Thursday, July 15, 2010

Twilighters Malaysia - The Twilight Saga: Eclispe Charity Screening

On 7th July 2010, we have orgazined a The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Charity Screening at Hall 2 and Hall 3, GSC Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur and in MBO Spring Mall, Kuching. It was attended by total about 560 fans. Yes! This year was bigger than our New Moon screening which was attended by only 274 fans and it is our first time in Kuching. We had the help of fellow twihard Mell from Kuching to help us out. His update can be find HERE.

Nurul & Azlina (me), posing with their sponsors bunting.
(From left: Eclipse Mints, Galaxie Magazine, Borders Malaysia, Innoform Media)

Before we start any further, I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank our supporter and sponsors. Also not to forget our dearest volunteers who helped us the whole day preparing all the goodie bags. :). We love you!! I love you!! :D

From left: Fadzli (my Edward!), Diana, Shairli, Nurul, Azlina, Ari, Aini and Ayu
Back from Left: Roni (hidden..LOL), Sherry and Huda ; Not in Pic: Sunie

We had such a blast at the event and the respond for Cosplay competition was awesome! So many came dressed up their best to win the competition. We even had lucky draws session with 10 lucky winners walking away with Twilight Journal Box Set, Eclipse Movie Companion, 2 Disc Special New Moon DVD, Bree Tanner book and Twilight Graphic Novel respectively.

Syed Azman a.k.a Jacob Black won the best dressed TwiGuy
~ He is super buff, isn't he? LOL

Fatin Rahim a.k.a Alice Cullen won best dressed TwiGirl

I was so busy running here and there and didn't even get a chance to mingle with all the twihards but I am happy that the event went well and everyone had a twisome blast!!

The fans waiting to go in to THX Foyer for the opening ceremony

The rest of the pictures can be found HERE, HERE and HERE. Thank you Pyrozyro (Sham) and Amani Works (Cee) for your work of art. :D

Last but not least, we wish to thank Tabung Bersamamu TV3 for accepting our small contribution. Well, we have to start somewhere. :)

Will be posting the event video soon.....

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