Thursday, July 29, 2010

Facebook games Cafe World, Petville paying homage to 'Twilight'

A couple of the most popular Zynga games on Facebook have been catering to Twilight fans lately.

Both PetVille and Cafe World have added Twilight series-related goodies to their "stores," and among the many things offered are costumes, Bella's truck, a werewolf, "Petward Cullen" statues, and Vampire Staked Steak.

According to Frisky Mongoose, on PetVille, "Zynga calls this theme 'Dusk,' but trust me, they are Twilight items through and through." To add to "Petward Cullen," FM reports, "new 'Jaycub' items will be available in the game 'soon.'"

About Cafe World, AOL reports, "For those who want to collect both Twilight hunks, Edward is listed as Twinkling Vampire, is animated to sparkle, and costs 15 Cafe Cash. Jacob is the shirtless, Transforming Werewolf and costs 16 Cafe Cash." A lot of the items they have pictured look suited to the general vampire genre (as Frisky Mongoose describes it, "an iron table, coffin chairs and thrones, and includes items like a bloody door, coffin door, stained glass window, bloody portrait, werewolf and vampire paintings, castle floor tiles and wallpapers, a foggy forest wallpaper, thorny bushes, bats . . ."), but the "Twinkling Vampire" and "Transforming Werewolf" options are a dead (undead?) giveaway that these are Twilight-inspired. speculates as to whether Twilight-inspired Zynga goodies will make their way to YoVille as well.

For those of you who play these games and happen to be Twilight fans also, sounds like a fun way to decorate the fictional properties! Those that played HABBO got the chance to do the same last year around the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon.


[Ina Noorazan]

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