider switching teams! Of course, that thought came as soon as he cut his hair, and showed off his body. WOW!!! He immediately lost that little boy face, and immature attitude, and seemed more like a man. The Wolves also looked a lot better than I remember them looking on the early previews they released. The wolf that plays Sam is a little less real looking, but the others were perfect.

The interactions with the Volturi were also wonderful. Their elegance, and mannerism almost made them likeable. Dakota Fanning portrays Jane excellently. I can't wait to see more of her in Breaking Dawn.

Per the book, you see the rest of the Cullens very minimally. Jasper in my opinion looks horrible (once again). It looks like he's wearing a big, yellow, ugly, curly wig. He's one of my favorite characters, and I hate that they don't have a more handsome actor playing him.....or at least make him look better. I don't know if you're familiar with the movie Edward Scissorhands, but that's exactly who he looks like to me. I also enjoyed seeing the actress who plays Victoria again, and I'm very disappointed she won't be returning to portray her in the next movies. She shows a lot more of her skill and power in this movie.

After the movie Katie, our friend Dacia, and I were asked to do a quick TV interview. They told us all to say one English word like: "Good", "Amazing", or "Incredible". We all decided what we were going to say ahead of time. Well, Katie steals Dacia's word, then Dacia steals my word. Then they catch us off guard by asking us more questions. Dacia ended up saying "Edward's Sexy", and I ended up saying something about loving Edward, Jacob, and my Husband. lol. I was so nervous and turned bright red! Mel and I wore our sweatshirts that I bought in Forks, and many people pointed at them, and some even complimented us. We recognized a few people from the fan meet and greet. They sold calendars, magazines (with pictures from the Tokyo fan meeting), and trading cards".

Looks like fun times!!! Honestly Laurel, with Jacob's new found prowess, who wouldn't think to switch sides eh? We are anticipating an outbreak of the "Switching Sides" syndrome hitting the TwiDom very² soon! We are also waiting for Katie's update (and pics) and will be updating it here ASAP.


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Anonymous said...

I'm on the same page as Laurel in which I believe NM the movie is better than Twilight (can't wait for Nov 25th too!!).

No offense to Hardwicke, her spontaneity & ecclectic style sometimes do work in Twilight (i love "hold on spidermonkey") but I also feel that Bella & Edward fell in love too quickly. Altho she commented that the lab scene when Edward first spoke to Bella was seemingly one of the pivotal point in which she said "...where we'll find the connection between the two..." but somehow i don't "FEEL" it.

Likewise Laurel, NM the book is also my least favourite and I was a bit sceptical when I read somewhere that Chris is staying (almost) true to the book in the movie. However after watching few trailers, I believe his visual interpretation is going to kick ass!!

I'm Team Edward bcos probably I'm a hopeless romantic at heart (and Jacob to me is still a teenager and Bella needs someone "more mature"), but I can't wait to see how Jacob's character grow in NM. Needless to say, he's growing on me...