Thursday, July 15, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! ‘Breaking Dawn’ WILL Be Erotic

Prepare yourself for some seriously hot scenes in Breaking Dawn, Twi-hards – Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg says the movie will be WAY racier than the book – and also reveals how parts one and two might be split!

When we heard that Breaking Dawn was being given a PG-13 rating, we definitely booed in disappointment. That book is hot – and the sex scenes need to be shown, dammit! We at have good news for you – despite the lack of an R-rating, the fourth and fifth films are DEFINITELY going to be steamy!

“I don’t think we’ll be toning a whole lot [of the racy scenes] down,” Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg told exclusively during a one-on-one interview before her Writer’s Guild Foundation event in LA July 13. “We want the eroticism of the sex scenes.”

Sweet! We can’t wait to see real-life lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart are going to steam up the screen! However, Melissa does say, “That doesn’t mean that one has to see it all, but you do want that [eroticism]. With the birth scene as well, I just don’t know that you have to tone it down. If you really look at the books, how much are you really seeing? I think [the movies] might wind up being saucier than the book because you’re actually seeing skin-on-skin and the horror of the birth scenes. We’re not shying away from it.”

As for how she plans on actually splitting up the epic last Twilight Saga novel into two films, Melissa has a good idea – but nothing is concrete QUITE yet. “We’re still debating the exact moment, but it’ll fall down to the first half of Bella as a human and being pregnant and a newlywed and the second half being Bella as a vampire and a parent. Somewhere in the middle of that, the break will come.”


Okay....I really hope they know what they are doing. Coz this is like the closure of the saga and it better be good. But then again...US might show it..but Malaysia will cut it. uurghhhh!!! Going to US to watch Breaking Dawn anyone?

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