Thursday, November 18, 2010

Breaking Dawn begins filming in Louisiana with Thight Security

We have seen Rob and Kristen left Brazil airport to be back in US soil and continue filming Breaking Dawn. There have been several trespassing during filming is Brazil and now they are taking even more precaution in Baton Rouge. Scene a local Lousiana entertainment magazine has the details....

Scene sat down Winston Achee at our office on the lot at Raleigh Studios to discuss the dramatic increases in security measures here. Achee is chief of security for the Celtic Corporation, which owns the studio facility also known as the Celtic Media Centre.

In the weeks leading up to Twilight‘s arrival, Raleigh Studios has been steadily implementing new security measures, including vehicle identification requirements and unique photo badges that authorized personnel must display at all times. But, by far, the most significant change is a 600% increase in the size of the studios own security force.

In addition to the direct hires, another twenty man force has been added as well. “So, we’ll have on property at all times a forty-eight man force. We are not taking security on this property lightly,” Achee says.

The high profile project also brings its own high profile security. In addition to the personal body guards employed by stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, the production itself employs additional security. “The security that the production has brought doubles our own force,” says Achee. “We will absolutely prosecute every person who trespasses,” says Achee. “There have been six who trespassed before and they have all been caught.” When asked how he knew only six had trespassed before, Achee’s answer came quick: “Security cameras. The property is covered with high definition security cameras. A camera mounted on the [main building] can capture the license plate of a car all the way on the other side of the property.” The security camera system video is stored to a source that is backed up offsite. Additionally, the system has a back-up power supply that allows it to continue operating in the event of a power failure.

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They better have better security. As much as I do love to see and hear all the updates from Breaking Dawn filming, I would rather see no spoilers and watch the movie with more anticipation. Don't you think?

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